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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AUTHORITATIVE

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Autobiography, 253:Group of World Servers are seeking to do but no authoritative requests have been made in my nameAutobiography, 269:and not presented as a command). The presence of authoritative statements, emanating from theAutobiography, 273:presentation of truth but not often personally authoritative. His influence and radiation is notBethlehem, 26:leaders; they have stressed adherence to authoritative teaching and rules of life, and have notDestiny, 39:sixth ray are to be found all forms of dogmatic, authoritative religion as expressed by theDestiny, 59:of spiritual power and away from its present authoritative and temporary political potency. TheDestiny, 111:Therefore the great world religions have held authoritative sway for a very long time; theirDestiny, 133:from that of the past but the basic rules remain authoritative. The keynote, governing theDestiny, 144:Their capacity is advisory and directive but not authoritative. This may be regarded by some of youDiscipleship1, 7:There is not the slightest suggestion of authoritative pronouncement by a member of the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 408:and rhythm. It is never my intention to be authoritative nor do I ever demand obedience. I but makeDiscipleship1, 459:work with this group is never to be regarded as authoritative or dogmatic. From my wider knowledgeDiscipleship1, 786:of World Servers are seeking to [786] do, but no authoritative requests have been made in my name,Discipleship2, 586:of rules and orders, imposed upon them by some authoritative source. This, as you well know, is notDiscipleship2, 725:It is their group duty, not from the angle of authoritative demand, or in a spirit of blindExternalisation, 51:which should be employed, so that the chosen authoritative measures will proceed either by theExternalisation, 113:than this the Hierarchy cannot go. If it assumed authoritative control, a race of automatons wouldExternalisation, 148:as they personally may choose. There is no authoritative control over the minds of men assumed orExternalisation, 250:of Invocation. It is a demand; it is also an authoritative affirmation of existent fact; it sets inFire, xv:from dogmatic claims or declarations as to the authoritative value of its source of inspiration. ItGlamour, 45:imposition of some rule, some set of laws, some authoritative dictum, emanating from state control,Glamour, 49:you decide will constitute, in its turn, an authoritative decision with all the consequentGlamour, 49:and new relations to others. These constitute an authoritative control. None can escape thisGlamour, 132:family, but when it is interpreted in terms of authoritative religion and by those in whom theHercules, 205:are refusing any longer to believe the authoritative pronouncements of the churches or to acceptInitiation, 54:is a Rajput Prince, and for many decades held an authoritative position in Indian affairs. He worksMagic, 4:their misplaced devotion, to contact certain authoritative personages, and to get into heaven byMagic, 14:various branches of knowledge. It is founded on authoritative statements and has in it the elementPsychology2, 62:2. The directive activity of the soul, or its authoritative grasp upon the mechanism of the body,
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