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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AUNT

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Autobiography, 17:He had a large family. His eldest daughter, my aunt Dora, married Brian Barttelot, brother of SirAutobiography, 17:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter I Another aunt, Margaret Maxwell, has perhaps meant more to me thanAutobiography, 28:for us, close to the larger one of an uncle and aunt. There we had French teachers as well as aAutobiography, 28:done in French. The summers we spent in another aunt's house in the south of Scotland, going backAutobiography, 29:this feeling of confidence. One of these was my aunt, Mrs. Maxwell, of Castramont, of whom I haveAutobiography, 31:I want to go on record that she and my aunt, Margaret, gave me something of such true spiritualAutobiography, 31:and equipment, but sound and sweet. My aunt was exceedingly beautiful, well-known for herAutobiography, 33:souls of strangers. Apart from the fact that my aunt and my governess were religious people, whatAutobiography, 34:not in Scotland and under the influence of my aunt) to the other. I was torn between the beautiesAutobiography, 35:to an abnormal degree. I was stopping with my Aunt Margaret at Castramont, in Kirkcudbrightshire,Autobiography, 41:of the heads of the organization, because my aunt was the president. I spent much time visiting atAutobiography, 53:and wondered and talked it over with my aunt, and she also hesitated and wondered. Girls of myAutobiography, 63:road. You can, perhaps, picture the horror of my aunt if she had ever seen this erratic progress,Autobiography, 64:do things correctly and at least be polite. My aunt, Mrs. Clare Parsons, wrote that she approved ifAutobiography, 65:do, I sent for another outfit. My sister and aunt saw me off at Tilbury Docks and I must admit thatAutobiography, 81:Years ago, when I was in my early 'teens, my aunt in Scotland had a cook called Jessie Duncan. WeAutobiography, 96:The next day I went to Edinburgh to my beloved aunt, Margaret Maxwell. There my problems becameAutobiography, 96:him at once. So there I was, with a solicitous aunt, two extremely anxious co-workers and three menAutobiography, 96:and three men on my hands. I could talk to my aunt about Walter Evans and this I did, franklyAutobiography, 96:of Cardoness Castle and sister-in-law of the aunt with whom I was stopping. To me she was alwaysAutobiography, 96:with whom I was stopping. To me she was always "Aunt Alice" and I adored her for there was noAutobiography, 97:under her skillful handling and went back to my aunt feeling better. In a few days' time I wentAutobiography, 97:friends and so I just waited. In the meantime "Aunt Alice" got in touch with Walter Evans. His timeAutobiography, 99:all the time. So I went up to Castramont to my Aunt Margaret, back to the old bedroom that I hadAutobiography, 101:Walter Evans could not touch, had he wanted to. "Aunt Alice" sent him the money to outfit himselfAutobiography, 101:Scotland to fetch me. I was then living with my aunt, Mrs. Maxwell, of Castramont. I was married inAutobiography, 155:mistake. This was the man who had walked into my aunt's drawing room, and it was not the Master
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