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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVAILABILITY

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Discipleship1, 610:for themselves, and not for their possible availability in the work. Yet fall not over backwards asDiscipleship2took advantage of the opportunity of the availability of A.A.B. as a trained collaborator andDiscipleship2, 293:possession of humanity in varying degrees of availability. Later, man uses the "eye of the soul,"Discipleship2, 330:and to those who are his equals. The strength, availability and usefulness of an Ashram is that ofDiscipleship2, 361:possibility, immediacy, appropriateness and the availability of the disciples, plus the energies toFire, 646:necessarily on the physical plane. Hence its availability as food. The transmutation of the life ofFire, 646:place on kama-manasic levels. Hence the non-availability, esoterically understood, of the animal asFire, 652:nature owing to the almost immediate availability of comparatively large numbers of the sons ofFire, 715:for the ceremony of initiation, and his availability as a transmitter of spiritual energy to theMagic, 178:unfoldment of the centers, coupled with karmic availability, constitutes the basis of choice by theMagic, 180:note that in the first case you have wisdom or availability on buddhic or intuitional levels; inMeditation, 13:Body. The need of the period and the man's availability. The groups, inner and outer, with which heMeditation, 15:Body. The immediate need of the period and his availability. The groups, inner and outer, withMeditation, 39:Meditation 5. Immediate Need of Period and Man's Availability June 17, 1920 Today we will considerPsychology2, 652:of the present endeavor is contingent upon the availability of the forces which stand for
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