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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTITUDE

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Bethlehem, 234:words, giving us a fine summation of the attitude of the early Christians and of their approach, inBethlehem, 241:unable to do more than simply die. The Christian attitude, as a rule, is more definitely anBethlehem, 244:that we seek to see endure. An analysis of one's attitude to the whole question of death andBethlehem, 262:being, so that his handling of life, and his attitude to people and his environment, are correctBethlehem, 266:understanding and of a new and regulated inner attitude, one which is oriented to God because it isBethlehem, 267:be served. The time has come when that selfish attitude to life must change, and we must learn toBethlehem, 270:has already expressed the whole of the critical attitude toward this kind of investigation: "Bethlehem, 271:Christ, by Karl Pfleger, p. 235.) The individual attitude to the example of Christ is thereforeBethlehem, 272:dogmas and doctrines, but will be essentially an attitude of mind, an orientation to life, to manBethlehem, 277:individual good, which perhaps has been a wrong attitude. We may arise and carry forward the innerBethlehem, 278:humanity and of the objective world. This mental attitude, however, involves a doubleDestiny, 13:of the race which will completely alter man's attitude to life and his grasp of the spiritual,Destiny, 54:parts of the world, but the Russian reaction and attitude to enforced rule and order has in it moreDestiny, 65:with its wrong emphasis; but so also is the attitude, veiled under beautiful words and mistyDestiny, 79:in Germany but the negative Piscean personality attitude provides a great obstacle and accounts forDestiny, 82:in the States and consequently you have the attitude of frequent misunderstanding which existsDestiny, 97:nations, and the separate materialistic attitude of those who seek to keep the United States fromDestiny, 116:and study the ray procedure, definite changes in attitude and a closer approach to the truth willDestiny, 132:for, again, energy follows thought. Thus their attitude to life could become more practical and theDestiny, 135:call out resistance or - at the very least - an attitude of non-receptivity. In the world today,Destiny, 144:of information in this book. If this is your attitude, then it only indicates your unpreparednessDiscipleship1, 8:of the Hierarchy will depend upon a non-critical attitude and the outpouring of a spirit of love onDiscipleship1, 14:in an impartial way, preserving the scientific attitude and seeking ever a practical explanationDiscipleship1, 23:manifested itself down the ages. To find such an attitude in a group of people and to see such aDiscipleship1, 46:is selfish. Do you realize that? Is not your attitude very often to be expressed in the followingDiscipleship1, 48:the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part V This attitude of non-interference and the refusal toDiscipleship1, 49:and to refrain from criticism. It is a wrong attitude to seek assiduously to straighten out yourDiscipleship1, 50:plane. Steadily and without descent must the attitude of meditation be held - not for a few minutesDiscipleship1, 50:the world, yet not of the world" is the right attitude - expressed for us by the Christ.Discipleship1, 51:meditation and the cultivation of the meditative attitude. This is not new information for you, butDiscipleship1, 51:disagrees with you or you do not like a person's attitude, ideas or proposals, what is the firstDiscipleship1, 57:integration. When will disciples learn that the attitude which involves a certain "don't care"Discipleship1, 57:care" spirit which will affect the disciple's attitude to other people. It is the attitude of theDiscipleship1, 57:disciple's attitude to other people. It is the attitude of the integrated thinking personality ofDiscipleship1, 58:conduct based upon right inner orientation and attitude. But under the new system (made necessaryDiscipleship1, 59:"divine," for it holds the clue to the needed attitude. It is a different thing to the indifferenceDiscipleship1, 59:back by personality reactions. It is the normal attitude of the soul or self to the not-self. It isDiscipleship1, 59:non-critical, magnetic comprehension and attitude which (in group work) preserves the groupDiscipleship1, 60:I do not use the word in reference to your attitude to yourself or to your group brothers. It meansDiscipleship1, 66:render the work of weeks abortive. A balanced attitude in relation to those in power throughout theDiscipleship1, 66:and unkind thoughts so that you can achieve an attitude of divine indifference to the ephemeral andDiscipleship1, 66:to be seen and so endeavor to tune in on the attitude of the Hierarchy. This involves the emphasisDiscipleship1, 75:definite wish to cooperate on yours. What is my attitude towards you? As individuals, you may be ofDiscipleship1, 77:indications of these conditions and to assume an attitude of willingness to listen and to admit theDiscipleship1, 79:and to preserve a detached and independent attitude, then you are not ready for that which I haveDiscipleship1, 81:are concerned. It involves, therefore, a dual attitude towards the processes of initiation: theDiscipleship1, 82:practice of impersonality with its subsidiary attitude of indifference where personal desires,Discipleship1, 82:as seems needed at any particular time. Such an attitude involves a comprehensive sweep of love,Discipleship1, 83:which have or should have motivated your attitude and I would ask you not to emphasize so unduly inDiscipleship1, 85:wise and it involves also that waiting attitude which expects the new vision to appear, the newerDiscipleship1, 96:these three foundations of a major personality attitude which must be held and demonstrated beforeDiscipleship1, 99:initiation have to master is that difficult dual attitude which permits right personality activityDiscipleship1, 101:their disciples, the steadfast love, the loyal attitude, the unquestioning response to human needDiscipleship1, 111:This is a detachment based on an inner [111] attitude and not on any outer condition or state ofDiscipleship1, 111:danger to the earnest student in the widespread attitude of mind which regards the world of theDiscipleship1, 112:a day or two and then resume. Preserve ever the attitude of the onlooker and watch not for results.Discipleship1, 122:amazingly offset by negation and a persistent attitude of service. It has nevertheless complicatedDiscipleship1, 126:you your defined mental focus, your critical attitude and your isolation, relatively speaking. ItDiscipleship1, 128:I ask of you. I would remind you also that in my attitude towards my groups of disciples (some ofDiscipleship1, 130:than you do the habit of mind, the trained attitude of the Observer of life, of people and ofDiscipleship1, 130:in your life, and the cultivation of an attitude of detachment. I am of no use to you or to any ofDiscipleship1, 136:of all groups of disciples. Frequently the inner attitude is at one with the main purpose andDiscipleship1, 137:they are concerned and they will have the same attitude towards you. One of the things which hasDiscipleship1, 143:understanding and wisdom. You must take the attitude of a disciple whose work and time is needed byDiscipleship1, 146:and untouched by aught that may occur. The ideal attitude for you is that of the Onlooker who is inDiscipleship1, 146:and therefore there is nothing to offset correct attitude. When this state of consciousness isDiscipleship1, 159:Will. For you, meditation is an assuming of an attitude and its preservation throughout the work ofDiscipleship1, 164:by similarity of purpose, of method and of attitude. This, my brother, is not easy. This yearDiscipleship1, 164:true liberation which will express itself in an attitude of real, and not assumed, joy and peaceDiscipleship1, 170:you with your first ray indifference - a potent attitude easily assumed by you as by all first rayDiscipleship1, 173:and doubtful to a more ready and "approaching" attitude. Those aspirants and disciples, who standDiscipleship1, 174:Path; this will come through more active mental attitude. The vibratory rate of the bodies differs.Discipleship1, 175:steady current through my life. I sense it in my attitude to life, [176] and in the light it bringsDiscipleship1, 178:one who is to be taught. In no profession is the attitude of the observer more required than in theDiscipleship1, 180:in moments of emergency) to assume a positive attitude - particularly towards the soul. What isDiscipleship1, 184:and keener interest on your part. Your group attitude to your group brothers is somewhat negative,Discipleship1, 187:impartial impersonality is our goal, for such an attitude sets us free for deepened service. I amDiscipleship1, 194:in view, is the constant cultivation of the attitude of the observer, of the one who assumes andDiscipleship1, 194:duties of the disciple, and a more observant attitude towards yourself, and towards what you do andDiscipleship1, 194:that divine Perceiver. In order to achieve this attitude there is no need for you to subjectDiscipleship1, 197:on the sixth ray. This gives you a one-pointed attitude to life and primarily, in your case, to theDiscipleship1, 198:to redo or re-experience, or should I assume the attitude of the Onlooker, who stands "steady inDiscipleship1, 207:and in the attaining, first of all, of a mental attitude towards time as immortality and, secondly,Discipleship1, 211:this so that you may know the rightness of your attitude but also in order that you may gather theDiscipleship1, 218:loved and that which needs loving. Such is the attitude of consciousness which radiates from theDiscipleship1, 229:than heretofore. The attainment of the outer attitude in your chosen work has been good. The innerDiscipleship1, 238:as, in sober meditation, you see it; no higher attitude can be expected of anyone. Have in mind,Discipleship1, 242:factors in your humiliation last year. Such an attitude is easy of achievement and simple to hold;Discipleship1, 244:the position of the "one in the center." That attitude, as well as the one to which I today refer,Discipleship1, 245:provided you can keep a poised and steadfast attitude of mind and emotion and preserve yourselfDiscipleship1, 249:and subconsciously satisfied with this separate attitude. The group rhythm, the group unity, theDiscipleship1, 250:is given. The indications of a needed change in attitude, proffered to you in love and from a deepDiscipleship1, 250:primarily need to learn which would govern your attitude to the group and which, when learnt, willDiscipleship1, 252:of circumstances placed at the center, the inner attitude cultivated must be that of a planned,Discipleship1, 271:even among the most devoted disciples. The attitude of humanity to money has been colored by greed,Discipleship1, 272:of money and in the changing of man's attitude to it will eventually come world release. If thisDiscipleship1, 273:and not in relation to the group. This attitude must and will be changed. One thing more I wouldDiscipleship1, 278:make to this group of fellow aspirants is the attitude you hold to organized forms. Another is yourDiscipleship1, 284:to the sensed vision. Cultivate the waiting attitude of psychic attentiveness, and when you hearDiscipleship1, 287:provided you continue to hold with care the attitude of the Observer and do not identify yourself
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