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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AURA

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Astrology, 638:man. [638] Each Hierarchy furnishes the aura of one of the seven principles in man with itsAstrology, 655:spleen. Surface radiation or emanation - Health aura. Movement produced - Atomic rotation.Discipleship1, 98:be warranted. You are still within my group aura, within my Ashram. Your position there isDiscipleship1, 101:all of you I say: My love surrounds you and the aura of the Ashram of which I am the center standsDiscipleship1, 143:have reached upon the Path of Discipleship. Your aura requires sealing (if I may use so unusual aDiscipleship1, 182:benediction to others, and as vital life in your aura and physical presence. Sound the O.M. againDiscipleship1, 201:produces an outer swirl of forces in your aura wherein comes opportunity for your fourth ray mindDiscipleship1, 230:The intensification of the potency of your aura (your personality emanation) is most desirable forDiscipleship1, 230:desirable for it is through the right use of the aura that we stimulate others to renewed effort,Discipleship1, 263:you and you took it. I have sought within your aura for that with which I should deal and myDiscipleship1, 264:by intelligent love. Take them into your aura and hold them in the light. Note their increase ofDiscipleship1, 305:of a contact with me. Seek to sense my aura and to tune in on my group, of which you are a part.Discipleship1, 333:my prayer for you as I gather you closer into my aura. Discipleship1, 334:This can be the tuning in to the periphery of my aura, producing integration of your entireDiscipleship1, 371:and teacher. Disciples come definitely into the aura of the Hierarchy. You are a disciple.Discipleship1, 372:an hour at least) in the attempt to contact my aura and, through that, the aura of the Hierarchy.Discipleship1, 372:to contact my aura and, through that, the aura of the Hierarchy. The results of this effort shouldDiscipleship1, 386:main usefulness consists in the potency of your aura - that field of magnetic life which surroundsDiscipleship1, 386:unusual extent. Little is known as yet anent the aura. I would define it simply as the sumtotal ofDiscipleship1, 386:field of individual activity. It is through the aura that an individual effect makes itself felt inDiscipleship1, 386:must express itself through the medium of the aura. [387] Preserve your meditation as hitherto, butDiscipleship1, 387:rose. This will serve to stimulate the astral aura. This constitutes the third use or purpose ofDiscipleship1, 420:As I look at you, my brother, and study your aura, I ask myself, what are the two things which youDiscipleship1, 421:mind as you sound it, of a.The cleansing of the aura. b.The silencing of all discords. c.TheDiscipleship1, 476:or which surround you as a part of the group aura. Reflect on this and work at increasing yourDiscipleship1, 479:the past. I can look towards you and catch your aura with greater ease and with not too great aDiscipleship1, 480:you or spend some time within the radius of your aura as it would be for you to enter the sleepingDiscipleship1, 480:way for all of us is the way of sacrifice. Your aura is much clearer and the impediments to contactDiscipleship1, 502:beside you and that, at this time, my protecting aura reaches out to you. It enfolds you. The auraDiscipleship1, 502:aura reaches out to you. It enfolds you. The aura of protection with which those who are linked toDiscipleship1, 510:is real and there is much more light in your aura. One of the things which I seek to take up withDiscipleship1, 568:its strength and power. From its magnetic aura, my disciples and followers must free themselves,Discipleship1, 648:glamor with care, preparatory to clearing your aura for increased service. You must seek to walkDiscipleship1, 648:of the vision. It (the vision) evokes its own aura and its own atmosphere, and the disciple mustDiscipleship1, 673:this stage the chela is called "one within the aura." The stage wherein the chela can get hisDiscipleship1, 713:stage, the disciple is called a Chela within the aura. The stage wherein the disciple can get hisDiscipleship1, 714:sets up a veritable vortex of force in the group aura. This attracts hierarchical attention. TheDiscipleship1, 749:VIII PART VIII Stage V - The Chela within the Aura The definition, as given earlier by me, runs asDiscipleship1, 749:stage, the disciple is called a chela within the aura." It is a stage of discipleship which is farDiscipleship1, 750:to focus himself permanently within the group aura. This happens when he becomes conscious of theDiscipleship1, 750:peculiar and specific vibration of the Master's aura. Hence, as you can well see, the need forDiscipleship1, 750:is only permitted to dwell within the Master's aura when serenity has been substituted for peace.Discipleship1, 750:the chela has the right to live within the aura of the Master. There is nothing now in him whichDiscipleship1, 752:of the Ashram and becomes a chela within the aura. Discipleship1, 752:- The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part VIII The aura of any form of life can be defined as theDiscipleship1, 752:nonsense has been written anent the matter. The aura is usually spoken of in terms of color and ofDiscipleship1, 752:which is in use. Two words only describe an aura from the point of view of occult knowledge andDiscipleship1, 752:whereas there is no color present. Seeing an aura, as it is called, is in reality a state ofDiscipleship1, 753:of the Master, as expressed through his aura. The teaching that the personality must be destroyedDiscipleship1, 754:into that sphere of influence. That in his own aura which is akin to the quality of the Master'sDiscipleship1, 754:which is akin to the quality of the Master's aura is trained, intensified and purified. His ownDiscipleship1, 754:until in time he becomes the chela within the aura. In a faint way, his vibration and that of theDiscipleship1, 754:Ashram. Each disciple who penetrates into the aura of the Master through similarity of quality andDiscipleship1, 754:potent, magnetic and radiant. Within that aura the initiate-disciple carries forward his work,Discipleship1, 754:protect that center from any quality of his own aura which is not in harmony with the quality ofDiscipleship1, 754:or desires which might disturb the group aura. When he is admitted to this stage of discipleshipDiscipleship1, 755:Stages of Discipleship - Part VIII The Master's aura (which determines the aura of the entireDiscipleship1, 755:VIII The Master's aura (which determines the aura of the entire Ashram) has three outstandingDiscipleship1, 755:measure) he makes his first response to the aura of the Master. The distinction between the aura ofDiscipleship1, 755:aura of the Master. The distinction between the aura of the Master and the aura of the Ashram isDiscipleship1, 755:between the aura of the Master and the aura of the Ashram is that the Master's aura is dynamic andDiscipleship1, 755:and the aura of the Ashram is that the Master's aura is dynamic and the group aura is influential,Discipleship1, 755:that the Master's aura is dynamic and the group aura is influential, yet the two togetherDiscipleship1, 755:yet the two together constitute the group aura. When this initial response is made it resultsDiscipleship1, 755:in the disciple becoming the chela within the aura. The radiation which comes from the plane ofDiscipleship1, 756:the disciple and draws him finally within the aura is: The buddhic permanent atom, or theDiscipleship1, 756:is that which draws the disciple into his aura - not in this instance [757] the aura of the AshramDiscipleship1, 757:into his aura - not in this instance [757] the aura of the Ashram but of that which makes theDiscipleship1, 757:the Ashram but of that which makes the ashramic aura possible - the Life of the Master. OneDiscipleship1, 757:emanating factor, the radiatory influence or the aura, whereby the other kingdoms in nature areDiscipleship1, 757:upon the process whereby a chela within the aura can at will and for the meeting of some urgentDiscipleship1, 758:the theme of the chela within the Master's aura, we have seen that the true pledged disciple whoDiscipleship1, 758:wherein he consciously "knows" his Master's aura. Now that, my brothers, is a perfectly meaninglessDiscipleship1, 758:to play. He responds sensitively to the Master's aura not only upon the inner planes of life and inDiscipleship1, 759:with his physical brain. He moves within the aura in his daily physical plane life. This processDiscipleship1, 760:and, therefore, consciously aware of his aura have the right - I had almost said privilege - toDiscipleship1, 762:hierarchical energy as embodied in the Master's aura and from thence transmitted to the disciple.Discipleship1, 763:present the concept of response to the Master's aura) might be put as follows: The Master's aura.Discipleship1, 763:aura) might be put as follows: The Master's aura. The egoic lotus or soul body. The inflow ofDiscipleship1, 770:disciples and those who are consciously in his aura, know his plan, which is the Plan of theDiscipleship2, 10:gather the group of disciples as a whole into my aura and so gauge its general condition ofDiscipleship2, 35:more effective. Certain things anent the group aura, or rather anent its general characteristics,Discipleship2, 94:last who joined the group - are still within my aura or within the aura of the greater Ashram ofDiscipleship2, 94:group - are still within my aura or within the aura of the greater Ashram of the Master K.H., andDiscipleship2, 97:into my ashramic group and, therefore, into my aura for vitalizing, for training and forDiscipleship2, 105:quality can penetrate in the periphery or the aura of an Ashram. The planning and the assignment ofDiscipleship2, 143:of the 0M, with its power to clarify the aura and the atmosphere, and upon the processes to beDiscipleship2, 209:key statement that "all Lives upon or within the aura of the planetary Logos and of his manifestedDiscipleship2, 210:from Shamballa into the Hierarchy. Their united aura or area of influence and the extent of theirDiscipleship2, 210:and dynamic radiation correspond roughly to the aura of the planet itself; they contain (withinDiscipleship2, 300:supervises him; he surrounds him with the aura of his presence and the protection and [301]Discipleship2, 373:this generated energy are held steady within the aura of the Master or of a group of Masters. TheDiscipleship2, 406:by the potency and therefore by the aura and radiatory emanation of love, is definitely anchored onDiscipleship2, 407:The effect of this radiation or magnetic aura is now so extensive that we need no longer talk inDiscipleship2, 407:on Earth. It is already manifesting, and its aura is co-mingled with the mental, astral and ethericDiscipleship2, 413:was, speaking generally, beginning to flood the aura of the fourth kingdom in nature, and thatDiscipleship2, 414:therefore urged by ashramic activity and by the aura of the Ashram in which he is now permitted toDiscipleship2, 422:which will enable him to make his magnetic aura adequately inclusive and competent within the newDiscipleship2, 433:energies, transferred by the Initiator into the aura of the initiate, are precipitated by him. ThisDiscipleship2, 465:development which you had attained - the aura of his Ashram and the aura of mine would act as a
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