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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ATTRIBUTES

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Astrology, 274:Vulcan. You can realize that these are first ray attributes and are the reverse side of thoseAstrology, 275:Mass existence, as in Cancer. Of all these attributes or conditions of the feminine pole inAstrology, 371:attempt to express one of the major underlying attributes and fundamental causes (man scarcelyAstrology, 505:so would a discussion of these unknown divine attributes be equally meaningless to you. All thatAstrology, 667:The Secret Doctrine "Pluto is a deity with the attributes of the serpent. He is a healer, a giverAtom, 82:the completion of this sphere Of life: whose attributes had here and there Been scattered o'er theAtom, 85:in himself. He is the totality of the divine attributes, though as yet they are largely embryonic,Bethlehem, 39:the completion of this sphere Of life: whose attributes had here and there Been scattered o'er theDestiny, 38:of God presented diverse divine qualities and attributes, but in three of them a certain perfectionDestiny, 38:not yet having developed to perfection all the attributes of divinity; the Christ, the absolutelyDestiny, 41:be here remembered that there are divine [41] attributes and ray characteristics which haveDestiny, 41:preparing Themselves to register these divine attributes and consciously to merge Themselves in aDestiny, 111:the time and age. He demonstrated certain divine attributes and concepts which it was necessary toDestiny, 136:look for a fuller expression of the first ray attributes and happenings than would otherwise be theDiscipleship1, 221:appearance," an over-balance of the first ray attributes. Your personality ray, your mind ray, andDiscipleship1, 255:that the rays themselves have their secondary attributes and just as the sixth ray - expressed inDiscipleship1, 352:strongly to consider the nature, qualities and attributes of the rays which were lacking in yourDiscipleship1, 447:That is good. The transmuted, reoriented, higher attributes of those qualities should be your goal.Discipleship1, 485:it is oft difficult to emerge. Your fourth ray attributes connect you closely to several of yourDiscipleship1, 659:are not complicated by any of the subsidiary attributes, such as 3.5.7. It is not so difficult forDiscipleship1, 666:of balancing this preponderance of second ray attributes, qualities and rhythm. Your rays,Discipleship2, 160:concerned in this invocation, bringing in the attributes of instinct, intelligence and intuition.Discipleship2, 333:conscious of the failings and the personality attributes of others than are the more advancedDiscipleship2, 579:nature makes the first possible, your first ray attributes aid in the second. Your major emphasisDiscipleship2, 607:application to the work to be done are great attributes, and speaking esoterically, both I and yourEducation, xii:unfolding steadily and sequentially the divine attributes and aspects. [2] The three points of ourEducation, 19:of awareness, plus the evocation of soul attributes and aspects upon the physical plane through theEducation, 21:and objectives. Thus we come to the world of attributes which supplement the activity of the threeEducation, 21:the eventual power to create. This is one of the attributes which education should deal with fromEducation, 24:touched upon the [24] equipment (aspects and attributes) which is found, in some stage ofEducation, 24:are tinged and qualified by distinctive divine attributes, and that each human being therefore canEducation, 28:to identify himself with the inner qualities and attributes. He lives first the life of dreams, andEducation, 81:his inherent tendencies, his racial and national attributes, and then endeavor to add to these thatEducation, 136:expediency and the desire for improved racial attributes and physical perfection. The right form ofExternalisation, 125:the group of which he is a part. These are all attributes and qualities of free will but not theExternalisation, 162:He then focused in Himself the two major divine attributes and aspects - will and loveExternalisation, 262:and unknown spiritual Forces. There are divine attributes, divine qualities and divine potenciesExternalisation, 411:Light, wisdom, reason, as divine yet human attributes, were focused in the Buddha. He proved theExternalisation, 421:vital importance. They will establish the divine attributes in the consciousness of man, just asExternalisation, 515:public must be familiarized with Their names and attributes, with Their work and purpose, and menFire, 38:attributeless yet ensouling and underlying all attributes. Here, the epithet Ishvara indicates theFire, 49:the Hindu the Saguna Brahman - the Eternal with attributes - the Pratyag-Atma - the Inner Self; byFire, 365:the manasic flame, and developing [365] the attributes of manas, so that the Atlantean root-raceFire, 468:always that the devas are the qualities and attributes of matter, the active builders, who workFire, 502:levels play upon groups, fostering certain attributes for which we have, as yet, no terminology.Fire, 594:through the abstract rays in developing the attributes of divinity, in evolving to fullest measureFire, 652:the completion of this sphere Of life: whose attributes had here and there Been scattered o'er theFire, 663:while the conscious deva units embody the divine attributes. The two, blended together, form theFire, 667:of divinity. The devas are demonstrating the attributes of divinity. Man is evolving the innerFire, 775:spirit, God." - S. D., I, 267. From the combined attributes of these, Manu, the Thinker, is formed.Fire, 781:it has possessed, and possession of the varying attributes of consciousness from that of the atomFire, 984:science which leads to a participation in the attributes of divinity itself. - Isis Unveiled, I,Fire, 1013:energy, and becomes an expression of the divine attributes. Objectivity may then ensue as aFire, 1125:the confines of our solar system, and give them attributes and capacities which prove a menace toFire, 1156:four, which are related to the four Rays of Attributes, or the four minor rays, and are, therefore,Fire, 1192:That these qualities are the sumtotal of the attributes of divinity which the indwelling life hasFire, 1236:idea which is possessed of quality and attributes and a form through which it seeks expression.Fire, 1241:is known by its quality, its color, and its attributes; he has expanded his consciousness untilFire, 1241:made a part of his own conscious ensemble those attributes and qualities. But the pulsating dynamicFire, 1247:found suggestive: [1247] PATH I. EARTH SERVICE Attributes - Wise-compassion. Source - ConstellationFire, 1251:Path VII, that of "Absolute Sonship." [1251] The attributes which the adept on this path has toFire, 1251:that there will be found coupled with these two attributes an ability to "see the dancing of theFire, 1252:rosy hue. PATH II. PATH OF MAGNETIC WORK Attributes - Responsiveness to heat and knowledge ofFire, 1253:in so far as they form a part of a whole. The attributes which predispose a man for the work ofFire, 1257:III. THE PATH OF TRAINING FOR PLANETARY LOGOI Attributes - cosmic vision, deva hearing and psychicFire, 1259:name. Cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss are the attributes of the fourth path. It is a form ofFire, 1260:planetary Logos. PATH IV. THE PATH TO SIRIUS Attributes - cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss. SourceFire, 1262:who pass upon the Ray Path have to possess attributes which make them exceedingly responsive toFire, 1264:convey the necessary idea. PATH V. THE RAY PATH Attributes - A sense of cosmic direction. Source -Glamour, 132:equally important ideas of evolution, of racial attributes, and of national and religiousGlamour, 163:and slowly producing on a planetary scale those attributes and conditions which will eventuallyHealing, 143:the correspondence also to the four divine attributes as well as to the three divine aspects. [144]Healing, 144:through the "Gate of Capricorn." These four attributes and the three aspects of matter, plus theirHealing, 150:then be spiritually diagnosed. Its aspects and attributes, its forces and energies, can beHealing, 674:by the Hierarchy. All three of these divine attributes are, in some measure, essential in theHercules, 101:combined within themselves, therefore, the dual attributes of the universe, the spiritual andInitiation, 22:Logos becomes his. The fostering of the various attributes of divinity, the tending of the seed ofInitiation, 47:intelligence, or adaptability. The four rays or attributes of mind, with the third ray ofInitiation, 185:to the significance of these paths, or as to the attributes needed for their treading. As timeInitiation, 205:through the medium of the physical body, the attributes of divinity, and every center will beIntellect, 57:the form, gives it its peculiar qualities and attributes, impresses upon it its desires and,Intellect, 80:his creation, the human being, and lift all his attributes and aspects into heaven. ThroughMagic, 48:certain experiences, resulting in acquired attributes. Working out certain effects, initiated in anMagic, 393:nature as are any of the human instinctual attributes. The focus of the Eternal Attention (if I mayMagic, 632:a lower level, of working with their kind. Their attributes and qualities bring to them those whoMeditation, 14:the temperament of the pupil, and having certain attributes that make that particular meditationMeditation, 150:point. He concentrates on abstractions, on attributes more than on aspects, and on the life sideMeditation, 238:of divinity demonstrating as the many attributes of [239] the divine; it is the one lifeMeditation, 239:by reason of experience. Not potential are these attributes divine, but developed into powers forMeditation, 251:Only as the race develops the dynamic powers and attributes of thought - which powers are thePatanjali, 155:the gunas or qualities (the sum total of the attributes or aspects of the substance of our solarPatanjali, 156:substance, or of the universal mind, The attributes of force-matter, The three potencies. ThesePatanjali, 234:meditation upon their nature, peculiar attributes, egoism, pervasiveness and useful purpose. 48. AsPatanjali, 350:meditation upon their nature, peculiar attributes, egoism, pervasiveness and useful purpose. SutraPatanjali, 351:and not simply blindly. 2. Their peculiar attributes. He studies then the quality of the senses,Problems, 52:his inherent tendencies, his racial and national attributes and then endeavor to add to these thatProblems, 142:unfolding steadily and sequentially the divine attributes and aspects. This truth involvesProblems, 147:and of evolutionary unfoldment. In these divine attributes (for that is [148] what they are) allProblems, 151:One". Light, wisdom, reason, as divine yet human attributes, were focused in the Buddha. HePsychology1, 47:Activity. This is the third of the divine attributes and completes, if I may so express it, the
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