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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AUTHORITY

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Hercules, 20:to supervise him; he had to break away from authority and set out to find his own way and make hisHercules, 143:for the pondering of the reader, not with authority. Psychological Analysis of the Myth HerculesHercules, 187:of the love of God, and those who bow to authority and dogma. In the field of economics aHercules, 188:order that the Piscean age of materialism and of authority, possession and mentality can beHercules, 193:love, understanding, intelligence, free from authority, drawing out of every human being we meetInitiationseems an analogical necessity; nor on the mere authority of our teachers or masters. But we are toInitiation, 1:arrogates to herself any credit or personal authority for the knowledge implied she emphaticallyInitiation, 2:personalities, and the voice of [2] external authority, hold small place. That alone is a safeIntellect, 74:modern times can be summed up in the words "From authority to experience." How can we know? HowIntellect, 251:convey definite knowledge and carry a note of authority by its appeal to the intuition; it willMagicthe teaching from the taint of superimposed authority, and there lies back of your [4] books noMagic, 4:[4] books no esoteric principle of hierarchical authority or support, such as has produced theMagic, 202:the situation and of asserting its own authority. Then the man (spasmodically at the beginning)Magic, 326:for faith will be based on experience, and authority will give place to personal appreciation ofMagic, 327:from old established tradition, a revolt from authority, whether of the Church, of dogma, doctrineMagic, 328:truth. These are the people who recognize authority, whether that of a prophet, a bible or aMagic, 328:These are those who prefer obedience to imposed authority to the self-imposed guidance of anMagic, 330:not belong to the past and refuse to accept the authority of that past. They do not belong to theMagic, 399:were practically nil. They liked and needed authority; they learnt through ceremonial; they wereMagic, 400:based on the one Life. They recognize no authority, save that of their own souls, and no MasterMagic, 407:religious sectarianism and dependence upon authority. They are against all modern innovations andMagic, 410:point of revolt and away from acquiescence in authority. They have driven man to the stage ofMagic, 419:They are not interested in having any personal authority, nor do they rest back upon traditionalMagic, 419:nor do they rest back upon traditional authority, whether religious, scientific, cultural or anyMagic, 519:plans and to impose their will and mental authority upon the "prisoners of the planet". Thus theyMagic, 638:them to know themselves. Setting them free from authority by awakening interest and enquiry inMeditation, 135:as do the Dark Brothers. They could exert Their authority but They choose to refrain, working withPatanjali, 65:first free themselves from all outer imposed authority and from all tradition and from theProblems, 35:Him and of His message, and which emphasizes the authority of the human soul. The future which liesProblems, 48:them wrong standards and undermined right senior authority. A child is apt to become anti-socialProblems, 129:and a rejection of imposed ecclesiastical authority are characteristic of creative spiritualProblems, 129:stone structures, with power and an imposed authority of a most cramping nature. The earlyProblems, 133:not the increase of church attendance and the authority of little men. They believe in the KingdomProblems, 138:formed at this time would indicate that the authority is still vested in the wrong people. There isProblems, 139:rites and ceremonies, upon ritual and pomp, on authority and the building of stone edifices inProblems, 139:tradition, is assertive of ecclesiastical authority, is responsive to outer forms and rituals and -Problems, 139:Church can change her techniques, can relinquish authority over the souls of men (which she hasProblems, 139:No longer must the churches interpose their authority and their interpretations between God andProblems, 145:avail. Men are moving out from under doctrinal authority into direct, personal and spiritualProblems, 145:experience; they are coming under the direct authority which contact with Christ and His disciples,Psychology1, xviii:be in all impartation of truth no imposition of authority. Aspirants must be left free to availPsychology1, 82:on, and hence also the imposition of personal authority to enforce an individual's idea of thePsychology1, 112:should be the subject of your effort. The sole authority is the teaching, and not the teacher; uponPsychology1, 112:teaching, and not the teacher; upon the rock of authority many schools have foundered. There is butPsychology1, 112:many schools have foundered. There is but one authority - each man's own immortal soul, and that isPsychology1, 112:man's own immortal soul, and that is the only authority which should be recognized. Learn to graspPsychology1, 165:there has been a distinct tightening of priestly authority in all matters of dogma and practice. SoPsychology1, 176:are restive under the control of theological authority. They have nevertheless within them thatPsychology1, 231:(sometimes unrecognized) to be the supreme authority in a particular group, fear of interlopers andPsychology2, 40:Isolation, [40] A longing for power and authority, Desire to dominate, Expressed strength andPsychology2, 107:love, and when disciples relinquish the sense of authority over each other and of responsibilityPsychology2, 179:individual and developed, who recognize no authority but that of their own souls, and submergePsychology2, 190:communicate the "quality of imposition" and an authority that is lacking in many other branches ofPsychology2, 493:itself of real significance. In a great standard authority, Webster's Dictionary, two origins ofPsychology2, 666:of the Plan as they are. They question the authority of individuals in the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 673:program. It undermines and attacks no authority or government. It is not interested in thePsychology2, 739:embrace every political creed and recognize the authority of every imaginable religion. Men andRays, 25:are issued by those who are in a position of authority or who seem to dominate or are in a positionRays, 368:Ashram of Sanat Kumara, but He has delegated His authority, right down the ages, to the so-calledRays, 686:III. - Transfiguration. Freedom from the ancient authority of the threefold personality, marking aRays, 707:on the spot) should soon begin to work with more authority. This does not mean that they willRays, 709:upon their selflessness, their freedom from authority or the control of the disciple, and theRays, 744:ideology, forced on the people by totalitarian authority, is regarded as evil. It is not the [745]Reappearance, 63:wrong emphases, its clerical pomp, its spurious authority, [64] its material riches and itsReappearance, 163:His divine power, prove convincingly the authority and the potency of God, and thus end the cycleSoul, 31:one is then more likely to speak as having authority, but also because one thus reflects the given
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