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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTENTIVE

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Autobiography, 162:thinking and then suddenly I sat startled and attentive. I heard what I thought was a clear note ofDiscipleship1, 47:to need, mentally, emotionally and physically attentive to life and rapidly developing the power toDiscipleship1, 176:of yourself - the aligned personality and the attentive soul - will march towards unity. I give youDiscipleship1, 308:light, understanding, and love into the waiting, attentive, integrated personality. Make this aDiscipleship1, 525:talk aloud to me. Do this with a listening and attentive ear and, by the May Full Moon, you mayDiscipleship1, 679:speaks. There is a change. I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn my head. That which IDiscipleship2, 5:attitude of criticism and judging; and only an attentive watchfulness on the part of a certain fewDiscipleship2, 16:Whilst doing this, hold the mind positive and attentive, using simultaneously the faculties ofDiscipleship2, 52:in meditation has been essential. Its positive, attentive activity has been an essential factor inDiscipleship2, 78:the disciple's reaction to his aspiration. The attentive world has also to gauge the existent phaseDiscipleship2, 134:throughout this period in a state of waiting and attentive quiescence. The disciple has - as oft IDiscipleship2, 156:are the impressions to be received by the attentive disciple. The word "diverse" here employed isDiscipleship2, 272:do not release the light of the soul into the attentive waiting mind. They release the light ofDiscipleship2, 334:is applied. Given a firm hold by the soul, an attentive ear by the personality, and consistent andDiscipleship2, 337:and the Hierarchy, apparently deserted by both attentive groups. There, in complete silence and inDiscipleship2, 337:and only then will they become aware of the vast attentive spiritual audience which has awaitedDiscipleship2, 340:- in this presentation of the Eternal Now to the attentive eyes and heart of the initiate - youDiscipleship2, 384:the Ashram to which he belongs is a part; he is attentive to the Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 384:importance. After the third initiation he is attentive to that "veiled Presence of awful Power whoDiscipleship2, 492:soul contact and the training of the inner attentive man to catch the communications of the soul,Discipleship2, 587:to the Christ himself, as a living Individual, attentive to the reactions of disciples who possessDiscipleship2, 696:abstracting [696] or withdrawing my love or my attentive care of your interests. Education, 115:underlie the outer structure of our world. The attentive minds of the age are constantly being madeEducation, 133:is preparing the way - or can do so if faithful, attentive and intelligent work is done. Externalisation, 160:stand in spiritual being and, from that poised attentive attitude, to invoke these great Entities.Externalisation, 192:to be generous, merciful, understanding and attentive to the voice of the people as a whole. It isExternalisation, 266:verses. The first of these refers to the waiting attentive group of spiritual Lives who seek to aidExternalisation, 270:Are there enough focused minds and intense attentive hearts to reach the two centers where waitExternalisation, 293:indicates divine possibility, reveals to the attentive disciple the next step towards liberationExternalisation, 316:lower self in a waiting attitude, like a servant attentive for instruction. Then say: The joy ofExternalisation, 485:new group of world servers are also "standing attentive to direction" in every country in theExternalisation, 571:impartiality; his failure to be impressed or attentive to old rites and ceremonies, to ancient andFire, 984:is imparted to those who have the inner ear attentive, and the eye of wisdom in process of opening.Glamour, 10:into the mental realm by bringing the focused attentive mind to bear upon it. This will lead youGlamour, 56:The idea, revealed, becomes then an ideal to the attentive mind and eventually something to beGlamour, 216:and initial preparation he now focuses his attentive mind upon the glamor to be eradicated. ThisGlamour, 217:- breathing out the OM into the mind of the attentive waiting personality. There the light andHealing, 321:I did not refer to any mental attitude or to an attentive mind, but to the impact of life force inHercules, 65:that Hercules undertook, for he was at length attentive to the voice of Nereus, the higher self,Initiation, 78:the eyes fixed upon the vision ahead, the ears attentive to the Voice of the God within, thatIntellect, 15:Scriptures speak, which is the object of the attentive research of the scientists, and into whichIntellect, 159:soul, and the throwing down into the waiting and attentive "mind-stuff" of that knowledge andIntellect, 190:is conscious...; thought, then, is exclusively attentive to its proper object, and all theIntellect, 212:into activity through learning to focus the attentive consciousness [213] in the head. In theIntellect, 242:transmit it correctly and accurately to the attentive and impressionable brain. Thus the man, inMagic, 127:of spiritual creation; and facility comes as the attentive aspirant accustoms himself to hearMagic, 386:speaks. There is a change. I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn my head. That which isMagic, 516:turned the "light of its countenance upon the attentive personality". Through that medium it canMagic, 584:over all earth's happenings, and that trained attentive ear which (having caught a whisper of theMagic, 622:is sounding like a trumpet in the ear of all attentive disciples. This call to service usuallyPatanjali, 216:or the lower call. The astral body is either attentive to the egoic impression or swayed by theProblems, 136:This hope and this demand have reached the attentive ear of the Christ and His disciples in thePsychology1, 180:underlie the outer structure of our world. The attentive minds of the age are constantly being madePsychology2, 420:the other it is left duly guarded and positively attentive to the call and the note of its owner.Psychology2, 481:of activity which "God" is proposing to the attentive, negative, receptive subject. In this statePsychology2, 482:doctrines tend to the development of an inner attentive ear, and yet who fail to teach thePsychology2, 482:and so-called inspired indications which that attentive ear may be trained to register. ThePsychology2, 665:in the world and, at the same time, they must be attentive to the cry of humanity as it voices itsPsychology2, 686:Should the two Great Lords and the focused and attentive Hierarchy succeed in producing what mightPsychology2, 688:turn contact and feed the waiting dedicated attentive personalities. On the day of the full moon,Psychology2, 690:between the entire waiting Hierarchy and the attentive Forces. The New Group of World Servers,Psychology2, 751:The Christ stands in patient silence, attentive to the effort that will make His work materializeRays, 83:the Gospel story intimates) Christ Himself was attentive. Frequently we read in the New TestamentRays, 88:which conveys the will of God to the ears of the attentive. Then humanity will indeed move outwardRays, 94:by the will-to-good, and this will reach the attentive Hierarchy. The Members of this Group will,Rays, 176:all-power. The Christ is present, supporting and attentive. He stands directly behind the initiateRays, 295:assembly, and the work of all waiting and attentive disciples is to make that creative planRays, 488:there will also be the alignment of a receptive attentive personality and a soul oriented towardsRays, 549:the happenings in the three worlds; to seek that attentive spiritual sense which will enable you toReappearance, 38:The Christ stands in patient silence, attentive to the effort that will make His work materializeReappearance, 39:the Gospel story - Christ Himself was always attentive. Frequently we read in The New TestamentReappearance, 95:The New Group of World Servers are also standing attentive to direction in every country in theReappearance, 96:with humanity, via the Christ and the assembled, attentive Hierarchy. He acts in this way as anReappearance, 189:fiat of the Lord has gone forth; Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity. That demand isTelepathy, 6:and the other terminal in the mind of the attentive world server who seeks to tune in on those mindTelepathy, 30:momentous issues of the present time. Keep an attentive ear to the voices which issue forth fromTelepathy, 175:ray and the personality ray. To the watching and attentive Master it is also apparent which ray is
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