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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AUTHORITIES

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Autobiography, 74:and that I was liable to report [74] them to the authorities. They were, therefore, out to show me.Discipleship2, 88:with the Great White Lodge favor no Bibles or authorities - only the freedom of the human soul. TheEducation, 72:and training children that national educational authorities will be convinced of the light whichEducation, 87:by broadminded teachers and educational authorities in every country, is today a crying need andEducation, 107:of the man in the street (in the face of authorities in the realm of politics, conditioningExternalisation, 569:affairs. For instance, there are adepts who are authorities upon modern financial matters, andExternalisation, 570:in the various languages, and two of them are authorities in basic English; this is the form of theExternalisation, 697:and seaport inspection are required by the authorities; such people as these "transittingFire, viii:at truth by the process of accepting new authorities and comparing them with previously establishedHealing, 461:vacated when death is assumed by the watching authorities, but that, nevertheless, the man may notHercules, 225:approximate, they vary according to different authorities.) through the capture of the Man-EatingMagic, 130:all outward props fail and when all the apparent authorities differ in the solution proffered, thenMagic, 419:and will lay no emphasis upon any doctrine or authorities. They are not interested in having anyPatanjali, xiii:upon this matter. Most of the occidental authorities ascribe a date between the years 820 B. C. toPatanjali, xiii:one or two place him after Christ. The Hindu authorities themselves, however, who may be supposedProblems, 60:by broadminded teachers and educational authorities in every country is today a crying need andPsychology2, 749:values and who seek to build for the future. The authorities of any and every nation should be keptSoul, 97:term meaning 'Absolute Energy.' Many occult authorities teach that the principle which the Hindus
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