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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTRACTS

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Astrology, 49:of the logoic permanent atom (on the plane adi) attracts to itself in the building of the divineAstrology, 140:becomes magnetic in a different manner, and so attracts to itself energies of a higher and moreAstrology, 156:Shamballa; the loving desire of the Son which attracts to the Hierarchy; and the permeating,Astrology, 171:is the outgoing expression of love, which attracts magnetically to itself that which is desired -Astrology, 338:ruler or dictator. Virgo-Pisces Virgin matter attracts the soul and the divine Mother becomes moreAstrology, 437:of forces which, playing on Triangle Three, attracts out of it those units of energy which (as aAtom, 146:you like to call it such), which draws them, or attracts them to itself, and builds out of them aAutobiography, 271:radiatory and dynamic and, therefore, he attracts to him those whom he can help, gathering themDiscipleship1, 9:group consciousness. Only that, for instance, attracts my attention which brings more spiritualDiscipleship1, 511:when he does not know how to handle it) that he attracts, consolidates and precipitates uponDiscipleship1, 696:power of his focused and directed thought, he attracts to him those whose type of mind synchronizesDiscipleship1, 714:vortex of force in the group aura. This attracts hierarchical attention. The next point is not soDiscipleship2, 445:magnetic will of the third ray ego which draws, attracts, manipulates and arranges in accordanceDiscipleship2, 560:only so, but the magnetic-radiatory vibration attracts the attention of the Master, and theFire, 197:with in this treatise. The latent fire of matter attracts to itself that fire, latent in otherFire, 276:the Law of Repulsion governs the form. Spirit attracts Spirit throughout the greater cycle. InFire, 276:cycle. In lesser cycles, Spirit temporarily attracts matter. The tendency of Spirit is to merge andFire, 279:of activity of other atoms. These it either attracts and swings into its own field of operation, orFire, 427:affirms and next denies, acts and reacts, now attracts and then repels, begins with craving for,Fire, 516:which gathers [516] substance into form, and attracts matter for purposes of objectivity. TheFire, 528:or maya which temporarily blazes forth, and attracts attention, creating the impression that matterFire, 780:The second group, being the positive energy that attracts, builds and forms the body of man on theFire, 816:working upon the substance of the lotus, attracts to itself sufficient of that substance to formFire, 994:and delaying his progress. Incidentally also, he attracts the attention of those masters of theFire, 1001:in the occult sense, visually objective, and attracts the attention of the lesser builders throughFire, 1035:that of his "Father in Heaven." The Angel first attracts animal man; cyclically He actuates theFire, 1084:within spheres. Each pursues his course and attracts or rejects his brother, and yet cannot escapeFire, 1180:the physical permanent atom; it, therefore, attracts, and holds attracted, all within its sphere ofFire, 1190:449; II, 223) This quality of Theirs necessarily attracts to Them that which They need for the dueFire, 1207:of the logoic permanent atom (on the plane adi) attracts to itself in the building of the divineFire, 1253:for Planetary Logoi This path is one that attracts to itself only a few comparatively of the sonsGlamour, 52:in him. He talks about himself; he gestures and attracts notice, demanding recognition. As he doesHealing, 100:or the healing group, does two things: He attracts to the healing center that type of energy whichHealing, 100:section entitled The Seven Modes of Healing. He attracts to himself and absorbs those forces whichHealing, 130:activity, through the medium of some center, attracts attention and the disciple becomes the victimHealing, 492:It is this seed which - through the forces it attracts - brings the man again into relation withHealing, 513:is [513] irritation. The personality no longer attracts attention; friction therefore ceases, andHercules, 46:the symbolical and the astronomical sense it attracts. We have seen that in this sign are to beHercules, Note t:the outer form and in the glamor which the soul attracts around itself. It should be rememberedIntellect, 224:mind sets up a certain rate of vibration, which attracts to itself a corresponding grade of mentalMagic, 36:and matter) which feels, registers awareness, attracts and repels, responds or denies response andMagic, 50:is the play of these two forces on matter that attracts to the etheric body of all forms the neededMagic, 61:he looks forward he sees a distant light which attracts him, but he cannot as yet see that whichMagic, 81:besides his own Hierarchy). Mind separates; love attracts. Mind creates a barrier betwixt a man andMagic, 121:the utilizer of the energies of the cosmos. Love attracts, but the mind attracts, repels andMagic, 121:of the cosmos. Love attracts, but the mind attracts, repels and coordinates, so that its potency isMagic, 146:produces response in matter, and therefore attracts or calls together the atoms out of whichMagic, 228:aware of the dark. Through the good which attracts him, he sees the evil which is for him the lineMagic, 229:and has besides a potency all its own whereby it attracts and develops its [230] own sign language,Magic, 319:to any life in any form, and he therefore attracts to himself only that which is beneficent. HeMeditation, 27:at infinite cost, the necessary channel. He attracts the attention of the Teachers. [28] In whatMeditation, 56:third. It is the note of the Logos. Each breath attracts to the Logos for purposes ofMeditation, 56:manifest or to come into incarnation. The note attracts around the permanent atoms or nucleiMeditation, 66:in, stabilizes the lower concrete mind. It attracts the attention of certain of the devas or angelsMeditation, 79:the unification of the higher and lower, and it attracts the spiritual life itself. When this isMeditation, 131:an instrument of the White Brotherhood that he attracts the attention of those who seek toMeditation, 341:before the genius, and before the man who attracts more notice. The capacity to plod is much to bePatanjali, 49:He is at the center and the periphery no longer attracts him. The longing for experience, thePatanjali, 128:of this sutra is the first thing which attracts one's attention. It carries one in thought to thePatanjali, 205:the magnetic vehicle on the physical plane and attracts (according to its own nature andPsychology1, 158:rays determines the outer phenomenal appearance, attracts the unity of life into one or other ofPsychology1, 219:the magnetic quality of the etheric body which attracts to itself the minerals needed for thisPsychology1, 243:and can either [243] delight or repel. It attracts and constitutes part of the aroma of thisPsychology1, 337:can be sensed. Love or attractive desire then attracts to itself that which it feels it needs, butPsychology1, 339:the tangible into that of the intangible. As he attracts, or is attracted by, the life of hisPsychology1, 393:the nation and its love of possessions which it attracts to itself through the misuse of the law ofPsychology2, 45:Presence draws the wanderer to him. Love divine attracts the seeker on the Way. The point ofPsychology2, 139:intuition tells him that what the Group, which attracts him, accepts as its immediate work is forPsychology2, 290:The soul builds a body of mental substance or attracts to it that particular type [291] of mentalPsychology2, 439:recognized, and the higher of these constantly attracts him. When, for instance, the gap betweenPsychology2, 466:The way of life of the soul has gripped and attracts him. But his nature, his environment, hisPsychology2, 551:activity of the heart center as it Magnetically attracts the energies out of the solar plexus,Rays, 670:that center becomes automatically magnetic and attracts the forces of the sacral center upwardRays, 736:the sensitivity which moves outward until it attracts and draws to itself those forms of beingSoul, 86:by an ineffable and inscrutable process attracts through the pineal gland the spiritual and lifeSoul, 140:Oriental books put it) in the head, it attracts upward to itself, through the power of itsTelepathy, 25:force of love with its negative quality which Attracts the needed material with which to clothe theTelepathy, 95:a magnet for spiritual ideas and concepts; he attracts into his field of consciousness the outline,
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