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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVATAR

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Astrology, 273:that four of the names by which the Christ Avatar is ever called are: The Desire of All Nations -Astrology, 375:He it is who is forging the way for the coming Avatar Who will - at the right moment - come forth,Astrology, 677:(706) "Once in the history of each scheme, an avatar from the constellation Capricorn appears onAstrology, 677:The mystery of the goat lies hidden here. This avatar makes His appearance in the third round ofAstrology, 680:Logos, and was literally the coming of the Avatar. That this advent was brought about by a definiteAstrology, 687:incarnation and of [687] His coming as the Avatar. Very reverently might it be said that the firstAutobiography, 288:of the Boddhisattva, the Hindu for the coming Avatar and the Mohammedan for the appearance of theDestiny, 140:bring into physical manifestation the coming Avatar. This becomes possible when the work of theDestiny, 140:the Hierarchy is preparing and for which the Avatar Himself is preparing at Shamballa. Destiny, 141:as yet, no name. He will be a great and potent Avatar and is not along the line of our humanity atDestiny, 141:first or highest type of Mediator - the coming Avatar. The sustaining Life, the spiritual sun - theDiscipleship1, 721:mass of men who today hinder the Coming of the Avatar and render useless his intention. He dare notDiscipleship1, 721:stepping-down of the inflowing energy which the Avatar would bring with him so that it can beDiscipleship1, 721:it can be rendered effective in humanity. The Avatar and those who are working with him and underDiscipleship1, 721:which many have of the influence and work of the Avatar is that of a Great Appearance which willDiscipleship2, 333:force. The "nearing" or the directed power of an Avatar of some degree. The merging of allDiscipleship2, 406:was made possible by the Christ as the [406] Avatar, working in cooperation with the Master Jesus,Externalisation, 161:love; perhaps it will produce the sending of an Avatar or Messenger of Peace to lead the nations toExternalisation, 222:orientally minded, await the appearance of an Avatar Who will transmit from God the needed worldExternalisation, 286:of the return of Maitreya Buddha or the Kalki Avatar, in the belief in the Western world in theExternalisation, 289:a Teacher, a World Savior, an Illuminator, an Avatar. He gives the message which will heal, whichExternalisation, 291:ahead. It is one of the things which the coming Avatar will reveal. Externalisation, 291:normally arise and need clear answering. An Avatar is a Being Who - having first developed His OwnExternalisation, 291:within the planet itself and produce a planetary Avatar; it may be the expression of the lifeExternalisation, 292:spiritually positive, is the constant task of an Avatar. He focuses or anchors a dynamic truth, aExternalisation, 292:to some inflowing divine energy, to some Avatar or some inspired Leader. Externalisation, 293:Path to Light which must be trodden. So does the Avatar Who reveals the Lighted Way to humanity.Externalisation, 293:possibility and the divine nature. So does the Avatar. The Dweller on the Threshold indicates theExternalisation, 294:nature, must evoke response, and thus an Avatar can manifest. It is the magnetic appeal or theExternalisation, 295:the demand goes forth. Response comes. The Avatar appears and light pours in, making the way clear.Externalisation, 296:everywhere today awaits the Coming One. The Avatar is sensed as being on His way. The second ComingExternalisation, 296:a statement of belief and a challenge to the Avatar Who waits in His High Place until the demand isExternalisation, 296:in the magnetic link which should unite the Avatar with the demand for His coming forth. HisExternalisation, 296:The great event of the appearance of the Avatar can be made possible by a little increased effort.Externalisation, 296:have been done to make the appearance of the Avatar possible. From the side of humanity, I wouldExternalisation, 298:influence is entirely removed, the seventh ray Avatar will appear. His work will demonstrate theExternalisation, 299:now, for we await the coming of a still greater Avatar. 4. Transmitting Avatars. TheseExternalisation, 300:the world Scriptures. After He appeared as the Avatar of Love, then God became known as LoveExternalisation, 300:of Divine Embodiments as the highest type of Avatar for which humanity could look at this point inExternalisation, 301:humanity itself. I deal now with a fifth type of Avatar, greater than the other four. These AvatarsExternalisation, 302:Forces behind the Evolutionary Process When the Avatar comes He will convey to humanity somethingExternalisation, 303:if the massed intent of the people evokes this Avatar of Synthesis during the next twelve months. IExternalisation, 303:force He brings and wields. Another and lesser Avatar is also awaiting a call from humanity. He isExternalisation, 303:from humanity. He is esoterically related to the Avatar of Synthesis, being over-shadowed by Him.Externalisation, 303:of Synthesis, being over-shadowed by Him. This Avatar can descend on to the physical plane intoExternalisation, 303:and quality of the force of the greater Avatar Who can come no nearer than the mental plane. WhoExternalisation, 303:by Him to issue forth, over-shadowed by the Avatar of Synthesis and directed in His activities byExternalisation, 303:the matter by a brief summation: A great cosmic Avatar can come if the Hierarchy and humanity canExternalisation, 304:and a few of the men of goodwill. A Messenger or Avatar of equal rank to the Christ in theExternalisation, 304:may come forth as the Representative of the Avatar of Synthesis and as His transmitting Agent. ThisExternalisation, 304:and as His transmitting Agent. This lesser Avatar works today as one of the senior Members of theExternalisation, 304:eternity." It conveys the same basic idea. This Avatar can descend to the physical plane and thereExternalisation, 305:humanity today, in connection with the coming Avatar, can be summed up in the following fourExternalisation, 305:This depends upon His being over-shadowed by the Avatar of Synthesis and upon that Avatar beingExternalisation, 305:by the Avatar of Synthesis and upon that Avatar being evoked through the demand and the massedExternalisation, 305:not take place and only the lesser Avatar come to institute a slower method of gradual reform? ThisExternalisation, 306:realize clearly what are the methods whereby the Avatar can come and so reach humanity. These areExternalisation, 306:These are the same methods, whether it is the Avatar of Synthesis, working through the Hierarchy,Externalisation, 306:Synthesis, working through the Hierarchy, or the Avatar of Coordination (as I might call Him),Externalisation, 306:through humanity and representing the greater Avatar upon the physical plane. The methods wherebyExternalisation, 306:objective and in nature, it is possible for the Avatar to over-shadow some Member of the HierarchyExternalisation, 306:Member of the Hierarchy (as in the case of the Avatar of Synthesis) or some disciple or aspirantExternalisation, 306:humanity is concerned (in the case of a lesser Avatar). This is done through meditation, through aExternalisation, 306:(the sensitive responding disciple) and the Avatar. The Christ is today in very close rapport withExternalisation, 306:Christ is today in very close rapport with the Avatar of Synthesis, and this rapport will continue,Externalisation, 307:aware of this over-shadowing energy of the great Avatar, Their disciples on earth can also - in aExternalisation, 307:are inspired from "on high" by the cosmic Avatar and become at times direct expressions of HisExternalisation, 307:a case in point. In connection with the coming Avatar, it may involve the cooperation of the ChristExternalisation, 308:In the processes of inspiration, the lesser Avatar - through His life and contacts in the threeExternalisation, 308:and thus the inspiration coming from the cosmic Avatar becomes in time a group inspiration, andExternalisation, 308:then be a simultaneous appearing of the cosmic Avatar, the World Savior in the Person of the lesserExternalisation, 308:the World Savior in the Person of the lesser Avatar, and - at the same time - a group savior,Externalisation, 308:has been taken by the Hierarchy to enable the Avatar, the Coming One, to appear. What these stepsExternalisation, 309:lead to the appearance on Earth of the lesser Avatar? Some say nothing can stop it. Prophecy,Externalisation, 309:This possible dual event - the coming of the Avatar of Synthesis to the Hierarchy and of the lesserExternalisation, 309:of Synthesis to the Hierarchy and of the lesser Avatar, His Representative, to humanity - can be aExternalisation, 309:will find expression in the voiced appeal to the Avatar? It is feeling and fanatical adherence to aExternalisation, 311:the situation whole, they can then appeal to the Avatar to make His appearance. This appeal must beExternalisation, 311:to understand what are the objectives of the Avatar, and thus fit themselves to cooperate. TheExternalisation, 311:and aspirants in an attempt to call forth the Avatar, to reach Him by focused intensive thought andExternalisation, 312:of a nucleus or group through which the Avatar of Synthesis can work when the lesser Avatar hasExternalisation, 312:the Avatar of Synthesis can work when the lesser Avatar has come forth upon the physical plane.Externalisation, 312:to help mass world thought and thus evoke the Avatar, and likewise to provide a world group throughExternalisation, 316:must go on. The Coming One is on the way. The Avatar approaches. For this we must prepare. CloseExternalisation, 348:and He will return no more, because the coming Avatar will take His place in the minds and thoughtsExternalisation, 349:symbolically "the ear and the heart" of the Avatar, wresting thus from the secret place of the MostExternalisation, 350:dates for the appearing of the Coming One, the Avatar, or for any spectacular aid. If the work isExternalisation, 351:senior disciples and initiates. The work of the Avatar, the Rider from the Secret Place, will beExternalisation, 648:that they may be ready for the influence of the Avatar about Whom the Scriptures speak. He isExternalisation, 648:Whom the Scriptures speak. He is called the Avatar of Synthesis and His influence will be spreadExternalisation, 648:usually impervious to the sounds of earth; the Avatar of Synthesis was called in to aid. The mainExternalisation, 650:with Him the potency and the benediction of the Avatar of Synthesis. The number of theseExternalisation, 662:from Shamballa, from the Buddha and from the Avatar of Synthesis, and increasingly from the worldExternalisation, 662:a first ray Ashram, the energy coming from the Avatar of Synthesis will make its primary impactExternalisation, 663:into which (and through which) the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis can pour, finding rightFire, 371:physical incarnation and of His coming as the Avatar. Very reverently might it be said that theFire, 372:become apparent. A clue to the idea of the final Avatar is likewise to be seen here. Many temporaryFire, 386:Logos, and was literally the coming of the Avatar. That this advent was brought about by a definiteFire, 393:the individualization, in physical form, of the Avatar, needs to be pondered on. The DivineFire, 722:into five groups, bearing in mind that every avatar is a Ray, emanated from a pure spiritual
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