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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTITUDE

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Patanjali, 211:God devotion to Ishvara. Thus a "right attitude" to all things covers this set of rules. Patanjali, 216:of good and evil and searches for the right attitude to both. The astral plane is the battlegroundPatanjali, 227:in one and the one in three, Quiescence, or the attitude of positive receptivity to the higherPatanjali, 229:purity be arrived at, not only must the right attitude towards all things be cultivated and thePatanjali, 234:and becomes omniscient. 50. By a passionless attitude towards this attainment and towards allPatanjali, 247:only of itself and the object." The man's attitude becomes pure fixed attention; his physical body,Patanjali, 251:has acquired the faculty of contemplation or the attitude of the real Identity towards the realm ofPatanjali, 321:so frequently choose that line of activity or attitude of mind which produces in us pleasure orPatanjali, 358:achieved and its Results 50. By a passionless attitude towards this attainment and towards allPatanjali, 384:are eliminated by: An opposing mental attitude, Meditation, The cultivation of right thought. TheyPatanjali, 384:follows: the commandments, the rules, posture or attitude, right control of the life force,Patanjali, 384:to 12.) The Commandments, the Rules, posture of attitude, right control of the life force,Patanjali, 388:becomes a habit and is the normal daily attitude of his life, then the man becomes free from thePatanjali, 391:human unit and his record are dependent upon his attitude towards others and the effect he has uponProblems, 10:many thousands in every nation. This spirit and attitude will some day characterize the attitude ofProblems, 10:and attitude will some day characterize the attitude of nation to nation. At present this is notProblems, 10:the cost to others; they regard this as a right attitude and as characteristic of good citizenship.Problems, 11:habits but primarily upon the expressed mental attitude, the sense of relativity and a generalProblems, 15:products of the earth belong to all. This wrong attitude has not only fostered the sense ofProblems, 17:instead of the importance of the international attitude to France in terms of unselfish humanProblems, 19:aloof hauteur, their national pride and their attitude of owning the world alienates many. GreatProblems, 20:few centuries but is now slowly regaining. Her attitude to world affairs today is internationallyProblems, 47:compassionate tenderness. This compassionate attitude will be founded upon the recognition of theProblems, 57:be taught. This will alter the entire present attitude of the youth of the world to theirProblems, 60:hope, based on wishful thinking. It concerns an attitude to life and the future which manyProblems, 61:of the whole, that the major requirement is an attitude of goodwill and a constant effort to fosterProblems, 63:can from its earliest days assume an unselfish attitude towards its associates. It is bridging workProblems, 69:The smaller nations have not quite the same attitude; they are relatively cleaner in theirProblems, 85:and develop a more balanced and constructive attitude among these minorities. Minorities, alongProblems, 89:an effort to keep our own mental and national attitude well in the background and to see theProblems, 112:to the Negroes of their own country. For their attitude and conduct there is today no possibleProblems, 119:by knowledge, can produce an atmosphere and an attitude which will make the solving of problemsProblems, 119:of this atmosphere and the evocation of this attitude which is the principal work of the men ofProblems, 121:educate and train public opinion that the world attitude to world problems will be right andProblems, 121:its results: a right atmosphere and a sound attitude) and an understanding heart. The Christian eraProblems, 130:the spirit of Christ: An intensely materialistic attitude. The Church of Rome stands for greatProblems, 130:has definite political implications; their attitude to Communism has in it the seeds of anotherProblems, 138:scale within the churches of a basic change of attitude towards theological teaching or churchProblems, 142:these laws so that a negative, acquiescent attitude to life and its processes, based onProblems, 155:anticipated by those to whom the religious attitude is of fundamental importance. What are the sipsProblems, 155:the orthodox as purely speculative. The present attitude of the churches would seem to negate anyProblems, 156:the blueprints are already drawn. The inner attitude of humanity and a few outer happeningsProblems, 156:clerical organizations and their militant attitude to religions and to faiths other than their own.Problems, 173:leaders keep their peoples in ignorance of the attitude of other nations on world affairs; it isPsychology1, xix:may flow unimpeded. I mean the attaining of an attitude [xx] wherein the aspirant desires nothingPsychology1, xxv:that demonstration. Let me also add that your attitude to the imparted instruction should be thatPsychology1, 52:close proximity of the soul negates a separate attitude. The religious man is pre-eminently astralPsychology1, 95:of the kingdom in which that soul functions, its attitude to daily life and to current affairs willPsychology1, 111:First of all, you must see to it that your attitude towards all teaching is that of willingPsychology1, 115:world. But it is important to remember that the attitude of the training initiate or teacher is onePsychology1, 128:one of the seven ray groups. From that exalted attitude he strives towards the essential unity ofPsychology1, 179:of unity and of spirit. There will be a fresh attitude towards life which will evidence itself in aPsychology1, 192:not warrant close study and consideration of the attitude of the personality towards life, and ofPsychology1, 192:practical application to the mental life and attitude of man today. The first proposition relatesPsychology1, 242:are concerned, as in the subhuman kingdoms, the attitude can be otherwise, and the emerging truthPsychology1, 268:function. We shall see consequent changes in the attitude of man towards this most difficultPsychology1, 269:Behind all these results of an agelong wrong attitude to the sex function lie two major evils, orPsychology1, 270:my topic therefore is the menace of the present attitude, the need for a fuller understanding, andPsychology1, 270:of men's ideas on this vital matter. The attitude of the unthinking savage to the sex life, and thePsychology1, 270:the unthinking savage to the sex life, and the attitude of the mentally polarized and spirituallyPsychology1, 273:to the location, the tradition, training and attitude of the men who practiced it. In one part ofPsychology1, 278:to a type of mental perversion, to a distorted attitude of mind which results often in physicalPsychology1, 278:antiquity gives the lie to the idea that this attitude marks a step forward on the path ofPsychology1, 282:sense, with all the evil consequent upon this attitude, and the resulting growth of sexualPsychology1, 284:to conform to man-made laws, but to man's attitude to himself and to his social relation with GodPsychology1, 284:self-forgetfulness. Vice is the negation of this attitude. These two words signify in realityPsychology1, 293:great changes show more potently than in the attitude of man towards sex, and in the readjustmentPsychology1, 293:of the marriage relationship. This new attitude will gradually come about as the slowly developingPsychology1, 293:gradually and automatically, a change in the attitude of men towards women and of women towardsPsychology1, 304:things: First, there has ever been a mistaken attitude in the East towards women. Secondly, in thePsychology1, 306:personality and the demands of the flesh. The attitude of an imposed celibacy upon the equipment ofPsychology1, 325:of religious fusion, and in an international attitude which will be new indeed. Then they will havePsychology1, 326:idea that aspiration is really an emotional attitude. It is not. It is a scientific process,Psychology1, 327:to correct an almost universal wrong mental attitude. Right atoms of high vibration are attractedPsychology1, 359:not of non-resistance, but of that positive attitude of mind which thinks no evil. He who thinks noPsychology1, 360:regarded itself as a physical unity. Of this attitude the academic materialistic psychologists arePsychology1, 363:the sense of individuality that permits this attitude, and that no group work is ever possiblePsychology1, 368:fell into a crystallized and sectarian attitude, along with the many other grouped circles. It fellPsychology1, 386:in the world, but the Russian reaction and attitude to [387] enforced rule and order has in it morePsychology1, 393:expression of this will be the changing of the attitude which loves the material into that whichPsychology1, 406:that the personality ray induces a separative attitude and causes a detachment from the group ofPsychology2, 17:he becomes a more active factor, and drops the attitude of the detached and uninterested onlooker.Psychology2, 24:in time and space, the soul ever preserves the attitude of the Onlooker and of the perceivingPsychology2, 71:This necessarily involves a strong mental attitude and a reorientation of the mind to reality. AsPsychology2, 97:of evolution is conditioned by a temperament, an attitude and an orientation that is that of aPsychology2, 99:involved the planetary temperament or attitude which recognizes the dualities. [100] There is aPsychology2, 107:that matter. Thirdly, preserve ever in work the attitude of mind which must grow out of the twoPsychology2, 120:and yet today the tendency to serve is an attitude which is true of a vast majority of the peoplePsychology2, 125:must be clearly grasped, or else our whole attitude to this momentous demonstration of the successPsychology2, 128:and obstruction after another. This stage and attitude we can view with sympathy and understanding,Psychology2, 136:to be a tiny part of a greater Whole, and this attitude never varies, even when the disciple hasPsychology2, 137:or in dedicated selflessness and the attitude which is oriented towards soul guidance) the force,Psychology2, 146:and learn to preserve, during the day, the attitude of inner spiritual orientation. As we learn toPsychology2, 147:of the Vishnu or Christ aspect, and concerns an attitude of the soul, whose essential nature isPsychology2, 154:problem of humanity as a whole lies that major attitude towards existence which we characterize asPsychology2, 159:to those discriminations and that dispassionate attitude which is the hallmark of the man who is onPsychology2, 161:viewed, the word "repulse" indicates simply "an attitude towards that which is not desirable."Psychology2, 164:of Sacrifice. "I die daily" 3. Posture A poised attitude to the world Sixth ray force The Law ofPsychology2, 178:to learn to discriminate in his service; but his attitude to life and toward all men is a divinePsychology2, 269:is to be noted that we are here considering the attitude of the soul to the personality and not
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