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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AUGEAS

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Hercules, 180:and help them make it grow. Direct your steps to Augeas whose kingdom must be cleansed of ancientHercules, 180:Hercules through Gate the eleventh in search of Augeas the king. When Hercules approached the realmHercules, 180:king. When Hercules approached the realm where Augeas was the ruler, a horrid stench that made himHercules, 180:his nostrils. For years, he learned, King Augeas had never cleared away the dung his cattle leftHercules, 181:To the palace then went Hercules and sought out Augeas. formed that Hercules would cleanse theHercules, 181:that Hercules would cleanse the stenchy stables, Augeas displayed distrust and disbelief. "You sayHercules, 181:waters through the dung-filled stables of King Augeas. The rushing torrents swept away theHercules, 181:quite satisfied with this result, returned to Augeas, the latter scowled. "You have succeeded by aHercules, 181:scowled. "You have succeeded by a trick," King Augeas cried out in rage. "The rivers did the work,Hercules, 190:(Interpolated) Interpretation of the Test Augeas, the son of Neptune, the god of the waters and theHercules, 191:Very pleased with himself Hercules rushed off to Augeas and shouted, "I have cleaned the stables.Hercules, 191:They are perfectly clean." And we read that Augeas turned his back on him, refused to recognizeHercules, 191:am one of the herd animals that has been kept by Augeas, and the stables in which the animals dwelt
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