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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AURA

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Initiation, 28:and none of us can pass beyond the radius of his aura. He is the Great Sacrifice, who left theInitiation, 67:of the buddhic plane can be discerned in the aura of the Ego. When this is so they can go aheadInitiation, 104:life and energy. He holds the world within his aura. This great Existence is only contactedInitiation, 216:subplanes, and seven of these are atomic. Aura A subtle invisible essence or fluid which emanatesMagic, 104:find their microcosmic reflections in the aura of perfected man. First Ray - Monadic - SpiritualMagic, 162:creator. By multiplying so fast that the mental aura of the man becomes like unto a thick and denseMagic, 168:of admitting the aspirant within the group aura, and of blending his vibration with that of theMagic, 173:stage the disciple is called "one within the aura." The stage wherein the disciple can get hisMagic, 174:which few are prepared; to be drawn within His aura so that the disciple's aura forms an integralMagic, 174:be drawn within His aura so that the disciple's aura forms an integral part of the group auraMagic, 174:aura forms an integral part of the group aura presupposes a purity which few can cultivate; to haveMagic, 184:and the undesirable constituents of his own aura burst on his vision. The darkness which is in himMagic, 222:aspirant has to learn is to dissociate his own aura in the emotional sense from that of hisMagic, 449:which will detach the thought-form from his aura and so save the drain upon his energies. It willMagic, 473:the conscious work of building. See to thy aura, oh traveler on the way. Watch close the gates ofMagic, 484:so constructed will either remain in his own aura, or will find its way to a sensed objective. InMagic, 484:entirely surround him or constitute his mental aura, and will grow in strength as he pays itMagic, 484:thought-form will find its way into the mental aura of another human being, or into some group. YouMagic, 484:impulsive forms (found within the group aura) will coalesce with it, having the same vibratory rateMagic, 484:Then the same thing will take place in the group aura as has taken place within the individualMagic, 489:be potent enough to swing out of its creator's aura (very few thought-forms are), and find its goalMagic, 489:thought-forms are), and find its goal in another aura there to gather strength and so return fromMagic, 491:link which holds an embodied idea in his thought-aura. By detaching his mind from the idea, once heMagic, 570:it is constructed emanate: From the planetary aura. In this case it is planetary prana, and soMeditation, 89:thus affording them the protection of His aura and its stimulating vibration, and until such timeMeditation, 132:Ones. Another form is to throw into his mental aura suggestions and ideas purporting to come fromMeditation, 197:and causes these auras to form one united group aura, thereby permitting of the rhythmic flow ofMeditation, 198:for that power, and - passing it through His Aura - pours it out over mankind by means of theMeditation, 200:Who holds all within the circumference of His Aura knows the hour of opportunity, and knows too howMeditation, 233:you have been taught, the colors as seen in the aura of a savage and in those of the averageMeditation, 233:of a greater purity and clarity of hue in the aura of the race, which aura is composed of theMeditation, 233:clarity of hue in the aura of the race, which aura is composed of the composite auras of the unitsMeditation, 233:of the units of the race. For instance, the aura of the Atlantean root-race and that of the AryanMeditation, 259:Initiates whom he may contact in that Master's aura, till he finally contacts the One Initiator, isMeditation, Since:formed around a Master, are enclosed within His aura, and are a part of His consciousness. TheyMeditation, 270:the Master at all times, being kept within His aura. This involves the steady holding of a highMeditation, 271:forms part of the group enclosed in the Master's aura, he is kept on the periphery of that auraMeditation, 271:aura, he is kept on the periphery of that aura until he has learnt to throw off automatically, andMeditation, 271:thinks in group terms of service, gradually his aura takes on more and more the coloring of hisMeditation, 271:on more and more the coloring of his Master's aura, till he blends and has earned the right to beMeditation, 273:the fifth initiation he will enclose within his aura these groups and those on egoic levels who areMeditation, 274:to an attitude that places the pupil within the aura and close to the heart of his Teacher. TodayMeditation, 274:composed of a certain grade of matter, when the aura has attained a certain hue and when theMeditation, 278:the probationer within the periphery of His own aura. He becomes then an accepted disciple. [279] Meditation, 279:Himself, bringing him from the periphery of His aura to the center of His consciousness. He therebyMeditation, 280:through the protective effect of the Master's aura. Later, when himself an initiate, the pupil willMeditation, 351:subplanes, and seven of these are atomic. Aura A subtle invisible essence or fluid which emanatesPatanjali, 16:the retention of thought forms within the mental aura, through the use of the memory. Each of thesePatanjali, 68:eye which ultimately will reveal the health aura of all forms in the four kingdoms of nature, whichPatanjali, 220:come from various sources: From the planetary aura. In this case it is planetary prana, and soPatanjali, 221:his etheric body, to densify and irradiate his aura so as to produce certain magnetic results inPatanjali, 276:to dissociate that which pertains to his own aura and the aura of the planet (which is in actualityPatanjali, 276:that which pertains to his own aura and the aura of the planet (which is in actuality the akashicPatanjali, 278:images he becomes aware of are: Those in his aura at the time of his meditation, Those in hisPatanjali, 279:he can instantly see what he wants in any aura at any time. The subject of his investigation may bePatanjali, 286:seer becomes aware of the freedom of his [286] aura from "death producing" effects. He knows therePatanjali, 286:for the passing of the pilgrim. When within the aura of the pilgrim the many forms die out andPsychology1, 108:through being able to live within the Master's aura. But the Master is not concerned in thePsychology1, 108:degree who (living as they do in the thought aura of the Master and His group) are steadilyPsychology1, 121:upon the vegetable kingdom and upon the human aura. Yellow-orange shines forth in both. I mentionPsychology1, 233:perfume of perfection. The glory of the human aura. The radiant augoeides. Aspiration which leadsPsychology1, 237:that entity's basic quality or qualities, - the aura of that entity's personality. Two rays governPsychology1, 243:of this kingdom which is sensed in the planetary aura, though unrecognized as a whole by humanity.Psychology1, 424:perfume of perfection. The glory of the human aura. The radiant augoeides. Aspiration which leadsPsychology2, 66:vitalized, galvanized, and energized. The entire aura is coordinated and illumined, and the soulPsychology2, 134:for he sees no vision but his own, and the aura of criticism which surrounds him and the strenuousPsychology2, 139:in the world. This constitutes the magnetic aura of the New Group of World Servers. Each individualPsychology2, 568:thought forms or thought form to be found in the aura of the person in the audience or circle.Psychology2, 615:ideas, the group idealism, and to the group aura (with its outbreathing and its inbreathing and itsRays, 23:as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group. Rule XIII For Applicants: FourRays, 32:of any senior disciple into the periphery or aura of the aspirant or lesser disciple is - in itsRays, 94:of an over-shadowing Presence within Whose aura the planetary Logos will take His stand as theRays, 153:first upon the periphery of the hierarchical aura and later as a conscious, accepted and pledgedRays, 175:the first two initiations but Whose protective aura (in conjunction with the initiate's Master andRays, 181:will aspect, he learns to break loose from the aura of the deva evolution, and the major task ofRays, 196:independent of humanity; He was free from the aura of the human family and - again quoting the OldRays, 227:as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group. You will remember that the ruleRays, 233:will be the appearing of a symbol in the aura of the group - of the entire group. This will be aRays, 237:own way into freedom, and out of Pisces into the aura and the field of activity of Aquarius, guidedRays, 283:another cosmic level, but He is still within the aura of the One Life. Now the cosmic astral planeRays, 398:of the relationships which lie beyond the aura of our planet; this is, in reality, a higher andRays, 441:which is Shamballa" and its [441] sphere or aura of influence and "with the field of relationshipsRays, 480:triple construction of energy within their own aura of awareness and their area of influence, inRays, 492:Humanity - The three permanent atoms within the aura of the lotus. Students should also bear inRays, 545:and are thereby protected within the group aura from the tremendous potency of the Master'sRays, 654:by a quality of tranquility and by an aura of calm potency wherein the will of God (to beSoul, 149:forward of the work of Dr. Kilner with the human aura, which he has embodied in his book, The HumanSoul, 150:actual experiments that every human being has an aura which [151] strongly resembles thatTelepathy, 61:that it "concerns the engendering of a magnetic aura on which the highest impressions can play."Telepathy, 62:outgoing demand, emanating from or through the aura which he has engendered brings to him aTelepathy, 62:in its turn, enriches the magnetic field of his aura so that he becomes a revealing center to thoseTelepathy, 62:center to those whose field of experience and aura need the stimulus of his practiced assurance.Telepathy, 78:throughout the entire planet and the planetary aura. No kingdom in nature escapes this impact, andTelepathy, 87:from Shamballa, within the protective area or aura of the Ashram with which he is affiliated. ItTelepathy, 95:involves the engendering of a magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions can play" I wouldTelepathy, 95:consciousness because he has created a magnetic aura which invokes them and brings them "into hisTelepathy, 95:and brings them "into his mind". This magnetic aura begins to form itself from the first moment heTelepathy, 96:Sensitivity - A Normal Unfoldment It is this aura which is in reality the reservoir ofTelepathy, 96:this inflow but to accumulate within the aura (with which he has surrounded himself) the knowledgeTelepathy, 96:and knowledge just in so far as the magnetic aura is held by him in a state of receptivity. It is
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