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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENTION

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Psychology2, 429:picture and the world plan are brought to the attention of the developing intelligence. Therefore:Psychology2, 446:of alignment. What brought this need to your attention and evoked in you the desire for a specificPsychology2, 450:opportunity, and for the following reasons: The attention of the Great Ones is entirely focusedPsychology2, 450:couple to these facts the reoriented and focused attention of humanity upon what is called "modernPsychology2, 457:an exponent of any theory engrosses his complete attention to the exclusion of all other points ofPsychology2, 457:is only the doubtful success of attracting the attention of some teacher who is idealized orPsychology2, 460:them, because humanity is shifting its focus of attention more and more on to the mental plane:Psychology2, 460:unfolds to us the conclusions of his focused attention and period of thought. [461] As the effortPsychology2, 469:detail and the interrelation engrosses all the attention, and there is no energy left to carry evenPsychology2, 470:of the mental plane and the use of focused attention) penetrate into that larger world of ideasPsychology2, 474:on the way and sidetracks his energies and attention. It should be remembered that this constitutesPsychology2, 475:of the astral plane with interest and attention. He may not be active on the plane himself orPsychology2, 476:temporarily his [476] interest, holding his attention and arousing his curiosity, even if hePsychology2, 478:there contacted, and if the life of mental attention and mental living is still so difficult to thePsychology2, 478:which hold the secret are: Instruction. Focus of attention. Occupation. The nature of the humanPsychology2, 479:constructive evocation. The effort to focus his attention should be progressively andPsychology2, 479:so will the effort be directed to focusing his attention and directing his interest upon thePsychology2, 479:physical condition with care, and where it needs attention see that due care is given. At the samePsychology2, 480:reformers, who have, however, given no real attention to the subject, or to the phenomena of thePsychology2, 481:belong, or which has succeeded in attracting his attention. We shall see this tendency towardsPsychology2, 486:of the subject or to have given any real attention to the inclusive investigation of thePsychology2, 497:and misleading. These two points warrant careful attention and the patient must be safeguarded fromPsychology2, 507:intelligent citizen. They warrant no more attention or mysteriously applied interpretation orPsychology2, 516:can evidence enough power to engross the mass attention. This can also be sometimes done by aPsychology2, 533:soul direct to the highest head center) to the attention of the mystic. He then becomes aware ofPsychology2, 535:type or stage of unfoldment. Where the greatest attention of the man's consciousness and life forcePsychology2, 538:in A Treatise on White Magic. I call attention to it only because in the course of the mysticalPsychology2, 539:when a center is used to such an extent that the attention is withdrawn from the activity of thePsychology2, 540:to the temptation to focus his life interest and attention in the astral world and to do this withPsychology2, 546:is found, there the mind seems to throw all its attention, with the result that the situation isPsychology2, 557:effect. The next idea to which I would call your attention is that the human being has the power toPsychology2, 565:extricate themselves. May I also call your attention to the fact that the lines of demarcationPsychology2, 565:our tabulation? A recognition of this will call attention to the complexity of the subject and thePsychology2, 572:Hierarchy and of Masters is being brought to the attention of the masses even if it is being donePsychology2, 576:the spiritual Hierarchy must be brought to the attention of the masses. This must be done in orderPsychology2, 586:powers available. By the transference of the attention to the mystical life and to the expressionPsychology2, 588:himself no backward thought. Let him focus his attention upon the things of physical living untilPsychology2, 597:sought for reality without and have turned their attention to the Personality of the One who taughtPsychology2, 600:trouble. The vision absorbed the mystic's whole attention and instead of indicating to him a goalPsychology2, 602:of the desired equilibrium. I would call your attention to the words "gently and gradually". ThePsychology2, 616:leaders. I would call this definitely to your attention. The group members - little as they mayPsychology2, 621:substantiate my statements, I can only call your attention to the latent possibilities and leavePsychology2, 632:consciousness, to institute and bring to men's attention the higher values, and to end the reign ofPsychology2, 653:women will then be led definitely to shift their attention from the world of the emotions in whichPsychology2, 660:with each other. This work calls for immediate attention. The aims and ideals of the New Group ofPsychology2, 660:used is for the associated servers to decide. Attention should be called to those activities whichPsychology2, 665:mostly through the ear and through that careful attention which comes from an inner attitude ofPsychology2, 684:Earth, is at this time the focal point of much attention on the part of the Administrators of thePsychology2, 687:period, two thoughts only will hold our constant attention, - the need of our fellow men and thePsychology2, 688:On the two succeeding days, the focus of our attention will be steadily turned away from ourselvesPsychology2, 702:of World Servers. I would like here to call your attention to the phrase I used above: "thePsychology2, 709:on the part of humanity which has reached Their attention continuously for the past few decades,Psychology2, 721:astrologers would be well advised to pay more attention to the activity and the influence of Venus.Psychology2, 748:the Great Ones and of humanity will direct their attention. They must refrain from all interferenceRays, 21:VII For Applicants: Let the disciple turn his attention to the enunciating of those sounds whichRays, 26:Another point which I would call to your attention, prior to interpreting this rule, is that yourRays, 27:relation to the personality. I would call your attention to the following analogies: Head - Monad -Rays, 33:as far as in you lies. First, I would call your attention to what should be the basic attitude ofRays, 37:thereby discover where your individual focus of attention is and if you are consequentlyRays, 39:phrases of [39] Rule One, I would call your attention to the fact that the initiate has faced twoRays, 49:as a group. I would like here to call your attention to the progressive nature of the esotericRays, 49:the new emphasis, and I am bringing it to the attention of humanity as mankind nears the close, theRays, 51:upon the Lost Word, thus subtly drawing the attention of humanity to the OM; the Sound of theRays, 61:That is the personality. I would like to call attention to the word "unfoldment," for it is perhapsRays, 71:phrase by phrase, of Rule III, I would call your attention to the relation between this Rule andRays, 73:your high calling in Christ." I would ask your attention to the word "calling." Rays, 79:24 which in its turn equals 6. I would call your attention to the fact that the word has in it nineRays, 85:the medium of the plan. Again I call your attention to the distinction existing between purpose andRays, 88:and which always - down the ages - focuses its attention upon the race of men when the spiritualRays, 94:of the nations" in His wings. I would call your attention to this thought and to its appositives toRays, 99:are accepted disciples, but the focus of their attention is not there. If they are initiatedRays, 120:In the first volume of this Treatise, I called attention to the three divine aspects: Life, QualityRays, 136:VII For Applicants: Let the disciple turn his attention to the enunciating of those sounds whichRays, 153:the needed centers which are awaiting scientific attention, to superintend consciously the fittingRays, 186:time), and these reactions attracted the attention of certain purely evil energies or Beings. TheseRays, 207:in the three worlds receives, necessarily, major attention. I would have you remember that thisRays, 210:to provide it with the needed stimulation of attention, for as ever, energy follows thought; he isRays, 213:see, smooth and effective coordination, a proper attention to the general picture, and anRays, 222:they have invoked by the group sound the attention of the Master and of the Master's Ashram;Rays, 224:seeking initiation. Read what I have said with attention, but remember that it is not yet possibleRays, 240:the pledged disciple and away from the immediate attention of the accepting Master. He is thusRays, 245:disciples and initiates, I call this to their attention. Their work of mental training does not endRays, 248:laws of that which radiates. I would call your attention to the fact that this does not refer toRays, 252:a system of meditation which has eliminated the attention paid hitherto to personal problems andRays, 254:yet embryonic, but it should receive increasing attention. Eventually it will demonstrate as theRays, 262:of approach to reality? I would call to your attention that in the Fourteen Rules for ApplicantsRays, 268:Gemini. The Act of Initiation. I would call your attention to the word act; I am not here referringRays, 270:triangle of its own, to which I would call attention: the thyroid gland and the parathyroid. TheRays, 293:because it feeds his aspiration, centers his attention upon himself and increases his naiveRays, 299:as a hierarchical technique - we brought to the attention of the general public the fact of theRays, 307:does not require simply the withdrawing of the attention of the soul, the decision to vacate theRays, 342:had the responsibility of bringing to public attention, and so correcting the erroneous teaching ofRays, 362:It is not easy for students to shift their attention away from the relation of the Ashram toRays, 393:begun to take action of some kind, then the full attention of the Masters, working through TheirRays, 404:Their work possible; it involves also a poised attention and directive power, permitting the inflowRays, 406:to cosmic impacts, that engages Their attention. They are not (if I might so express it) interestedRays, 434:four factors which have received little or no attention where initiation has been dealt with in theRays, 438:to the life of the disciple and to which little attention has been paid. Existence, Being,Rays, 440:There naught but the Plan engrosses His attention. He deals safely with "the simplicity which isRays, 441:of the initiatory process" I would call your attention to the wording used, and particularly to its
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