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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTRACTING

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Astrology, 381:repulsion which leads to a steady shift of the attracting force to an ever higher and wider appeal.Astrology, 625:because behind its expression of cosmic love (attracting, fusing and producing, cohesion) lies aAtom, 46:with other atoms - repelling some and attracting others. Perhaps, then, we may deduce from theseAtom, 147:carry on our life, and work out our purposes, by attracting to ourselves the atoms of substanceAtom, 155:and the influences that are flowing towards him, attracting him towards them, and making him, inAutobiography, 256:or who deal in claim-making and in the art of attracting attention to themselves. To be aBethlehem, 251:The value of all these doctrines consists in attracting attention to the eternal interest of man inDiscipleship1, 788:or who deal in claim-making and in the art of attracting attention to themselves. To be aDiscipleship2, 208:creative thought; its Members are the agents for attracting - through the potency of theirDiscipleship2, 228:- Reflective Meditation REFLECTIVE MEDITATION ON ATTRACTING MONEY FOR HIERARCHICAL PURPOSES StageDiscipleship2, 484:day's work with the intention of magnetically attracting (in order to help and serve) at leastFire, 79:and others carry on the work of cohering and of attracting; the work of the Destroyer and of theFire, 144:to separate itself from matter by the method of attracting an ever more adequate type of matter inFire, 215:who embody this aspect are directed to the attracting of matter to Spirit, and the gradualFire, 784:fundamentally a sphere, rolling upon itself and attracting and repulsing other spheres. "Pitris ofFire, 971:setting up activity in mental matter, and attracting to his germ thought the material necessary forHealing, 171:my intention to deal here with the processes of attracting the lower energies, the mode ofHealing, 471:and not outgoing. The destroying Sound; the attracting Word; the individualized Speech! At the timeHealing, 471:the second aspect of divinity, which does the attracting. I exclude cases of sudden death. ThereHealing, 541:of the patient. He will do this with a view of attracting, if possible, a fuller inflow of the soulHercules, 42:energizing Life. Sex, that Life in operation, attracting spirit and matter and instituting theProblems, 95:opinion. The problems of two minorities are attracting at this time much public attention. If theyProblems, 95:in the United States of America and one which is attracting great attention. This problem is uniquePsychology1, 106:at this time of intense strain and danger by attracting Their attention needlessly. The worldPsychology1, 337:The consciousness of loving and being loved, of attracting and of being attracted, enters throughPsychology2, 81:of Active Intelligence Just as the grasping and attracting are terms applicable to the methods ofPsychology2, 83:Dynamically electrified forms. 2. Love-Wisdom Attracting Love Magnetically electrified forms. 3.Psychology2, 457:even if it is only the doubtful success of attracting the attention of some teacher who isPsychology2, 481:the man may belong, or which has succeeded in attracting his attention. We shall see this tendencyPsychology2, 525:effort. The mystical life is definitely attracting him. He is becoming the mystic. A second periodRays, 494:this stage, when very advanced, there is no form attracting the Monad outwards into manifestation.Rays, 666:of men; paralleling this, the occult way is attracting more and more of the world intelligentsia.Reappearance, 84:universally, producing evolutionary growth, attracting people and nations magnetically to eachSoul, 59:to greater distances, as well repelling as attracting the neighboring corpuscles; and light is
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