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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AURAS

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Discipleship1, 6:of seeing your light, and of vitalizing your auras. This has not hitherto been the problem of theDiscipleship1, 143:in your life. Close intermingling with the auras of other people causes in your case a constantDiscipleship1, 147:yourself from too close a contact with the auras of others must proceed and must be carried intoDiscipleship1, 324:groups and, through the inclusiveness of their auras and the potency of their souls, they [325]Discipleship1, 480:steadiness of rhythm and purity of the united auras of united auras have been achieved. See to it,Discipleship1, 480:rhythm and purity of the united auras of united auras have been achieved. See to it, my friend,Discipleship1, 707:is recognized and where the fusion of auras and the interblending of the "Triangles" goes forwardDiscipleship1, 752:activity. Very little is as yet known about auras, and a great deal of nonsense has been writtenDiscipleship1, 754:is such that they are swept into each other's auras in such a way that there is a complete blendingDiscipleship2, 95:incorporated into the mental, astral and etheric auras of those who form the group of which youDiscipleship2, 407:co-mingled with the mental, astral and etheric auras of mankind. Recognition only is required, butDiscipleship2, 611:to aid. That the "middle point" between the auras or spheres of influence of the related AshramsFire, 645:by him. Class 3. A group who form the health auras of all the three middle kingdoms of natureGlamour, 28:that whereof I speak. First, the united auras of the group members ever determine the groupGlamour, 28:shine through and make its presence felt in your auras can be seen by me and indicate to me theGlamour, 28:individual group influence, for the positive auras subordinate the negative auras. What is requiredGlamour, 28:for the positive auras subordinate the negative auras. What is required is a combination ofGlamour, 28:What is required is a combination of positive auras, deliberately subordinated to group work. [29] Glamour, 159:the human race came into being). They all have auras, if you care so to call them, and in the threeHealing, 6:patience as a healing group integrates and the auras of the group members blend. It takes a littleHealing, 644:into the soul of the patient, via both of the auras. The healer who can employ both techniques andHealing, 656:power were set up by the contact between the two auras and by their high vibration; by its meansHealing, 656:dispassion and quiet, and the etheric and health auras have a definite effect upon theHealing, 657:is brought about by the mingling of the two auras, both of them responsive to soul contact; theHealing, 657:with soul energy through the medium of related auras is, all of it, directed as one unified effortMagic, 304:much of the poison in their emotional and mental auras that he is swept into a very vortex ofMeditation, 195:clairvoyant group leader reviewing rapidly the auras gathered before him. This sound will createMeditation, 197:geometrical balances and arrangements - the auras of the differentiated units in a group, andMeditation, 197:units in a group, and causes these auras to form one united group aura, thereby permitting of theMeditation, 198:animated by a single high desire, when their auras blend and form one united channel for theMeditation, 198:and that beauty is enhanced by the radiant auras of the Great Ones Who are gathered there. [199] Meditation, 233:race, which aura is composed of the composite auras of the units of the race. For instance, theMeditation, 236:and when the color aspect of the coordinated auras of the groups is of a certain tone, they willMeditation, 249:as the human race develops the faculty of seeing auras. The number of clairvoyants is alreadyMeditation, 303:pupils stay within the periphery of Their united auras, and wander not out to other schools. AllMeditation, 328:affects not His official review of the united auras of the school group.) Secondly, a gradedPatanjali, 19:themselves, constructed within their own mental auras, energized by their will or desire [20] andPsychology1, 247:bodies, the radiant colors, the magnetic auras, and the distilled perfumes of this kingdom. MuchPsychology2, 46:to back, the Angel and the Warrior stand, their auras meeting in a radiant sphere of light. The twoPsychology2, 139:of persons of such radiatory activity that their auras can meet and contact each other. Thus oneTelepathy, 96:and their consequent expansion into magnetic auras or areas, capable of invocation and evocation.
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