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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTITUDE

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Rays, 746:put to a crucial test when Africa awakes. This attitude of the United States and their failure toRays, 751:many times. It is the cultivation of a spiritual attitude that is needed and the dedication, at allRays, 751:should begin with a diagnosis of their own attitude towards goodwill, and then set an example byRays, 765:desert. A man stands in front of the scene in an attitude of indecision. The cone stands betweenReappearance, 12:had been the flickering expression of the human attitude to God, prior to the advent of the Buddha,Reappearance, 33:of darkness into light. With this fundamental attitude, the necessity for a widespread expressionReappearance, 36:will alter world affairs and mankind's entire attitude to life. The wonder of that life, lived twoReappearance, 41:mankind itself. It is this developing spiritual attitude which will lead to right human relationsReappearance, 68:to his mental perception, and influencing his attitude to the future. When the work is done in theReappearance, 68:consciousness. A separative participation and attitude is unknown to [69] Them, for Their state ofReappearance, 114:submission; the true submission is a positive attitude of spiritual expectancy, leading eventuallyReappearance, 143:to meet this demanding cry and this intensified attitude of spiritual perception with which TheyReappearance, 146:these laws so that a negative, acquiescent attitude to life and its processes, based onReappearance, 165:amongst us. It is, however, necessary that this attitude to religion and politics is generallyReappearance, 165:was the greatest. A right and constructive attitude must also be based on an innate recognition ofReappearance, 182:Master but primarily to a demanding world; that attitude still controls the Hierarchy, yet with noSoulHocking, Self, Its Body and Freedom, p. 97. Our attitude toward the philosophical and psychologicalSoulits essential quest. It is this undiscriminating attitude which is no doubt to blame for the wellSoul, 15:directly feels why at one time he has one attitude, and later on another; also that, for the mostSoul, 17:experiment and test. Voicing what should be the attitude of mind for students in all fields ofSoul, 140:man becomes group-conscious and inclusive in his attitude to people and to life. He is no longerSoul, 154:content without departing from the critical attitude? One may be helped to such a definition bySoul, 155:higher will, without overstepping the critical attitude, that it is not the absolute, nor again theTelepathy, 10:fruitful effort. In all such work as this, an attitude of non-attachment - and a spirit of "don'tTelepathy, 25:a group grows through the medium of a constant attitude of reflective thought and a steadfast loveTelepathy, 37 To:or a strength, upon a mistake or a right attitude, it evokes from you no slightest reaction thatTelepathy, 38:page 320), embody the first steps leading to the attitude required in true hierarchical work; thisTelepathy, 101:through the constant and steady holding of the attitude of the Observer. It is developed throughTelepathy, 139:in nature conform. Note that phraseology. The attitude of occultism is, at this time, relativelyTelepathy, 144:disciple). He will realize also that as his attitude, attainment and comprehension shift to everTelepathy, 176:student to a more practical application of his attitude to the centers, and also to a fixedTelepathy, 176:fellowmen. The reason for this will be that his attitude will express the quality of the subjectiveTelepathy, 197:a certain esoteric Mantram which embodies this attitude - the attitude of the disciple who isTelepathy, 197:Mantram which embodies this attitude - the attitude of the disciple who is striving, in cooperative
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