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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVAILABLE

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Astrology, 17:unfoldment of the soul qualities, of the present available equipment, of the present life qualityAstrology, 55:can - after the third initiation - be occultly available to the initiate, be he a liberated humanAstrology, 63:the needed information and it will be made available when the right time comes. It is the knowledgeAstrology, 172:Two sets of rulers for the three decanates are available. [173] According to Alan Leo, we haveAstrology, 351:been accurately done, owing to the lack of data available to the exoteric astrologer) it is theAstrology, 353:living through a proper understanding of the available potencies and energies pouring into theAstrology, 395:light on this greatest of all sciences will be available when the investigator can determine theAstrology, 420:of any proof. Later on such proof will be available. All that I can ask of you at this time is toAstrology, 434:the symbolism and significance of the three eyes available for man's use will be found illuminatingAstrology, 498:on the twelve signs of the zodiac are made available. When the world again settles down to calmerAstrology, 581:energy. This Shamballa force is nevertheless available for right usage but the power to express itAstrology, 589:word with which to express it and those words available are likewise misleading. I can, however,Autobiography, 9:in which character forms, stabilizes and becomes available for use in the crises - real, objective,Autobiography, 172:in making the basic tenets of the T.S. teaching available to the masses of men in every country, isAutobiography, 179:from the T.S. and my very small income was not available. There seemed nothing for me to do.Autobiography, 253:My books and pamphlets have been made available to school students along with the rest of theAutobiography, 254:ancient rules. Those instructions will be made available to the general public very shortly, but noAutobiography, 254:persons thus trained and no information will be available; names, dates and locations will all beAutobiography, 254:remain as given. (These instructions are now available in a book entitled "Discipleship in the NewAutobiography, 259:gets in touch with the Tibetan when time is available and, should he be free and able to give theAutobiography, 289:religion. The school lessons and papers are available in English, French, German, Dutch, ItalianAutobiography, 294:trend of money be redirected and money be made available for the Masters' work. This is one of theAutobiography, 297:coming to be referred to as A.A.B.) we have had available, particularly during the last eighteenAutobiography, 298:force as wielded by the Hierarchy became available to us. Let us go back to a time prior to theAutobiography, 299:of spiritual realities which had to become available to humanity during that critical period of ourAutobiography, 299:to find some consecrated and daring disciple, available on the physical plane, to do this work butAutobiography, 300:and useful and truly aids the Plan it has available for its purpose all of the ashramic energy thatAutobiography, 300:opportunity of so utilizing the spiritual forces available in the Arcane School, as a result of theAutobiography, 300:of working disciples in the world who would be available to carry forward the Hierarchical Plans.Bethlehem, 114:of service, triumph and sacrifice which are available to any of us. Many in the past have died forBethlehem, 259:the teaching forward the next step, and made it available to the masses. Thus the continuity ofDestiny, 16:hated. They may and often do misuse the energy available but they also use it constructively withinDestiny, 37:find a line of least resistance which is not available to the Masters of the Great White Lodge.Destiny, 69:the small knowledge of esoteric astrology now available will make certain definite informationDestiny, 75:coming emphasis in astrology will be upon the available energies and the use the subject makes ofDestiny, 129:a synthesis upon the physical plane of the available energies, to concretize them, and invest thatDiscipleship1, X:have prompted me to make these instructions available for aspirants everywhere after requestingDiscipleship1, 63:to know. He can thus discover whether they are available or not for any specific service, whetherDiscipleship1, 74:the intervention of Forces, greater than those available at this time upon our planet. TheseDiscipleship1, 80:his special quota of energy to the sumtotal of available etheric energy and doing this bothDiscipleship1, 93:his shoulders and new "fields of potency" become available for his use in world service. Discipleship1, 151:or the failure to use the advice and information available for practical, experimental use.Discipleship1, 190:and make that which I have said more easily available in compact form for the group use. This willDiscipleship1, 215:pressure or to carry the inner, spiritual force available. It has been particularly hard for youDiscipleship1, 291:- have to be tried and, if in any way available, they must be used. Your measure of detachment toDiscipleship1, 310:in the furnace of pain and of suffering must be available and used as the Way of Light and of JoyDiscipleship1, 353:in service, so that it will become instinctually available. Forget not, that the hardly wonDiscipleship1, 353:of the animal consciousness, but is protectively available. The true healer (and you can mostDiscipleship1, 354:you can and put it in such form that it may be available for use in the group. I give you no otherDiscipleship1, 359:a more vital, more organized and more easily available document for the teaching of others. YouDiscipleship1, 434:separate, and yet which wisely chooses where the available strength, effort and light must beDiscipleship1, 453:brain, thus making what [453] you know and see available to others. This must be done in threeDiscipleship1, 518:One's mental assistance should be always available but it should not be given when one's mind isDiscipleship1, 587:the time, strength and interest which you make available. I refer not to the time that is taken upDiscipleship1, 680:be integrated into existent groups and be available for world service. It is planned to do this onDiscipleship1, 694:energy, wisdom and effort is more easily available. In order to work their way from the group intoDiscipleship1, 743:I am for the first time making this information available in a brief and necessarily veiled andDiscipleship1, 759:into organized formulas which are then available for directive processes. Being, at this stage,Discipleship1, 759:force which his Master and his soul can make available to him to use upon the physical plane. HeDiscipleship1, 768:if it makes itself into a suitable and available instrument. Are you too set and too preoccupiedDiscipleship1, 785:My books and pamphlets have been made available to school students along with the rest of theDiscipleship1, 786:rules. Some of these instructions are made available to the general public in this book, but noDiscipleship1, 786:thus trained and no information will be made available; names, dates and locations are changed,Discipleship2, XII:watchful eye, just as there are many medicines available to the public which are not safe except asDiscipleship2, 80:handful of disciples. These instructions are now available to all of you in book form, entitled TheDiscipleship2, 80:in my Ashram, because A.A.B. is no longer available in that capacity as she has been since 1932;Discipleship2, 85:to work, and enough teaching to express and make available to the public for twenty-five years toDiscipleship2, 89:unless the spiritual energies which are available to it and the knowledge and the wisdom unfoldedDiscipleship2, 90:over a long period of years; it will then be available to the general public, after certainDiscipleship2, 133:energy, of inspiration and of light can be made available to disciples and can be used for service.Discipleship2, 135:make as much of it as we can (safely and wisely) available to our senior disciples. It might beDiscipleship2, 156:it was founded on Earth, but which is only now available for use, owing to the point in evolutionDiscipleship2, 162:brought together energies which have been made available by the Spirits of Restoration,Discipleship2, 162:Reconstruction and Resurrection. These now available energies are - on a larger scale and of aDiscipleship2, 162:the individual soul (paradoxical term) makes available to the personality when that personality isDiscipleship2, 162:The first indication of this massed and available energy produced coordination of the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 164:and agony through the medium of war, and making available also the essence of the material world. IDiscipleship2, 166:recognition of the substantial nature of the available evidence, and an appearance of an intuitiveDiscipleship2, 201:of "energy flooded with creative light" is made available to the Hierarchy at all [202] times andDiscipleship2, 202:and focus cosmic creative energy, thus making it available (on demand) to the Members of theDiscipleship2, 229:I ask that the needed vast sums may be made available. May this potent energy of Thine be in theDiscipleship2, 270:to the new incoming potencies which can become available for use, if they will pass on to a fullerDiscipleship2, 281:of the thought-form and thus making the idea available to mankind. Here, in this simple summation,Discipleship2, 286:you could not grasp if there was the language available to express them: a. The basic sacrificeDiscipleship2, 294:of the struggle involved and the instrument available in the struggle to see, to perceive and toDiscipleship2, 302:in plain terms (even if the needed language were available) there would be little understanding. IDiscipleship2, 319:is to be found in the mass of instruction made available for his use. He has to seek for the - toDiscipleship2, 330:the Ashram (symbolized by the number 10) becomes available to the disciple whose purity of heartDiscipleship2, 330:sources or the Masters of the Ashrams can make available at need. Students are apt to think that anDiscipleship2, 366:subject. Later teaching on the matter will be available next century. I have already given you moreDiscipleship2, 368:are strictly aspirational developments and are available as a result of ashramic training and ofDiscipleship2, 374:ashram; this is a point of sevenfold contact, available at all times for the use of all thoseDiscipleship2, 375:called. This force imports into the usually available energies certain conditioning qualities whichDiscipleship2, 375:aspect. This type of force has not hitherto been available to working disciples but is nowDiscipleship2, 375:been available to working disciples but is now available, having been released at the WesakDiscipleship2, 404:is substitutory in nature and which is made available to the progressing point of light." ThatDiscipleship2, 431:contacted energies and learns how to make them available in his work for humanity. At the sameDiscipleship2, 434:use of hitherto unknown energies. These are made available to the initiate because he is initiateDiscipleship2, 436:divine Mind or the divine Intelligence becomes available for this increased enlightenment andDiscipleship2, 457:yet independently, and there will be made available - in moments of world crisis - an organized,
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