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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTITUDE

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Externalisation, 195:people of every race) become the habitual attitude of the masses and when it is regarded asExternalisation, 203:the relation of the state to the individual. The attitude of the German rulers to religion isExternalisation, 207:subversive of no government or religious attitude and are innate in the consciousness of all men,Externalisation, 208:and of a determination to change the world attitude into one of right human relations. Externalisation, 212:speech and skill in action should play in the attitude of the world disciples and the men and womenExternalisation, 216:activity and aims, and you will relinquish that attitude of futile negativity, smug neutrality orExternalisation, 221:As you do so, you must preserve an understanding attitude of steadfast love (not sentiment orExternalisation, 224:enthusiasm. It is this negative and lukewarm attitude, this mental uncertainty and this failure toExternalisation, 232:in the balance? Would you have me present the attitude of the Hierarchy as that of a placid band ofExternalisation, 232:I would say to those who preach a passive attitude in the face of evil and human suffering and whoExternalisation, 239:which grow out of a widely differing subjective attitude to humanity. It is, however, of value forExternalisation, 239:due to the unpreparedness and to the pacific attitude of the neutrals of the world. Had the AlliesExternalisation, 239:consideration and consequent readjustment of the attitude of those who are doing [240] nothing toExternalisation, 246:of life. You will realize dynamically that the attitude of the passive onlooker is not that of theExternalisation, 246:General World Picture Having now presented the attitude towards the present world crisis whichExternalisation, 249:used by you with focused intention and with the attitude of a sacrificial personality (heldExternalisation, 251:I would like to do something to produce a wiser attitude to the reality of this inevitable return.Externalisation, 255:of the whole. The simplification of the attitude of men is the crying need at this time. IdeologiesExternalisation, 255:fast rule. It is changeable, according to man's attitude and desire. It is the presenting of theExternalisation, 299:had been the flickering expression of the human attitude to God. Then the Buddha came andExternalisation, 306:the defeat of evil? Can they preserve the inner attitude of love and non-separateness? Can theyExternalisation, 310:produced most successfully a certain changed attitude in the race, a new orientation to the life ofExternalisation, 310:and that goal has now been reached. The right attitude is now present in many people in every race,Externalisation, 316:keeping the personal lower self in a waiting attitude, like a servant attentive for instruction.Externalisation, 320:victory to the arms of the Forces of Light. This attitude of painful expectancy is universal amongExternalisation, 329:usefulness and the potency of their thought and attitude in moulding public opinion should makeExternalisation, 336:concerned in the entire activity. This inclusive attitude should permeate the entire Organization,Externalisation, 336:all workers into one unity of service. A united attitude of love, of hopeful expectancy, ofExternalisation, 368:impractical and finding their focus today in the attitude of Gandhi. He brings into clearExternalisation, 368:clear perspective the uncompromising, fanatical attitude which is non-realistic and which willExternalisation, 379:good. Of this tendency the negative and helpless attitude of the German people under the NaziExternalisation, 380:he can then try to bring the same constructive attitude to those around him, and they will then doExternalisation, 381:the average man can take. The first practical attitude to be taken is to crush out hate because itExternalisation, 393:between Those who express the spiritual attitude and those who are frankly material in theirExternalisation, 393:and those who are frankly material in their attitude. By means of these Approaches, humanity hasExternalisation, 394:gaining of a new spiritual orientation and a new attitude towards God, to express it very simply.Externalisation, 409:technique of thus invoking the Approach. This attitude of humanity will lead to a new revelation,Externalisation, 426:of the Lord" at a disadvantage. It is this right attitude on the part of the Forces of Light whichExternalisation, 432:to the glamor of a sentimental so-called loving attitude. These people do not realize that love isExternalisation, 432:a hard saying? A tiny replica of this correct attitude can be found in the influence, words andExternalisation, 433:this stream has, for instance, conditioned the attitude and the changed orientation of the USSR,Externalisation, 433:Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy. What is the attitude of the Christ at this time? In allExternalisation, 459:are slowly giving place to a more practical attitude; their clear thinking and their fixedExternalisation, 460:of their ability, right human relations. This attitude of responsibility and consequent activityExternalisation, 461:These people are usually a large majority. Their attitude leads inevitably to trouble and hindersExternalisation, 468:I wrote many years ago. They express the needed attitude and orientation: I ask you to drop yourExternalisation, 473:its arduous task. One aspect of Their work and attitude I would like to touch upon, for it is aptExternalisation, 474:though loving, hearts. I refer to the attitude taken by the Hierarchy during the past years of war.Externalisation, 474:the Hierarchy during the past years of war. This attitude has caused some to find in it cause forExternalisation, 551:weak, vacillating, sentimental or neutral in the attitude of the Hierarchy; this must be grasped byExternalisation, 572:competency will be distinctive of the attitude of the general public. Men will be put into highExternalisation, 575:to earth. Religion is then recognized as an attitude governing all phases of human experience. Externalisation, 585:are mission-conscious, but the value of this attitude is that it relates them, in consciousness, toExternalisation, 586:to the cause of human betterment. In this attitude he is coming to resemble the Masters Whose lifeExternalisation, 589:be inculcated and steadily [589] accepted; a new attitude to the Christ will be developed whichExternalisation, 592:will alter world affairs and mankind's entire attitude to life. The wonder of that Life lived twoExternalisation, 595:mankind itself. It is this developing spiritual attitude which will lead to right human relationsExternalisation, 618:on earth before Christ comes. I do say that this attitude to religion and politics must beExternalisation, 618:was the greatest. The right and constructive attitude must also be based on an innate recognitionExternalisation, 619:effort, and the other on that of a world attitude. Let us keep these themes simple and down on theExternalisation, 637:to understand, but it expresses most truly the attitude of the Christ and of all who serve HisExternalisation, 639:against any group of human beings. It is this attitude, engineered and fostered by Russia, whichExternalisation, 639:of blocs against. Along this line, and with this attitude of antagonistic groupings, only disasterExternalisation, 667:Lord of Civilization, which will force a right attitude toward materialism, which will bring aboutExternalisation, 680:with which the aspirant must make contact. This attitude has now widened in its approach mentally,Externalisation, 686:of Sanat Kumara" is given up. The entire attitude of the group of Masters, initiates and disciplesFire, XVI:- Secret Doctrine III. 401 May this be the attitude of every reader of this "Treatise on CosmicFire, 463:the psychology of animals, and with their mental attitude to man, are constantly appearing, and byFire, 474:body will be recognized. This will change the attitude of the medical profession, and magneticFire, 475:and obsolete. The time will come, when the attitude of man to the animal kingdom will beFire, 475:be done away with. A mysterious change in the attitude of men and women to the sex question,Fire, 540:astral plane; unfoldment is brought about by the attitude of man as he [541] consciously endeavorsFire, 590:hierarchy, tending towards a more receptive attitude. This hierarchy forms the masculine aspect ofFire, 747:the fifth round; this necessitates for Them an attitude of receptivity to occurrences at the closeFire, 794:not yet been considered factors of moment. This attitude of mind will change when etheric vision isFire, 866:the probationary path is that which concerns his attitude to and his handling of that which all menFire, 929:therefore, of their dissociation from a passive attitude, there will be found a revolt against lawFire, 983:construction. We must deal first with the mental attitude of man as he faces the work of creation,Fire, 1006:solar Angel and the worker in magic maintain an attitude of contemplation, [1007] or that profoundGlamour, 17:on the astral plane, holding simultaneously the attitude of the Observer on the high plane of theGlamour, 17:unless there is this detached and liberated attitude. You are to work in one of the most difficultGlamour, 19:Keep detailed records. Preserve the scientific attitude of detachment and of recognition and writeGlamour, 26:a mental quality and was characteristic of the attitude of mind of those people who are moreGlamour, 31:who are training themselves in that mental attitude and one-pointedness which is divorced from theGlamour, 59:a right outlook, and to attain a right mental attitude. It was these right attitudes with which theGlamour, 59:Yes, I said altitude, my brothers, and not attitude. Glamour, 81:ever the ability to reflect and to assume the attitude of reflection - held steady throughout theGlamour, 134:under the wise guidance and the paternalistic attitude of the Hierarchy and the initiate-priests ofGlamour, 146:and as eager for the achievement of the right attitude as you feel yourself to be. This isGlamour, 146:though not the physical persecution. Neither attitude, as you well know, is justifiable from theGlamour, 147:so is the Jew. The German is separative in his attitude to the world; so is the Jew. The GermanGlamour, 148:control a man, determine him in a separative attitude and produce an effect which feeds andGlamour, 151:field of your group service but also the desired attitude of the personal life of every member ofGlamour, 179:in the light of the soul, which remains the attitude of the lower self for the entire remainingGlamour, 180:is a formula for a more advanced meditation attitude. I said not form. Glamour, 180:out that this is not the attainment of a loving attitude and a sentimental approach to all peopleGlamour, 190:Agent and enables the disciple to assume the attitude of the detached Observer and an agent of theGlamour, 217:held by the positive personality, for a negative attitude is not desirable. The retained light andGlamour, 223:delay their liberation from it by a negative attitude of inferiority and distress. They will profitGlamour, 228:position and of physical relations in respect to attitude and seating arrangements are regarded as
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