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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AUTOMATICALLY

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Healing, 574:can flow, and also along which energy can be automatically withdrawn, because energy followsHealing, 578:magnetic - into one activity. The true healer automatically blends both modes of healing and usesHealing, 578:healing and uses both methods simultaneously and automatically because he works through theHealing, 580:purification of the desire nature; this produced automatically a much greater measure of purity inHealing, 601:forces, energies and their direction. He heals automatically, as was the case with the initiate,Healing, 613:a main object of attention of the aspirant; it automatically responds to the slowly unfoldingHealing, 617:turn produces a "structure for transmission" and automatically repeats the activity of the ethericHealing, 658:radiatory activity, and leaves the patient alone automatically to complete the withdrawal of theHealing, 677:hindrances to the inflow of pure love will be automatically removed for "as a man thinketh in hisHercules, 186:new groups will have any officials but will work automatically because of the intuitional spiritualHercules, 203:to possess those characteristics which automatically put us into the group of world servers? YouHercules, 204:force of what you have accomplished. You will automatically find yourself over-shadowed by thatIntellect, 106:focused on some fresh and dynamic matter will automatically tend to make the mind one-pointed.Intellect, 164:has transmitted. When this is carried forward automatically and accurately, we have the illuminedIntellect, 168:Later it will be seen that true illumination automatically rules out all such reactions. The soulIntellect, 227:a form or outline in our meditation work which automatically sets a ring-pass-not around the mind,Intellect, 248:everywhere. Men and women are busily writing automatically, inspirationally, and prophetically, andMagic, 81:sees the truth in all that he contacts, and automatically chooses truth or the real, then he learnsMagic, 318:easily done than the overcoming of the habit. Automatically the building process goes on untilMagic, 331:of expression, the threefold lower man, he automatically passes into the consciousness of theMagic, 391:The attainment of a right vibration will work automatically in the production of right conditionsMagic, 420:example of spiritual living will normally and automatically follow. Food, for instance, isMagic, 421:use the words anti this or pro that. Such terms automatically breed hatred and attack, and effortMagic, 492:the world of ideas and not in physical effects. Automatically the physical aspects will respond toMagic, 497:may be of that direction. The process works automatically with the majority, for when the soulMagic, 529:and enters into relation with his soul, then he automatically shifts his position in the humanMagic, 538:being who reaches the goal of light and wisdom automatically has a field of influence which extendsMagic, 580:direction and the impact of the force, follow automatically. Perhaps speed could be more correctlyMagic, 587:of the thought life, the seven centers are automatically brought into a right condition of rhythm,Magic, 617:except under the oath of secrecy which governs automatically the pledged disciple; these oaths areMagic, 621:are the center of the universe, which revolves automatically around them, or are they working atMeditation, 59:so sound the Word that alignment will [59] be automatically made, and the necessary vacuum created,Meditation, 96:that vibration will become stable and will automatically throw off all that is lower andMeditation, 98:of the emotional, - his lowest vehicle automatically obeying the behests of a higher. It is alsoMeditation, 196:be expressed as that cadenced movement which automatically sways those who employ it into line withMeditation, 271:of that aura until he has learnt to throw off automatically, and to reject immediately, everyMeditation, 271:relationship, but must remain where he can be automatically shut off. But gradually he purifiesPatanjali, 296:meditation in the head. This carries on automatically the increased stimulation and awakening ofPatanjali, ix:of Yoga are unnecessary, for the greater Yoga automatically includes all the lesser in its results,Problems, 109:and produce their own leaders that naturally and automatically, without conflict or violence, theyPsychology1, 73:there is then limitation and the "tuning out" automatically of much of the energy. The effect ofPsychology1, 93:of the present religious faiths. From this grew, automatically, the idea of a persistent entityPsychology1, 150:of seven solar systems, including ours, sweeps automatically through each of the seven, carryingPsychology1, 172:new impulse. The institution of this new Plan automatically brought about an augmented training ofPsychology1, 196:and that as a man learns to "know himself," he automatically learns to know the quality underlyingPsychology1, 242:nature. As we say the words, "color in nature," automatically we think of the vegetable kingdom andPsychology1, 291:it to the service of the spiritual will, he automatically raises the energies of the centers in thePsychology1, 293:grasped, there will take place, gradually and automatically, a change in the attitude of menPsychology1, 294:a knowledge of spiritual realities will be automatically acquired and the life subordinated to thePsychology1, 302:measure up to the group requirements will then automatically be discarded. In the deciding ofPsychology1, 357:as did the instinct. It will then work automatically as does man's instinctual nature, and the racePsychology1, 375:and mind of God Himself. From that tuning-in, automatically a spiritual development follows. Psychology2, 107:divergences, and the points of disagreement will automatically be overcome. There are three rulesPsychology2, 127:the lower threefold nature so that it can automatically submit to the Law of Sacrifice. Then itPsychology2, 137:galvanize his etheric body into activity. Then, automatically, the physical body will respond.Psychology2, 146:desire to be a leader exists, that disciple is automatically (though only temporarily) disqualifiedPsychology2, 148:for that which is attracted in time is automatically and eventually repulsed by that whichPsychology2, 162:characteristics of a disciple, they are thereby automatically calling into play the Law of Repulse,Psychology2, 181:to the others. This process will take place automatically as the group identity and integrationPsychology2, 254:Man, to Idealize It is interesting to note how automatically and naturally the factors inducingPsychology2, 382:into play, when they reach this stage, almost automatically. The result is that the integration ofPsychology2, 475:and the body performs its functions automatically and unconsciously, except in the case of diseasePsychology2, 535:to that point the incoming energy will almost automatically flow. The awakening of the ajna centerPsychology2, 549:any process of elevation or of "raising up" automatically involves death. This death affects thePsychology2, 564:highest point, in which case the greater powers automatically include the lesser. The lower psychicPsychology2, 567:and in the other cases the lower powers are automatically employed, are uncontrolled, are occupiedPsychology2, 586:if persisted in for a sufficient length of time, automatically make the use of the lower powersPsychology2, 660:Peace and Plenty. They lead sequentially and automatically from one to the other. The majorPsychology2, 724:of which the earlier effort was naturally and automatically the cause. Yet the problem remains everRays, 126:right things physically," because he does them automatically and his spiritual habits offset allRays, 126:habits offset all the lower physical tendencies; automatically these developed habits enable him toRays, 157:of their inevitability and of their wisdom. They automatically then control him. When this controlRays, 158:energy in the initiatory world of causes) automatically brings about activity, movement, forceRays, 212:disappear and undesirable qualities are automatically removed. These three types of work along theRays, 220:stages, and it comes spontaneously and automatically. I want to emphasize that the group does notRays, 259:the man thinks only in group terms and does this automatically and without any consciousness thatRays, 266:and, above all, of the group to which, automatically and under the laws which govern his soul, heRays, 274:the inner and etheric side of life which will automatically and with full circulatory effect enableRays, 296:which He represented (love-wisdom). This they do automatically and by force of habit, first inRays, 348:progressed to a certain stage of unfoldment and automatically now has a measure of self-control, ofRays, 388:as it affects the Masters Themselves, two ideas automatically emerge: [389] The Masters are alsoRays, 467:negatively some activity by the soul which will automatically take place after a certain measure ofRays, 490:then it goes forward successfully and almost automatically. This he does through the power ofRays, 537:illumined; that is taking place gradually and automatically through the pressure of the higherRays, 540:of his thinking along these dual lines will automatically produce the point of tension, through theRays, 542:I stated that the disciple's private life automatically falls (once he has been accepted by theRays, 562:include and to love in the truly esoteric sense automatically produces changes and a basicRays, 578:will release the energy of goodwill and thus automatically bring about right human relations. AsRays, 603:war upon the physical plane, at the same time automatically determined the sphere of Christ'sRays, 604:than of man's emotional desires. It therefore automatically involved the three levels of humanRays, 619:process of being made; it will be brought about automatically when the effectiveness of theRays, 670:anent the throat center, that center becomes automatically magnetic and attracts the forces of theRays, 671:of the soul. This has an immediate effect - automatically induced - upon the gland associated withRays, 744:ideologies or schools of thought, and automatically - according to their background, tradition,Reappearance, 84:and nations magnetically to each other and automatically causing the unfoldment of the sense ofReappearance, 110:who seek right human relations will be gathered automatically to Him, [111] whether they are in oneReappearance, 111:of exclusiveness and separativeness will stand automatically and equally revealed and all men willReappearance, 178:and spiritually-minded trustees would then automatically appear. The difficulty is not with theSoul, 139:on their normal function of energizing the body automatically, so that the digestive apparatus andTelepathy, 4:because of this specializing faculty and his automatically engendered responsibility, he throws
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