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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVAIL

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Astrology, 564:astrology is better understood, men will avail themselves of the three energies of the three otherAutobiography, 37:when a disciple is also willing never to avail himself of the opportunity except in moments of realAutobiography, 285:business what he does with them; if he does not avail himself of the opportunities presented, thatDiscipleship1, 110:you to work as a soul. Thus you will learn to avail yourself of the knowledge, gained psychically,Discipleship1, 134:which all disciples have to learn to do is to avail themselves of the forces and energies which areDiscipleship1, 270:can make and to stimulate you, as a group, to avail yourselves of the world opportunity forDiscipleship1, 301:aid in the treading of the Path if you choose to avail yourself of what I may have to offer, andDiscipleship1, 450:finally triumph is incontrovertible but to what avail, if humanity is too [451] worn out and tooDiscipleship1, 485:of your co-disciples. I would suggest that you avail yourself of this relationship by anDiscipleship1, 504:in your life attitudes. If you [504] can then avail yourself of the hints which I seek to give you,Discipleship1, 618:on the Threshold stands ready at all times to avail himself of the weaknesses to which you haveDiscipleship2, 92:group or personal instructions, were too lazy to avail yourselves to the full of that which wasDiscipleship2, 96:This will close our cycle of instruction. If you avail yourselves of the opportunity for thisDiscipleship2, 133:as yet upon the periphery of the Ashram but can avail yourselves of these energies. The force ofDiscipleship2, 245:you at this time, and this because they seldom avail themselves of the privilege. Our first task isDiscipleship2, 375:The energy of the ashram of which he may avail himself in the process of carrying out activities -Discipleship2, 444:and of this faculty you should increasingly avail yourself. Seek, as I have earlier told you, toDiscipleship2, 494:these potencies the whole group can, therefore, avail itself for it means that the inflow ofDiscipleship2, 546:identify yourself, to merge within and thus to avail yourself of its illumination in order that inDiscipleship2, 713:from the path of duty. Forget this not, and avail yourself of "the privilege of entrance." You willDiscipleship2, 749:of this energy of which the Hierarchy can avail itself as it proceeds towards externalization. OfDiscipleship2, 760:intensifying this inner recognition would be to avail yourself more fully of the period of the FullExternalisation, 14:and essential, but if these movements are to avail themselves of the coming inflow of spiritualExternalisation, 17:with his eyes wide open and should be taught to avail himself of the safeguards offered and theExternalisation, 57:scientific field will be founded. They will avail themselves of the sensitive reactions which theExternalisation, 225:to the fact of this mediatorship and can then avail itself of the straight line of ascent andExternalisation, 417:comments of the concrete minded are of no avail. What the orthodox theologian and the narrowExternalisation, 596:His work had been blocked, frustrated, and of no avail - for the growth of the churches during theFire, 297:of the intuition. Concrete Mind will not here avail. The three higher centers, or the Heavenly MenFire, 716:This incoming force, the Hierarchy will avail itself of in order to push forward the planetaryFire, 877:system, and is the faculty of which he has to avail himself. It is there available for his use. ItFire, 877:energy of the planetary Logos of which he must avail himself and focus in his heart center and thusFire, 1026:of Construction in the macrocosm, which will avail him much, and save him much time when theHealing, 26:body is but an automaton. He can therefore avail himself of physical means for its benefiting. MuchHealing, 257:what his cult may be called) will perforce avail himself of the methods of the orthodox physician;Healing, 319:Then the man whose time has come to die may avail himself of certain methods of release which, fromHealing, 653:helped; according to the healer's capacity to avail himself of alignment and recognized contactHercules, 98:the one I left behind. What shall I do? Weapons avail me not. How kill this lion and save theInitiation, 7:as yet very little has been done by students to avail themselves of that clue. In the study of thisInitiation, 177:the help of those who have achieved. In order to avail himself of this help he has to work with theMagic, 514:active interest. This he must do if he is to avail himself fully of the opportunity which lifeMeditation, 126:one and two. Dark Brothers as aforesaid, who avail themselves principally of the third and fourthMeditation, 190:occult development. Theories and mental concepts avail not. They but increase responsibility. OnlyMeditation, 236:dominating [236] rays which will enable them to avail themselves of the opportunity any particularPatanjali, 73:of the obstacles and their cure is of small avail as long as the intense application of the will isPatanjali, 225:of the life currents, so that the disciple can avail himself of the "times and seasons" whereinPatanjali, 366:in the future as it is experienced, is of small avail to the average student. To say that there isProblems, 145:comments of the concrete minded are of no avail. Men are moving out from under doctrinal authorityPsychology1, xviii:of authority. Aspirants must be left free to avail themselves of the teaching or not, and spiritualPsychology1, 259:such a use of relatively meaningless words can avail to depict the process. The urge or push inPsychology1, 264:of workers who seek to raise the dead. Naught avail their efforts until they blend the five greatPsychology1, 292:and a proffering of opportunity to those who can avail themselves of it. We shall have, therefore,Psychology2, 129:time. They face a new cycle of service and must avail themselves of a new day of opportunity. TherePsychology2, 196:Aquarian zodiacal cycle - groups on earth can avail themselves of the tide of CapricornianPsychology2, 196:planetary inflow of which we all are begged to avail ourselves, and for which we are urged to makePsychology2, 346:They are not applied, nor can the man avail himself of them, until such time as he is an integratedPsychology2, 449:the following attitudes: By a determination to avail oneself of the tide which is forcing humanityPsychology2, 690:react and whether men will be wise enough to avail themselves of the proffered opportunity. TheyRays, 544:a usable contact with his soul, of which he can avail himself at any time he so chooses, who canRays, 748:kind. It cares only that humanity - as a whole - avail itself of spiritual opportunity. It is anReappearance, 42:had been blocked, [42] frustrated, and of no avail, for the growth of the churches during the
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