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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTRACTION

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Astrology, 24:This planet is Venus. The quality of the attraction of the three planets which produce an esotericAstrology, 29:body and of its response to the pull and the attraction of any or all of the subtler bodies. AsAstrology, 39:that the Hierarchies work under the Law of Attraction; it is the law of the Builders. This firstAstrology, 352:end of the long, long path [352] of evolution. Attraction and repulsion are therefore conditioningAstrology, 381:the outer periphery of expression, and to that attraction and repulsion which leads to a steadyAstrology, 403:progress by the nature of the forces of divine attraction and have noted the differing divineAstrology, 515:the sacral center and - under the major Law of Attraction - producing a raising of the force to theAstrology, 597:to synthesize, to produce coherence and mutual attraction and to establish relationship, but -Astrology, 622:at-one-ment and synthesis, through the power of attraction, based upon power to see the vision. InAstrology, 626:upon the transformation brought about by divine attraction. This enables "spirit to mount upon theAstrology, 631:are concerned with this triple manifestation: Attraction, Subtraction, Abstraction and these threeAstrology, 683:with one of His Brothers under the Law of Mutual Attraction, which manifests so degradingly as yetAtom, 23:general idea, such as "natural selection," or "attraction and repulsion." I would like, ifAtom, 23:we may find fresh light thrown upon our problem. Attraction and repulsion in the solar system isAtom, 58:something which lies back of the great law of attraction and repulsion, one of the basic laws ofAtom, 62:of the imprisoned life; and the law of attraction and repulsion, whereby matter and spirit areAtom, 69:controls his little system by the great law of attraction and repulsion, as does the Logos, and heAtom, 84:not only active intelligence, not only inherent attraction and love, but is also a purposeful will.Atom, 97:building of forms by means of the great law of attraction, which gathered the atoms together,Atom, 97:of the Deity became manifest, that of love or attraction, the cohesive force which holds [98] theAtom, 152:of Hercules is the point of magnetic attraction for our solar system. On the other hand, you willAutobiography, 237:also concerns the fire of matter producing that attraction and repulsion which is the basic law ofBethlehem, 90:seen functioning in the universe as the Law of Attraction, with all that is involved in that term -Destiny, 34:will involve a truer understanding of the law of attraction. The problem of death, which is inDestiny, 52:of government. The second Ray of Love or of Attraction governs - from the soul angle - the BritishDestiny, 52:aspect of love and understanding, producing attraction and interpretation. It is interesting toDestiny, 72:also vibratory interplay, under the great Law of Attraction and Repulsion which has much to do withDestiny, 123:will do its own work of destruction, of attraction, of rebuilding and of a consequent renewed lifeDestiny, 133:all men." The emphasis of all sixth ray work is Attraction and Repulsion - hence division andDestiny, 133:of Europe) will stand illumined if the Law of Attraction and Repulsion is studied in connectionDiscipleship1, 18:whenever possible and to increase the magnetic attraction of those centers through which theDiscipleship1, 59:of rapport" which is based, eternally, on loving attraction. Rapport or contact with the soulDiscipleship1, 374:through the second ray methods of love, contact, attraction, understanding, sympathy andDiscipleship2, 207:the three aspects (of purpose or will, attraction [208] magnetic love or plan, and appearance asDiscipleship2, 211:they wield, direct and control the Law of Attraction - the motivating energy which swings the LawDiscipleship2, 422:the first initiation, he comes under the Law of Attraction which carries and wields the energy ofDiscipleship2, 422:vehicles which are now used under the Law of Attraction; this law works within the consciousness ofDiscipleship2, 422:in the service of the Hierarchy. This Law of Attraction is a major soul law. Later, after theDiscipleship2, 741:the disciple becomes a focal point of spiritual attraction. He can reach many, yet ever remainExternalisation, 145:be eliminated or ended, and will build in, by attraction and consolidation that which is desiredFire, xviii:on the plane of mind Division F. The Law of Attraction SECTION THREE - THE FIRE OF SPIRIT -Fire, 6:governing matter, the third aspect. The Law of Attraction - the law governing soul, the secondFire, 40:fires of the system so the cosmic Law of Attraction and Repulsion is the basic law of this divineFire, 41:Mind Love Intelligent Love Spiral cyclic motion Attraction Solar Fire. 3. Divine Flame WillFire, 45:been reached. When the three Laws of Economy, of Attraction, and of Synthesis work with perfectFire, 46:This fire of mind is governed by the Law of Attraction as is its greater correspondence. Later weFire, 49:The operation of this fire under the Law of Attraction. The subsequent result in the spiral-cyclicFire, 79:of the Preserver is carried on under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion. Some rays definitelyFire, 80:physical body can be molded. Under the Law of Attraction, the denser matter of the physical planeFire, 91:the laws [91] governing magnetic repulsion and attraction, and not so much by clothing and shelter.Fire, 130:is (to word it otherwise) no longer a source of attraction, nor a focal magnetic point. It becomesFire, 130:It becomes non-magnetic, and the great Law of Attraction ceases to [131] control it; henceFire, 131:body, the planet, and severs connection. Outer attraction ceases and all gravitates towards theFire, 133:the pranic emanations, likewise lose their attraction to the matter of the form, and turn theirFire, 136:body. These higher centers then form a field of attraction for the downflow of the third fire, thatFire, 144:Logos is carried on under the cosmic Law of Attraction. The Law of Economy has for one of itsFire, 144:called the Law of Repulsion. The cosmic Laws of Attraction and Economy are therefore the raisonFire, 144:formation, while Spirit, governed by the Law of Attraction, seeks ever to separate itself fromFire, 145:in course of time to recognize (under the Law of Attraction) the vibration of its own Ego, whichFire, 145:These three concepts are governed by the Law of Attraction, or the law governing the interplay orFire, 149:magnetism which will be the result of the Law of Attraction. All of these three concepts areFire, 154:one aspect working under the Law of Attraction, and the other governed by the Law of Repulsion.Fire, 154:the Law of Repulsion be overcome by the Law of Attraction. It is a destruction of form and not ofFire, 157:Where form exists and the Laws of Repulsion and Attraction are coming into force, making radiationFire, 158:interaction and interplay causes repulsion and attraction according to the polarity of the cosmic,Fire, 159:produced the first radiation, the first pull of attraction, and the [160] consequent setting up ofFire, 175:is the eternal order of things and affinity or attraction its handmaid of all works. The thrill ofFire, 195:being another sense, that of touch. The Law of Attraction works, the consciousness moves slowlyFire, 196:and interrelation, the second Logos. The Law of Attraction between the Self and the not-self beginsFire, 197:line) 83 and the effect of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion as thus manipulated by them.Fire, 198:and the ability to touch intensified. The Law of Attraction persists in its work until another fireFire, 198:faculty of the second Logos, wielding the law of Attraction. Let us now finish what may be impartedFire, 198:its subsequent heterogeneity. Under the Law of Attraction, man touches and makes contact with thatFire, 199:leads to a condition of mutual repulsion and attraction between the one who apprehends and thatFire, 199:relatively refined. This is under the Law of Attraction. Evolution on the Path. Again theFire, 201:being and by means of the three Laws of Economy, Attraction and Synthesis utilizes, blends andFire, 209:consciously realizes the meaning of the Law of Attraction in form building, and in the synthesis ofFire, 215:or Vishnu aspect, is governed by the Law of Attraction; the activities of the entities who embodyFire, 215:of atoms in various formations, and this attraction is brought about by the attractive power ofFire, 215:phase in the process of evolution. This law of attraction is the law governing the Spirit, theFire, 216:in the matter of the system. Just as the Law of Attraction led to the sevenfold psychicFire, 218:are the forms built and adapted. The Law of Attraction finds expression in the manipulation ofFire, 232:radiates consciously and with intense magnetic attraction between all the seven systemic groups, orFire, 235:stimulation, magnetic interaction, or the law of attraction and repulsion. Cyclic progress, rotaryFire, 247:of Economy, is coming slowly under the Law of Attraction, and will eventually come under the Law ofFire, 248:of stimulation. A man is governed by the Law of Attraction, is [249] evolved through the Law ofFire, 249:which he is not so much consciously concerned; attraction governs his connection with other unitsFire, 253:e. A Heavenly Man is governed by the Law of Attraction, has transcended the Law of Economy, and isFire, 253:is the primary law of the atom. The Law of Attraction is coming into control of the atom. The LawFire, 253:atom. It is the law of life. Second. The Law of Attraction is the primary law of man. The Law ofFire, 253:is the primary law of a Heavenly Man. The Law of Attraction has full sway. The Law of Economy isFire, 254:Law of Economy is transcended. [254] The Law of Attraction governs the material process of formFire, 257:His subjective life is governed by the Law of Attraction; His material form is governed by the LawFire, 258:the solar sphere of influence, or the magnetic attraction of the Sun to other lesser bodies whichFire, 275:law, which produces cyclic effect, is the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of which the subsidiaryFire, 275:form is stronger than that of Spirit, we have attraction between forms. When the note sounded byFire, 275:of the three worlds. The period of the attraction of Spirit and Spirit, and the consequentFire, 276:The note of the Sun, for instance, holds in just attraction the circling spheres, the planets. TheFire, 276:nevertheless, it may be posited that the Law of Attraction is the demonstration of the powers ofFire, 279:through successive states of repulsion and attraction. In this last definition lies the key to the
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