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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AUGUST

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Discipleship2, 721:II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D. August 1946 MY BROTHER: In my last instruction toDiscipleship2, 732:- Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K. August 1946 BROTHER OF OLD: This is but a partingDiscipleship2, 735:II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. August 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: I would ask youDiscipleship2, 738:II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. August 1942 Shift your consciousness into theDiscipleship2, 745:II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. August 1946 MY DISCIPLE: You are of those in thisDiscipleship2, 751:II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. August 1940 There are within you at this time, myDiscipleship2, 755:II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. August 1942 Be not afraid of loneliness. The soulDiscipleship2, 762:II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. August 1946 MY DISCIPLE: I would have you note theDiscipleship2, 767:sons of men, who are the Sons of God. Before the august Presence, all pain shall disappear; sorrowExternalisation, 83:Conflict between Forces of Ancient Origin August 1939 I have already written anent the fivefoldExternalisation, 313:Evolutionary Process The Work of Reconstruction August 1941 As I have studied the world disciplesExternalisation, 318:Process The Eight Points of the Atlantic Charter August 14, 1941 The President of the United StatesExternalisation, 364:Process The Interlude between War and Peace August 1942 There is an insistent demand from the manyExternalisation, 491:Process The Release of Atomic Energy August 9, 1945 I would like at this time to touch upon theExternalisation, 491:energy, as related in the newspapers this week, August 6, 1945, in connection with the bombing ofExternalisation, 558:Mode of Approach Toward Externalization (August 1946) One of the most important things emergingFire, 652:told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types Of a dimHercules, 95:The Slaying of the Nemean Lion (Leo, July 22nd- August 21st) The Myth The great Presiding One satHercules, 112:LABOR VI Seizing the Girdle of Hippolyte (Virgo, August 22nd - September 21st) [From now on theHercules, 116:which are many, and the Tibetan adds these august and arresting words: "Under the will of Deity andHercules, 221:the Assumption of the Virgin, celebrated on August 15th, and the Birth of the Virgin on SeptemberHercules, 221:Each year the sun enters the sign Virgo around August 15th and the stars of which it is composedHercules, 221:the time of the ancient picturing of the Zodiac, August 15th would see the actual disappearance ofHercules, 226:and utilized. Thus equipped, in Leo (July 22 - August 21, the Lion), he undertakes the best knownHercules, 227:those of Aquarius and Pisces. [227] In Virgo (August 22 - September 21, the Virgin), therefore, theInitiation, 142:is concerned and in which he realizes his own august Self, the Presence and sees the vision and theMagic, 437:not in Leo, for instance, during the month of August. The correct interpretation therefore of aMeditation, 114:Dangers attendant on Group Affiliations August 2, 1920 Very briefly would I seek this morning toMeditation, 120:in Meditation Dangers arising from Subtle Forces August 3, 1920 ... We have for our topic thisMeditation, 130:in Meditation Danger from the Dark Brothers August 4, 1920 I think I gave you earlier practicallyMeditation, 139:Form in Meditation THE USE OF FORM IN MEDITATION August 6, 1920 The Use of Form in raising theMeditation, 147:2. Form as used by the Occultist and the Mystic August 8, 1920 The subject of this letter todayMeditation, 151:- The Use of Form in Meditation The Occult Form August 10, 1920 We studied, two days ago, theMeditation, 154:- Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation August 11, 1920 ...Periods of physical weakness are ofMeditation, 162:VI - The Use of Form in Meditation Mantric Forms August 20, 1920 We must today continue theMeditation, 166:Forms used in one of the Three Departments August 13th, 1920 The interest of what I have toMeditation, 168:Form in Meditation The Three Lines of Approach August 14th, 1920 As you will note (in continuationMeditation, 173:Forms used in calling Devas and Elementals August 14th, 1920 In taking up the two points that youMeditation, 179:of Form in Meditation The Comprehension of Force August 17th, 1920 ...The tension today is great,Meditation, 183:in Meditation Mantric Forms connected with Fire August 19th, 1920 Perhaps it would be of value if IMeditation, 190:in Meditation 4. The Use of Form Collectively August 21, 1920 We come now to the last division ofMeditation, 196:The Use of Rhythm Collectively in Meditation August 22, 1920 Rhythm might be expressed as thatMeditation, 203:of Color and Sound THE USE OF COLOR AND SOUND August 27th, 1920 Enumeration of the colors and someMeditation, 210:Use of Color and Sound Enumeration of the Colors August 29th, 1920 Tonight we must continue ourMeditation, 215:- Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound August 31st, 1920 In continuing our study of color andRays, 8:powerful and the solar Lord correspondingly less august. Two: the man will find himself surroundedRays, 58:Later, much later, he participates at that august recognition which comes when the Voice issuesRays, 381:distort the truth, just as had the Christ, Their august Head today. The truth was far otherwise.Soul, 153:told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types Of a dim
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