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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AUTOMATON

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Autobiography, 163:aspirant or disciple is never supposed to be an automaton. He is never supposed to let any part ofDiscipleship2, 21:us in The Secret Doctrine) but is basically an automaton. The etheric body invokes and evokes; butDiscipleship2, 640:regarded as a principle and which is only the automaton of the inflowing forces and of the innerExternalisation, 10:psychism reduces its exponent to the level of an automaton; it is dangerous and inadvisable becauseGlamour, 247:body (the outer tangible appearance) is only an automaton, obedient to whatever forces and energiesGlamour, 261:but increasingly it should be regarded as an automaton, influenced and directed by: The vital bodyHealing, 26:as - for him - the physical body is but an automaton. He can therefore avail himself of physicalHealing, 34:vital and etheric body. The physical body is an automaton of whichever inner body is the strongest.Healing, 192:and the lower personal self becomes as much an automaton of the soul as the physical body is atHealing, 192:soul as the physical body is at this time the automaton of the emotional nature, of the mind, andHealing, 231:the physical body reacted increasingly like an automaton to the impression and the direction of aHealing, 282:sciences that the physical body is simply an automaton, responsive to and actuated by a subtlerHealing, 538:those energies to make their impact on the automaton of the physical body according to directedHealing, 579:that the physical body was in reality only an automaton, and that it was the desire body, and theHealing, 614:Its achievement and its triumph is that it is an automaton. If you can grasp this adequately, weHealing, 616:body is regarded esoterically as simply an automaton; it is only a recipient of transmittedHealing, 618:body, and between the etheric body and its automaton, the receiving dense physical vehicle. InIntellect, 58:latter is regarded by the esotericist as a pure automaton, driven into action by the desire natureIntellect, 204:irresistible; the physical body is now simply an automaton, the creature of desire - high or low -Magic, 383:upon the personality until it has become the automaton of the soul. Then the intuition takesMagic, 591:in the head, and from that point direct the automaton, the physical body. It presupposes, ifPsychology2, 309:made that the dense physical body is an automaton. The moment, however, that an inner orientationPsychology2, 481:a man eventually a negative impressionable automaton. Should this become universally prevalent andSoul, 106:of this a man can demonstrate (through the automaton of the physical body) those soul powers andSoul, 133:of the fact that, as the physical body is an automaton, responsive to and controlled by the desiresTelepathy, 144:of energy or livingness, for the reason that its automaton, the physical body - being composed of
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