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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTITUDE

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Intellect, 110:It is the instantaneous attainment of an attitude of mind as a consequence of long practice. In theIntellect, 112:this has not been accomplished through a passive attitude, but through one of a most keen and vitalIntellect, 135:place in the brain. It is held in a waiting attitude, whilst the consciousness of the thinkerIntellect, 206:set time, if possible, make for the one-pointed attitude, and these two together spell success. TheIntellect, 206:Through the imagination, we assume the attitude of the Onlooker, the Perceiver. We imagineIntellect, 216:to bring to bear upon life a more concentrated attitude of mind, and to practice daily meditationIntellect, 217:other people. I should like here to point out an attitude which the beginner should assume. It isIntellect, 217:which the beginner should assume. It is the attitude of silence. Aspirants to meditation talk muchIntellect, 218:arise: How shall we sit? Is the cross-legged attitude the best, or shall we kneel, or sit, orIntellect, 218:position is the best always. The cross-legged attitude [219] has been, and still is, much used inIntellect, 219:This is probably for the Westerner the sitting attitude; the main requirements are that we shouldIntellect, 232:own concepts in our own way. But the "Be still" attitude is not for us. We inhibit other mentalIntellect, 238:emanate from the realm of the soul. If the right attitude, therefore is assumed and the processesIntellect, 258:ancient rules are intended to refer concerns the attitude of the soul, or spiritual man, to theMagic, 11:to it; it involves, from one standpoint, the attitude of the submersed unit in the group impulseMagic, 11:group results, at the expense of the unit. This attitude of mind is inevitable until theMagic, 28:but it suffices to sum up the unintelligent attitude. The orthodox scientist is largely occupiedMagic, 32:in no position to deny or affirm anything. Our attitude should be that of reasonable enquiry andMagic, 51:discerning quality is fostered by a recollected attitude of mind, and by careful attention to theMagic, 83:and drink for tomorrow we die" characterize the attitude of the majority of men. [84] Men deadenMagic, 84:in treading the occult path depends upon an attitude of mind; when the attitude is one of concreteMagic, 84:path depends upon an attitude of mind; when the attitude is one of concrete materialism, ofMagic, 87:and increasing soul contact. The meditative attitude of the soul is duplicated in the three bodiesMagic, 102:is based on selfishness, and on an egocentric attitude. It is the demonstration of forcesMagic, 112:Clarity of vision results in a circumspect attitude. Another cause of difference can be due to theMagic, 127:two activities simultaneously, with the mental attitude of attention to both. Students whoseMagic, 148:in embryo, and the secret of its use lies in the attitude of the brain to the functions of theMagic, 182:and They seek those whom They can train. The attitude of mind that They look for is that ofMagic, 214:plan, and when the alignment is right and the attitude correct, the will aspect of the divine manMagic, 240:sound common sense and the cultivation of an attitude of mind which refuses to permit time forMagic, 348:His entire progress upon the Path rests upon his attitude in making the teaching his own. It isMagic, 393:is selfhood, or the prolongation of the selfish attitude. The characteristics therefore are inMagic, 418:- leave time and the law to correct their attitude. Secondly, be receptive towards those who seekMagic, 419:completest understanding, preserving always an attitude of non-interference, and leaving eachMagic, 420:of the man in spiritual being through a critical attitude or a state of self satisfaction than byMagic, 425:whether you stand for the new position, the new attitude towards work, and for the subjectiveMagic, 450:but it suffices to sum up the unintelligent attitude. The Orthodox scientist is largely occupiedMagic, 489:or his group of friends by his inner poisonous attitude, governed by an idea. His relation to hisMagic, 500:into knowledge. In the meantime, let a new attitude to death be cultivated and a new science ofMagic, 505:one or two suggestions. I deal not here with the attitude of the attendant watchers, I deal onlyMagic, 514:The man gradually becomes subjective in his attitude and the physical plane expression is primarilyMagic, 516:rightly oriented and held in a purely receptive attitude, it becomes the interpreter and instrumentMagic, 559:The secret for all aspirants is to cultivate the attitude of the onlooker and of the silentMagic, 559:must consist in cultivating a detached attitude. It is a mental detachment which enables theMagic, 560:whom he contacts. The cultivation of a detached attitude personally, with the attached attitudeMagic, 560:detached attitude personally, with the attached attitude spiritually, will cut at the very roots ofMagic, 574:would be constructive, helpful and healing. His attitude would be one of detachment and he wouldMagic, 587:own making and the result of his own mental attitude. If the incentive to justify himself occurs heMagic, 601:of a truly esoteric character concerns the attitude of the student of the occult. He is supposed toMagic, 603:of God. I mean, therefore, an interiorly held attitude of mind which can orient itself at will inMagic, 603:of ordinary everyday thinking and living. This attitude of mind will enable the disciple also toMagic, 604:"seat of the Observer", and from that point and attitude will direct the activities of the mind andMagic, 604:esoteric sense consists in the holding of the attitude of constant detached observation. The newMagic, 609:words to all aspirants. It is persistence in the attitude of right observation that brings aboutMagic, 620:or do they find that this relatively new attitude of personal detachment is tending to solve theirMagic, 631:When there is evidenced a constantly critical attitude towards other workers in the field of worldMeditation, 10:the three lower bodies. 2. It puts a man into an attitude of equilibrium, neither utterly receptiveMeditation, 84:this very slowly and gradually, maintaining an attitude of perfect peace and calm. There is aMeditation, 99:quiescent and receptive. [99] This negative attitude in itself, if carried too far, opens the doorMeditation, 99:What must therefore be watched? The attitude of the emotional ovoid and its positive-negativeMeditation, 122:is effected largely through the negative attitude assumed through the unwise following of anMeditation, 274:to a position of the closest intimacy, and to an attitude that places the pupil within the aura andMeditation, 284:everyday living, and will eventually be in the attitude of meditation all the day. [285] MeditationMeditation, 285:and that expresses itself in an ill advised attitude to all who live. It is not the love thatMeditation, 342:1920 Motives for service. Methods of service. Attitude following action. [343] I seek to give youMeditation, 343:are of moment: The motive. The method. The attitude following action. With wrong motives andMeditation, 346:A joyous confidence characterizes his habitual attitude. He harbors no jealousy, no cloudy greyMeditation, 346:of the emotional body the server takes the attitude of elimination. His aim is so to train theMeditation, 348:Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 3. The Attitude following Action What should thisMeditation, 348:The Attitude following Action What should this attitude be? Utter dispassion, utterMeditation, 349:discrimination in work and time. The resultant attitude will be: Complete dispassion, and a growingPatanjaliconcentration, failure to hold the meditative attitude when achieved. 31. Pain, despair, misplacedPatanjali, 33:As his mind assumes increasingly the meditative attitude of the soul, the brain becomes alsoPatanjali, 34:omniscient [34] and omnipresent. This meditative attitude is assumed through a fourfold process:Patanjali, 36:internal activity instead of external; it is an attitude of one-pointed concentration. The aspirantPatanjali, 62:concentration, failure to hold the meditative attitude when achieved. Obstacle I - BodilyPatanjali, 66:Gita II.51.52. Obstacle IV - Carelessness The attitude of mind dealt with here has been translatedPatanjali, 66:It is really that versatile mental attitude which makes one-pointedness and attention so difficultPatanjali, 67:disciple has to cultivate "dispassion" or that attitude which never identifies itself with forms ofPatanjali, 70:Obstacle IX - Failure to hold the Meditative Attitude It will be apparent therefore that the firstPatanjali, 76:of the planet, and dispassion concerns our attitude to all the reactions of the lower personalPatanjali, 112:known, can be overcome by an opposing mental attitude. 11. Their activities are to be done awayPatanjali, 124:to decentralize oneself, to change one's attitude from self-centeredness and selfishness to one ofPatanjali, 139:known, can be overcome by an opposing mental attitude. The words "subtly known" could bePatanjali, 142:the meditation process. The "opposing mental attitude" referred to in the previous sutra hasPatanjali, 142:body and in the body of desire. This mental attitude has to become one of active mental meditationPatanjali, 142:The steady opposition of the mental attitude deals with one; meditation which brings in the threePatanjali, 150:of a man's energies so that through his changed attitude of mind, painful reactions are no longerPatanjali, 171:spirit and matter, discrimination is at first an attitude of mind and must be sedulouslyPatanjali, 171:truth. The aspirant then definitely assumes the attitude of higher polarity (that of spirit,Patanjali, 182:Means III Posture. Asana. Right Poise. Correct attitude. Position. This third means concerns thePatanjali, 182:Position. This third means concerns the physical attitude of the disciple when in meditation, hisPatanjali, 182:the disciple when in meditation, his emotional attitude towards his environment or his group, andPatanjali, 182:his environment or his group, and his mental attitude towards ideas, thought currents and abstractPatanjali, 183:and internal is attended to; the correct attitude to life in its triple manifestation isPatanjali, 190:of the emotional nature and the mental attitude which enables a man to "count all things but loss"Patanjali, 190:Ishvara may be briefly stated to constitute the attitude of the lower threefold self to the servicePatanjali, 211:also carried forward into the daily life, in the attitude of the man to every form (in the threePatanjali, 211:fourth of the Rules and concerns the man's inner attitude to the objective universe. It might bePatanjali, 211:be said therefore that the rules concern a man's attitude towards: 1. His own lower nature internal
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