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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTRIBUTE

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Astrology, 37:to the four rays which work as minor rays of Attribute under the great major third Ray of ActiveAstrology, 303:interpreted, when clairvoyance is a normal attribute of average man. Then the focus of theAstrology, 425:in some already present but unrealized divine attribute, for which we have as yet no name. All thatAstrology, 631:embody the entire story; the minor Rays of Attribute contribute the detail in process andBethlehem, 24:often confused with each other. Pure love is an attribute of the soul and is all-inclusive, and itBethlehem, 24:and thus is expressed that love which is the attribute of Deity and also the hidden attribute ofBethlehem, 24:is the attribute of Deity and also the hidden attribute of every son of God. Sentiment is emotionalBethlehem, 120:manner, most definitely limits divinity to an attribute of itself. When we live as souls, when ourBethlehem, 277:can be known by the sense of value, by the attribute of light, and by the nature of its love andBethlehem, 278:must become ethical. "Only when we are able to attribute a real meaning to the world and to lifeDestiny, 28:at this time, two minor rays (which are rays of attribute) affecting powerfully the [29] destiny ofDestiny, 32:and the time equation of the minor rays of attribute will be established but that time is not yet,Destiny, 110:the new ways of discipline and of training, of attribute and quality, and of method and objectives.Discipleship1, 254:- it also swings into action another second ray attribute, thus aiding in the work of "sweetening"Discipleship1, 352:you need to understand wherein you lack certain attribute necessary to achievement. You possessDiscipleship1, 357:that because one does embody some divine attribute in some measure - large or small - one can actDiscipleship1, 380:your rays are major rays of aspect. The rays of attribute are lacking and hence your problem andDiscipleship1, 423:soul life, aspiration and nature (whose major attribute is love) and the personality life,Discipleship1, 423:life, aspiration and nature (whose major attribute is intelligence). The unfolding of the unitedDiscipleship1, 573:in your life. Relaxation is for you a needed attribute, but it has to be achieved through anDiscipleship2, 46:no commendation is required, for it is a human attribute lying very near the surface of expressionDiscipleship2, 158:of all things. The term "soul," with its major attribute of enlightenment, includes the animaDiscipleship2, 383:Ashram of a Master who is on one of the Rays of Attribute, the task of that Master is to prepareDiscipleship2, 385:Plan warmth, its magnetic appeal, and the major attribute of healing. It might be said that theDiscipleship2, 522:you earlier that simplification was a needed attribute for you. You have also been sorely tested inDiscipleship2, 689:divine quality, to move some latent spiritual attribute into a more prominent position in yourEducation, 21:of the soul in manifestation, are: 4. The attribute of harmony, produced through conflict. ThisEducation, 21:as personality and group objectives. It is the attribute latent in all forms and is that innateEducation, 21:themselves and work intelligently. 5. The attribute of concrete knowledge whereby man is enabled toEducation, 22:from the control of his lower nature. 6. The attribute of devotion is the next to be considered.Education, 23:non-essential to the essential. 7. Finally the attribute of order, and the imposition of anEducation, 23:directed purpose and ritual. This particular attribute of divinity is now highly developed in oneEducation, 23:will have to work with this principle of innate attribute and this instinct to ordered rhythm,Education, 97:with group purposes and plans is the natural attribute of the soul. As this identification isExternalisation, 207:past impossible in the future. One basic divine attribute is not yet as strong as it should be inExternalisation, 207:yet as strong as it should be in humanity - the attribute of forgiveness. It is still associatedExternalisation, 286:from The Voice of the Silence: Compassion is no attribute. It is the Law of Laws - eternal Harmony,Externalisation, 515:in which unselfishness is regarded as the attribute of a fool, and in which love is exploited inExternalisation, 669:and is in control, therefore, of the two Rays of Attribute mentioned above, He does not HimselfExternalisation, 669:of the Ray of Will, but that goodwill is an attribute of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, thusFire, 361:concerned therefore with the development of one attribute of manas. Each of the four minor Rays is,Fire, 409:This is above all the peculiar and perfected attribute of the fifth principle. Capacity to cohere.Fire, 423:subject is too vast. Let us now take the third attribute of manas and its future demonstration. c.Fire, 423:c. Adaptability This is, as we know, the prime attribute ascribed to the third Ray, or the BrahmaFire, 423:fundamentally it may be considered as the attribute of intelligence which adapts the matter aspectFire, 423:this line. Consequently the four lesser Rays of Attribute which are synthesized into the third RayFire, 424:and the entire fifth round these four rays of attribute will circulate into and out of powerFire, 428:Adaptability or active intelligence 1. Rays of Attribute: 4. Harmony, Beauty or Art 2. 5. ConcreteFire, 1194:universal consciousness, or soul devoid of every attribute. Once a Dharmakaya, an Adept or BuddhaFire, 1236:Seven Rays Three Rays of Aspect. Four Rays of Attribute. I. Will or Power II. Love-Wisdom III.Fire, 1245:stay upon this Path are distinguished by a dual attribute, which is their guarantee of attainmentFire, 1262:specific direction. Their main characteristic or attribute may be described as a sense of cosmicGlamour, 62:his achievement in a personal way [62] and attribute the idea to his own wisdom and power. You willHealing, 278:schools upon the failures to cure, which they attribute to wrong methods and fail to allow forHealing, 351:factor in man, is no longer the dominant attribute; the mind, as the agent of the soul (whoseHealing, 449:the form takes place. Quality, the major divine attribute being developed in this planet, becomesInitiation, 47:divisions follow those of the four minor rays of attribute: The ray of harmony or beauty. The rayInitiation, 107:or other of the four lesser rays, the rays of attribute. For the major initiations on one or otherInitiation, 224:the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows: Rays of Aspect: The Ray ofInitiation, 224:The Ray of Activity or Adaptability. Rays of Attribute: The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity.Intellect, 102:advance; and thirdly, as a psychical attribute that pervades all natural events in universalMagic, 41:of dynamic energy which is the manifested attribute of the monad, the will. When the soul hasMeditation, 235:after virtue, and in the building-in of Godlike attribute, comes response to those forces and aMeditation, 358:the three Rays of Aspect and the four Rays of Attribute, as follows: Rays of Aspect: The Ray ofMeditation, 359:Ray of Activity or Adaptability. [359] Rays of Attribute: The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, orPatanjali, 148:generally it might be said that: [148] The attribute of inertia (or tamas) characterizes the lowerPatanjali, 148:the sheaths of the threefold lower man. The attribute of activity is the prime characteristic ofPatanjali, 148:experience and later, as he seeks to serve. The attribute of rhythm, or balance, is the quality ofPatanjali, 148:(in relation to man) it can be noted that: The attribute of balance or rhythm distinguishes thePatanjali, 351:(this is covered above) as upon the peculiar attribute of the sense and of that to which it givesProblems, 150:and responsive evocation - another divine attribute or principle, the principle of love. These twoPsychology1, 43:Indications of this can be dimly sensed and the attribute of this growing awareness can be noted inPsychology1, 70:Questions and their Answers B. The Four Rays of Attribute The Fourth Purpose of Deity Ray IV.Psychology1, 158:Aspect, the three major rays. Group II - Rays of Attribute, the four minor rays. The three greatPsychology1, 158:form is imbued with that inner evolutionary attribute which must eventually sweep it into line withPsychology1, 162:case they lose nothing. [162] The four rays of attribute, which find their synthesis in the thirdPsychology1, 162:Idols Physical body Form. The rays of attribute, though expressing themselves equally on all thePsychology1, 162:In relation to mankind, these four rays of attribute find a wide expression in connection with thePsychology1, 351:- Rays 1. 2. 3. The major rays. The Rays of Attribute - Rays 4. 5. 6. 7. The minor rays. ThePsychology1, 351:of aspect have longer cycles than the rays of attribute, and their measure is occultly slow,Psychology1, 352:- their momentum steadily increases. The rays of attribute have briefer cycles, and produce aPsychology1, 352:purpose of the incarnating Logos. The rays of attribute can equally be regarded as embodying thePsychology1, 352:of the solar Logos, whilst the four rays of attribute embody His personality aspect. NeverthelessPsychology1, 353:primarily the unfolding of the Plan. The rays of attribute produce the unfolding of the qualitiesPsychology1, 421:Understanding of God. The Rays of Aspect and of Attribute The four rays of attribute, which findPsychology1, 421:Rays of Aspect and of Attribute The four rays of attribute, which find their synthesis in the thirdPsychology1, 422:Idols Physical Body Form. The rays of attribute, though expressing themselves equally on all thePsychology1, 422:In relation to mankind, these four rays of attribute find a wide expression in connection with thePsychology2, 233:to its immediacy and potency. It is this divine attribute in man which makes his physical body anPsychology2, 234:Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control Being an attribute of Deity, and being a divine instinct and,Psychology2, 237:The imposition of a sensed, divine, psychical attribute upon the form life (with its own psychicalPsychology2, 240:of God to persist and "to remain." It is an attribute of the cosmic Ray of Love as are all thePsychology2, 280:it is the energy of the four minor Rays of Attribute which produce the power to make the neededPsychology2, 396:the significance and meaning of the word "attribute". This third ray meditation concerns itselfPsychology2, 397:the mystery. The four minor rays, or rays of attribute, are concerned with the attributes which arePsychology2, 398:to the word Love. Love is such a presented attribute, and it took a great Avatar, such as thePsychology2, 398:has taken two thousand years for this presented attribute to take even the form it has in thePsychology2, 398:of the Personality Love is the presented attribute which is at this time working intoPsychology2, 399:are focal points through which a new presented attribute can emerge as a thought form, and,Psychology2, 399:thinkers. These Avatars are possessed by the attribute; They intelligently comprehend it and are
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