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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTITUDE

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Discipleship1, 689:it in terms of already imparted truths. The attitude of the neophyte is, therefore, based upon theDiscipleship1, 690:to forget their personalities, they have an attitude of deep concern over demonstrated pastDiscipleship1, 704:with which he is confronted. The factor of the attitude of the Master is one which disciples areDiscipleship1, 708:the Hierarchy and assumes the correct spiritual attitude but, at the same time, he descends intoDiscipleship1, 711:IV Basically and essentially, the disciple's attitude is not really of much importance inDiscipleship1, 736:them," etc., etc. Throughout this phase, the attitude is definitely that of the will-to-love,Discipleship1, 738:and of indicating where changes must be made in attitude and expression, where intensification ofDiscipleship1, 740:It is essential that disciples cultivate the attitude of spiritual recognition and they will findDiscipleship1, 745:I would like here to call your attention to the attitude of the Master at this stage of his chela'sDiscipleship1, 748:where accepted disciples are concerned whose attitude should be positive and intelligent. [749] TheDiscipleship1, 771:earth, disciples must exercise an unprejudiced attitude. To this group comes the difficult task ofDiscipleship1, 771:and, at the same time, preserving an inner attitude of complete harmlessness and lovingDiscipleship1, 771:and - at the same time - to preserve a steady attitude of love, is not an easy one, particularlyDiscipleship1, 772:activities and human welfare. Nor is a negative attitude adequate to the solution of the presentDiscipleship1, 772:and individual interests. If that is your attitude, then there is little that I can do for you, forDiscipleship1, 784:a powerful and noisy minority. They regarded any attitude of partisanship as an infringement of theDiscipleship1, 784:I stated that the Hierarchy endorsed the attitude and aims of the United Nations, fighting for theDiscipleship1, 785:then the Hierarchy will work to change the attitude of people as to what is spiritual. I have,Discipleship1, 786:have been inherent in the personal equipment and attitude of the critical. Criticism is wholesomeDiscipleship2, XII:really is, and the practical realistic attitude that a Master has to his chela. This second volumeDiscipleship2, 5:of others can prevent the injection of an attitude of criticism and judging; and only an attentiveDiscipleship2, 8:the lines of clear thought and an impersonal attitude; his usefulness to the group can be that, andDiscipleship2, 11:that meditative condition, and that extraverted attitude which will enable me to pour out in aDiscipleship2, 20:and the Path of Man needs understanding. The attitude of the initiate consciousness to humanDiscipleship2, 26:I will ask you to begin to cultivate that inner attitude of poised recollectedness which will layDiscipleship2, 26:the objective to the subjective work. It is an attitude more than an activity. Ponder on thisDiscipleship2, 36:had staying power. There is a more wholesome attitude. The relation between you as an individualDiscipleship2, 46:at times - the close link with the Ashram; your attitude is largely one of hope, coupled with theDiscipleship2, 53:of the world need of love, as exemplified by an attitude of goodwill and understanding, and aDiscipleship2, 54:which held the astral body in the right attitude; and dedication, which was the intelligentDiscipleship2, 54:realization would be facilitated by an inner attitude of registration (by the mind) of that whichDiscipleship2, 54:express and experience; and by the acknowledged attitude of the physical brain as it held [55] toDiscipleship2, 56:This involved the achieving of a right attitude of a dual kind: The group member fused his outerDiscipleship2, 67:within the personality. An emphasis upon the attitude of the soul to the personality life may alsoDiscipleship2, 68:is affected, modified and spiritualized by the attitude and the teaching of disciples everywhereDiscipleship2, 81:the Hierarchy requires the assuming of a certain attitude on the part of all of us, and theDiscipleship2, 92:(L.D.N-C. was a striking instance of this attitude; another was J.A.C. though he would greatly likeDiscipleship2, 99:relationships. Question 5 What is your attitude towards your Master, Djwhal Khul, as a result ofDiscipleship2, 101:for you, but next life may evoke from you a new attitude and a deeper comprehension of what isDiscipleship2, 101:of knowledge and of a rightly oriented attitude. Thus time will not be lost; you can - if you soDiscipleship2, 106:of emphasizing the lower self and deflects the attitude to the material aspects of a person's life.Discipleship2, 110:and become increasingly factual in your attitude to all disciples and to the Hierarchy. The comingDiscipleship2, 116:condition your day's activity. This conditioning attitude should be one of a constant recollectionDiscipleship2, 116:question of the focus of consciousness. If this attitude can be constantly held until the Full MoonDiscipleship2, 123:over the emotional nature. A decentralized attitude as regards personality reactions and a steadilyDiscipleship2, 129:point, definitely and consciously, assume the attitude of the Observer. This also involves threeDiscipleship2, 131:the group was to develop the relatively simple attitude of instantaneous relation to or contactDiscipleship2, 144:THREE - The Recipient of Impression. Assuming an attitude of the highest expectancy, you [145] willDiscipleship2, 153:consciousness recognitions of relation and of attitude. These must eventually and automaticallyDiscipleship2, 163:can and will completely alter and change man's attitude to life, his sense of values and his use ofDiscipleship2, 166:of darkness into light. With this fundamental attitude, the necessity for widespread expression ofDiscipleship2, 168:or illumination is invoked by the daily work and attitude of the Triangle members; thus light canDiscipleship2, 170:all men everywhere. They will, from the popular attitude, be registered as illumination andDiscipleship2, 185:a stable recognition of relationship and of attitude." So much of the life of a disciple, even whenDiscipleship2, 188:aspirant in training uses it, he will assume the attitude of meditation - that is, an attitude ofDiscipleship2, 188:assume the attitude of meditation - that is, an attitude of concentration, spiritual direction andDiscipleship2, 188:and receptivity. Then he will pray. The attitude of the occult student who has thrown over inDiscipleship2, 188:In connection with the Invocation he assumes the attitude of meditation (an inner mental attitudeDiscipleship2, 188:the attitude of meditation (an inner mental attitude and firm assumption), but employs the methodDiscipleship2, 188:right spiritual and human relations. When in the attitude of meditation and using the implement ofDiscipleship2, 190:angle of achievement, of attained success. This attitude he assumes as regards himself, the servingDiscipleship2, 190:that your daily life is based on a vertical attitude and a horizontal effectiveness. In these sevenDiscipleship2, 191:to add another one, which is a symbol of the attitude you should hold during the cycle into whichDiscipleship2, 195:meditation should grow that conscious, focused attitude which can be regarded as reflection - anDiscipleship2, 196:it. It is a reflection - a conscious focused attitude - carried forward in all life circumstances,Discipleship2, 205:Ashram or the Ashrams in question. This constant attitude of reflective meditation in no wayDiscipleship2, 215:This is a focused, concentrated mental attitude and fixed reflection; it is creative in nature, forDiscipleship2, 221:time. You need to remember that the one-pointed attitude, of the mystic, functioning in groupDiscipleship2, 228:of your usual meditation; endeavor to assume an attitude of aspiration, devotion, prayer and fixedDiscipleship2, 229:the work of the Hierarchy? What is my personal attitude towards money? Do I regard it as a greatDiscipleship2, 243:of aspirants and disciples to assume a different attitude towards the opportunity to prepare forDiscipleship2, 244:like to deal somewhat with the theme anent the attitude of the accepted disciple towards his MasterDiscipleship2, 245:to these requirements which call for a right attitude on your part and the use of the first of theDiscipleship2, 247:Each of these relations must find expression in attitude, in service, and in some deeper expansionDiscipleship2, 255:of meaning, so the initiate-disciple develops an attitude to living processes and to world eventsDiscipleship2, 256:A balanced point of view. A dispassionate attitude. Truthful recognition of assets as well asDiscipleship2, 269:horrors and in spite of the apparent unawakened attitude of the masses, a very real measure ofDiscipleship2, 279:with inaugurating [279] a new and more advanced attitude towards initiation is the offsetting ofDiscipleship2, 303:of meditation was recognized. Receptivity in attitude, so that the possible and esoteric teachingDiscipleship2, 335:praises or blames; because of this general attitude within his mental approach to people, he isDiscipleship2, 340:recognition of its occurrence, i.e., the present attitude. Here you have, in relation to theDiscipleship2, 351:love and mediatory activity, as is so often the attitude of the disciple. The evolutionary processDiscipleship2, 356:humanity. If you will endeavor to arrive at this attitude and also at a spirit of trueDiscipleship2, 360:are opened up, how subjective his predominating attitude must be, and how inevitably the groupDiscipleship2, 384:question could well be asked: What is the [384] attitude of the group during initiation if theDiscipleship2, 384:During the period of initiation, their attitude is one of focused, concentrated and deep meditationDiscipleship2, 384:and deep meditation in which the inner attitude is given solely to the concept of Hierarchy. TheDiscipleship2, 400:how this information - by pointing out the attitude of the third eye during this initiatory processDiscipleship2, 419:activity, intelligent understanding, focused attitude, deliberated movement, conditioning newDiscipleship2, 419:and during any initiation, has attained a mental attitude of the utmost concentration; this pointDiscipleship2, 420:moves forward again, dropping then the static attitude, after the application of the Rod ofDiscipleship2, 443:in the manner desired, you must cultivate the attitude of being only a clear unobstructed channel,Discipleship2, 447:your various group affiliations and your general attitude to the spiritual realm. This you know.Discipleship2, 453:outer service but to an inner, constant, cyclic attitude of determined and planned abstraction.Discipleship2, 461:humanity upon the physical plane. I refer to an attitude assumed and held by the soul and mind inDiscipleship2, 462:results. A year's steady work with a detached attitude as to these results will be needed beforeDiscipleship2, 482:and sensitive - took refuge in a negative attitude to people as a whole; you developed anDiscipleship2, 488:as may be possible, attempt to assume an inner attitude of planned, quiet discarding of theDiscipleship2, 489:waiting for the moment when your negative attitude to the physical plane and your positive attitudeDiscipleship2, 489:attitude to the physical plane and your positive attitude to the inner planes will bring a moment
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