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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTITUDES

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Externalisation, 412:so many in thrall. This has to go. These three attitudes, when correctly and sanely held, willExternalisation, 427:The work of the Hierarchy is handicapped by the attitudes of men with no perspective and muchExternalisation, 461:over boundaries will need watching, as these attitudes can be exploited by the evil and selfishExternalisation, 487:deep discouragement. Workers will be prone to attitudes of despair, and at times the task willExternalisation, 550:errors of ancient standing, wrong and disastrous attitudes and human separativeness, an inevitableExternalisation, 559:are apt to be unobservant of the training and attitudes of Those Who are senior to them in anExternalisation, 580:not involve beautiful, sweet and humanitarian attitudes. The world will still be full of selfishExternalisation, 610:in order to establish such confidence, correct attitudes and understanding of the divine spiritualExternalisation, 651:goodwill and the fostering of those conditions, attitudes and points of view which will inevitablyExternalisation, 666:of Active Intelligence), the production of right attitudes towards material living, and the entireExternalisation, 695:group. [695] Z...has a sound theory as to group attitudes and group work, and he will beExternalisation, 695:be chosen for this specific training. Their own attitudes and development come violently [696]Glamour, 59:a right mental attitude. It was these right attitudes with which the Buddha was dealing when HeGlamour, 147:any justification for the activities and attitudes of the other. Like frequently repudiates andGlamour, 162:balance is being adjusted by the humanitarian attitudes which are so largely coming into control,Glamour, 162:irrespective of any theological trend. These attitudes take their stand upon the belief of theGlamour, 164:Axis order of master races, determined religious attitudes, and enslaved peoples. The whole and theGlamour, 164:the world aspirants and disciples who by their attitudes, their actions, their writings and theirGlamour, 165:more spiritual way of life. These constructive attitudes and undertakings must be assumedHealing, 9:professions, that in the subjective and hidden attitudes of the mind and of the emotional nature,Healing, 16:conditions and to straighten out those wrong attitudes of mind, those inhibitions, psychoses andHealing, 38:basic facts, it can be seen how wrong emotional attitudes and a general unhealthy condition of theHealing, 39:to demonstrate the effect of the prevalent wrong attitudes to life and people which todayHealing, 40:The emotional causes of disease and the mental attitudes which produce physical discomfort are atHealing, 69:on each other's emotional conditions and mental attitudes in a new and more [70] potent manner. ToHealing, 89:Psychological Causes of Disease A. Wrong Mental Attitudes I would like to deal, first of all, withHealing, 91:which arise from what I have called wrong mental attitudes, fanaticisms and frustrated idealismsHealing, 113:Liberation, with right thought, leading to right attitudes and orientation, and with the principleHealing, 135:free from the technical terms and the academic attitudes of the medical sciences. They would butHealing, 222:the lesser values and the usual conventional attitudes, and when the physical organism has beenHealing, 224:the changes of the next one hundred years. Many attitudes and many customary reactions which todayHealing, 233:[233] problems. The first was that psychological attitudes and states of consciousness can and doHealing, 233:sins, and who is psychologically wrong in his attitudes and consequent actions, commits suicideHealing, 259:disease. In our next part we shall deal with the attitudes and temperaments of the patient, takingHealing, 266:they will cooperate to bring to an end the wrong attitudes on both sides. All karma of evil natureHealing, 269:ancient a date that habits of thought, customary attitudes and separate customs are wellHealing, 306:your point of view, your terminologies, and your attitudes of mind are still somewhat foreign toHealing, 345:wherein a brother is faced with as few contrary attitudes as possible, and where the interplay ofHealing, 347:and comprehension of the psychological attitudes of the sufferer, but to no true pain or distressHealing, 352:and the fear of death. Seek to eliminate these attitudes from your consciousness, and you willHealing, 352:Success might mean the correction of wrong inner attitudes, of erroneous lines of thought, and atHealing, 353:and to sympathize, to point out undesirable attitudes, to end wrong ways of living, and change poorHealing, 357:frailties of the personality and from these attitudes, nevertheless knows (and rightly rejoices)Healing, 381:so-called sins and errors, wrongdoing and wrong attitudes have piled up a very heavy karma whichHealing, 384:and of fear. I refer also to the required attitudes which those seeking healing, the surmounting ofHealing, 389:recur, and that the result of this will be new attitudes to dying and the inculcation of a happyHealing, 390:their lives. During the next cycle, these wrong attitudes must come to an end; death will become aHealing, 397:IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing Present Attitudes to Death I undertook to take up with youHealing, 451:adequate forms of life and of more correct human attitudes, plus a sounder orientation to reality.Healing, 521:certain basic requirements of conditions and attitudes which must be established between the healerHealing, 524:of all as they not only present qualities and attitudes which are essential to the successfulHealing, 524:Let us now look at the indicated qualities and attitudes. I will briefly enumerate and comment. TheHealing, 560:effort to make the patient change his emotional attitudes and to react to life and circumstancesHercules, 118:minds, our hard, small hearts, that cause wrong attitudes and habits; the body being but anHercules, 128:characterized by materialistic or by spiritual attitudes. Over and over again on this journeyPatanjali, 215:violent forcing of the body into postures and attitudes unaccustomed and uncomfortable. When thisProblems, 5:of human values and the inauguration of new attitudes of mind regarding right human relations. InProblems, 7:goodwill in a family can completely change its attitudes. Goodwill really practiced among groups inProblems, 11:by party [11] differences and by religious attitudes. These inevitably bring disorder and finallyProblems, 11:All nations are guilty of these qualities and attitudes, expressed according to their individualProblems, 12:are those who have outgrown these self-centered attitudes and there are many who are moreProblems, 30:produce right understanding and correct attitudes and activities in every community, in everyProblems, 31:minded people in the world today to change world attitudes and to bring in the new spirituallyProblems, 34:spirit, foster the conservative, reactionary attitudes so strongly endorsed, for instance, by theProblems, 37:with his world values wrongly adjusted and his attitudes to life distinguished by bias andProblems, 51:its inculcation of wrong human relations and attitudes and its glorification of all that is mostProblems, 51:with their environment; we must develop the new attitudes and techniques which will fit a child forProblems, 56:effective parts, and thus avoids the separative attitudes which have brought about the downfall ofProblems, 63:offsetting the racial hatreds and the separative attitudes of nations and people, we shall haveProblems, 69:with their racial hatreds, their separate attitudes and their unsound political methods.Problems, 73:instinct of self-preservation determines their attitudes. In between these two groups are those whoProblems, 89:of its mode of life and the selflessness of its attitudes; it does not infringe, for any reason,Problems, 97:one of different standards and inherent racial attitudes which are shared with the whole of theProblems, 105:for all he has suffered. Changed inner attitudes are needed on both sides, but very largely on theProblems, 105:of the Jews; there is evidence that these new attitudes are germinating, even if the finding of theProblems, 141:all the failures of the past. In these three attitudes there are certain basic truths which theProblems, 176:action seem right and to guarantee constructive attitudes. The United Nations, through its AssemblyPsychology1, 128:and it moulds his physical appearance. Certain attitudes of mind are easy for one ray type andPsychology1, 187:of liberated men to produce a change in the attitudes of mankind and in public opinion, if theyPsychology1, 269:the problem can be found in the widely diverse attitudes of men's minds to the subject. ThesePsychology1, 269:attitudes of men's minds to the subject. These attitudes range all the way from an ill-regulatedPsychology1, 269:difficulties, and growing out of these wrong attitudes, the legalities and the illegalities, thePsychology1, 270:of resemblance; yet basically both of these attitudes are nearer to each other and to the realityPsychology1, 272:of disease, both mental and physical, of wrong attitudes and illusory relations which it will takePsychology1, 304:conception of spiritual life. These two attitudes embody two mistaken ideas, and lie at the root ofPsychology1, 349:of those dogmatic, sectarian and theological attitudes, for instance, which mark the decline andPsychology2, 25:kama-manasic, and the whole trend of his daily attitudes, or his modes of living, and of hisPsychology2, 86:defects, all based on the separative and selfish attitudes of the personalities through which thePsychology2, 137:Who serve the Plan. Note the sequence of these attitudes, and govern yourselves accordingly. TherePsychology2, 161:the desire to repudiate, and repulsive attitudes, words and deeds evoke in our minds all that isPsychology2, 327:it accounts for human experience and consequent attitudes in the three major groupings. It is ofPsychology2, 331:In this age of intensest separative thinking and attitudes, it is the individual life of thePsychology2, 404:have distorted life, to morbidity, sadistic attitudes, self-righteousness and an ultimate despairPsychology2, 410:of Mystics. These are concerned with those attitudes of mind, those complexities of idea and thosePsychology2, 449:confronted? By the development of the following attitudes: By a determination to avail oneself ofPsychology2, 462:of the contribution which the many aspects and attitudes make to the whole. This is of profoundPsychology2, 463:focusing, producing undue mental emphasis, wrong attitudes and anti-social living, is also a formPsychology2, 488:group stimulation. He thus recovers spiritual attitudes and desires which, in this life, have notPsychology2, 572:it tends to make them separative in their attitudes to other leaders and teachers, refusing toPsychology2, 634:with the groupings which are founded on major attitudes, and not on divisions which emerge when
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