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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVAILABLE

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Healing, 210:aspect, the first or Father aspect, will become available and will pour down through the headHealing, 320:of active energy that forms part of the energy available upon and within and around the planetHealing, 325:is too vast for proper handling within the available time and limits. I would say, however, veryHealing, 334:upon the form life, eating that food which is available and upon which he can best sustain his lifeHealing, 358:physical magnetism, which, added to the quota of available physical magnetism at the patient'sHealing, 359:thus creating a reservoir of energy which was available to supplement that of the sheik which was,Healing, 480:because that is fully covered in the textbooks available; they can likewise be seen in their manyHealing, 514:His environment is of the highest quality available in the three worlds; his experience fluctuatesHealing, 551:his emotions present no real obstacles, and all available energies can be directed unimpeded to theHealing, 573:is fortunate to have a trained occult healer available (either an initiate or an advancedHealing, 651:"turned off" and redirected; it is no longer available. During the entire period of healing theHealing, 654:was firmly established, the powers then available to Jesus could not be used in the saving of HisHealing, 701:of that information. When that knowledge is not available, he should refrain from the attempt toHercules, 140:among the papers of A.A.B. He has used the best available material for the details of the storyInitiation, 91:of the Rod by the One Initiator makes available in a vastly more extensive manner the force of theInitiation, 119:a glimpse of the resources of energy which are available. Before, he knew that the energy existed,Initiation, 148:In this way energy of a triple nature becomes available according to the different sections of theIntellect, 4:to another; the best thought of the centuries is available for all; and ancient techniques andIntellect, 111:or of five ranges of vibrations, is made available to man. It is intended that the mind shouldIntellect, 119:and the content of that memory to be easily available to the student. From this stage a [120]Intellect, 147:consciousness and ascribe much of the testimony available to the hallucinations of theIntellect, 237:of active attention. Many such outlines are available, and can be drawn up, by those who know theMagic, 69:recognize it, and with the equipment available, govern your actions. If you know yourself to beMagic, 80:higher bodies, to the physical brain and so be available for practical service. The wisdom of theMagic, 133:not so fundamentally suitable, but the only one available on account of the failure of the firstMagic, 140:a man has capacity - capacity that makes him available for group work and that can be extendedMagic, 140:with spiritual perception that a disciple is available for work and can be utilized actively in theMagic, 143:is to clothe thought and thus make our thoughts available for others. When we speak we evoke aMagic, 182:for discipleship. Interest for the data available in relation to the Adepts is more potent than theMagic, 398:to deal. The books upon the subject are easily available and should be read with the neededMagic, 402:vision. To note what influences or energies were available for use in the large endeavor to whichMagic, 403:will eventually annihilate time. It will make available to every man all past achievements andMagic, 461:and thinkers in all parts of the globe can be available for this work, provided their minds areMagic, 461:wait, and energy which would otherwise be made available for the solving of human problems and theMagic, 488:for those later shall be imparted, but methods available for the many. The thought form kept to theMagic, 523:and when a truer meaning of group activity is available, it will be possible to convey moreMagic, 528:the use humanity has made of all the energies available within the natural world of which it is aMagic, 575:on the surface. In one of the old books, available for the instruction of disciples these words areMeditation, 160:of the Ego, and of the pranic life everywhere available, will be set free. They can then circulateMeditation, 164:Logos. The seven Logoi in Their turn have Their available ritual or form whereby They canMeditation, 269:the beauty of the group, that will add to the available equipment that the Master seeks for theMeditation, 313:knowledge of the world of men will be easily available (music, libraries, and lectures), for in theMeditation, 317:progress and his capacity to serve) will all be available for his personal inspection, though to noMeditation, 319:the teachers will be advisory, and they will be available to answer questions and to superintendMeditation, 335:building. Eventually two other methods will be available by which more rapid refining may beMeditation, 345:more, wisely adjusts his capacity and the time available to each other. Next follows a wise controlMeditation, 345:husband his physical strength that he is always available for the carrying out of the Master'sPatanjali, 61:the sheaths, the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do.Patanjali, 213:becomes part of the brain contents and is available for use upon the physical plane. This is thePatanjali, 234:18. Knowledge of previous incarnations becomes available when the power to see thought-images isPatanjali, 275:18. Knowledge of previous incarnations becomes available when the power to see thought-images isPatanjali, 304:Planet, c. The Great Bear. Other meanings are available to those who hold the key, but the abovePatanjali, 317:and understands. Thus this knowledge becomes available in full waking consciousness to thePatanjali, 369:the sheaths, the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do.Patanjali, 415:(in the usual significance of the term) is not available until the instrument of knowledge, thePatanjali, 427:the sheaths, the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do.Patanjali, 427:the means of yoga, all knowledge becomes available. The yogi is now aware of his essentialProblems, 34:political power and which have striven with all available means to increase their membership and toProblems, 82:They must control its destiny and make it available along constructive lines for the use of menProblems, 97:that their children get the best of everything available, no matter what the cost to others, toProblems, 137:story - turn sadly away? Will they spend the available money in alleviating pain as Christ did,Problems, 174:show the people how practical is the ideal, how available the goodwill in mankind, and how easilyProblems, 175:and statistics have been published and are available to the public. The men in power in everyProblems, 175:food, minerals, oil and other necessities are available for worldwide use upon just and equitableProblems, 179:The propagation of these ideas by all available means and the spread of the principle of goodwillProblems, 180:city, a central bureau where information will be available concerning the activities of the men andPsychology1, 103:to see the soul, and that light will shortly be available and we shall understand the meaning ofPsychology1, 107:much esoteric training given to the world and available now to all who earnestly seek it. AspirantsPsychology1, 113:be; it is the body of teaching that can be made available, and its effect upon the collective mindPsychology1, 176:They have made the literature of the East available, in all its beauty, to the West, [177] and soPsychology1, 181:day. Thus [181] will the true patterns be made available, to play their part in leading the racePsychology1, 233:again, so it is. Let us now tabulate some of the available ideas and information. Psychology1, 331:water, he thereby gathers to himself all that is available for his use, and works in, and with, andPsychology2, 45:the reactions of the illumined initiate are made available to his intelligence in symbolic form,Psychology2, 138:the qualifications and aptitudes of the servers available. All will [139] be in conformity with thePsychology2, 139:and a recognition of the disciples and servers available on the physical plane at any one time, isPsychology2, 142:the time and therefore few fourth ray egos are available in world service. There are, however, manyPsychology2, 144:are many aspirants and disciples on this ray available today. [145] Psychology2, 260:to hasten their entrance into life so as to be available as agents for such a conditioning process.Psychology2, 294:organism. These constitute the sum total of the available energies, organized into the form of thePsychology2, 298:of his Master. In fact, four such charts are available, for the rays of the personality vary fromPsychology2, 300:the psychologist of the future employs all the available sciences at his disposal and, at the samePsychology2, 357:of birth until death, embodying as much of the available light as the man - at any given momentPsychology2, 369:that if all the emphasis of the soul energy available is poured into the lower nature, the naturalPsychology2, 440:I mean those potencies and knowledges which are available but which are as yet uncontacted andPsychology2, 440:yet, and never have been a part of the equipment available for use. Eventually, all these powersPsychology2, 512:are left with neither source of sustenance available for their helping. They are consequentlyPsychology2, 514:as symptoms of the wrong use made of the energy available in the human equipment or of unduePsychology2, 586:the inner mechanism which has made these powers available. By the transference of the attention toPsychology2, 598:the human and animal psychic faculties become available to the disciple. Humanity has chosen toPsychology2, 613:are not understood for what they are and the available light and energy are misapplied or turned toPsychology2, 615:new age or Aquarian character as is possible or available at this time. This accounts for thePsychology2, 664:in every possible language and by every available means, and every available person must bePsychology2, 664:language and by every available means, and every available person must be utilized to circulatePsychology2, 665:printed page and later, when trained people are available, through the medium of the spoken word.Psychology2, 667:see fit. It is the organization of the available resources to which we refer, so that the Plan mayPsychology2, 681:city, a central bureau where information will be available concerning the activities of men andPsychology2, 682:must find all literature and information easily available. No secret lists must be kept. Members ofPsychology2, 693:will then be to capitalize on the energy then available, and to take advantage of the vortex ofPsychology2, 725:every possible subjective agency and form of available energy for the stimulating of the human
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