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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVATAR

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Fire, 722:Avatars. Human Avatars. As just said, an avatar is a Ray of effulgent and perfected glory, clothingFire, 722:physical plane, our systemic planes, the human avatar has achieved freedom from the five planes ofFire, 722:in physical plane incarnation is a type of avatar, for He is a "freed soul" and therefore onlyFire, 723:The effect of such a visit as that of the Avatar from Sirius is seen [724] as the sumtotal ofFire, 724:the entire system and in one flash of time. An avatar from the cosmic center will appear as pralayaFire, 724:system as a whole. One such Entity, the "Karmic Avatar" appeared upon the second logoic vibration,Fire, 725:is Their work, and opportunity to progress. An avatar can learn nothing from the place of HisFire, 725:about anticipated results. Another type of solar avatar, Who can be seen appearing in the schemes,Fire, 725:At the initiation of a planetary Logos, an avatar may appear in His scheme on the seventh globeFire, 725:grasped. By means of the appearance of this Avatar on the seventh globe, the planetary Logos isFire, 726:even when in physical incarnation; this solar avatar performs the same function for the planetaryFire, 726:work accomplished cannot be grasped by man. This avatar has naturally a direct effect upon theFire, 726:planetary realization in another. This type of avatar appears only at the time of the initiation ofFire, 727:scheme. Once in the history of each scheme, an avatar from the constellation Capricorn appears onFire, 727:"The mystery of the goat" lies hidden here. This avatar makes His appearance in the third round ofFire, 728:a physical body by one of the Kumaras. Such an avatar is to be seen in Sanat Kumara, Who, with theFire, 728:and it only needed the work of an interplanetary avatar (at the formation of the triangle whichFire, 747:Fire Elementals (d.) The Future Coming of the Avatar THE COMING AVATAR "From the zenith to theFire, 747:(d.) The Future Coming of the Avatar THE COMING AVATAR "From the zenith to the nadir, from dawn toFire, 747:down to the circle of gloom, rideth the secret Avatar, bearing the sword that pierceth. Naught canFire, 748:splendor of day, rideth the Manifested One, the Avatar, bearing the shattered Cross. Naught canFire, 751:on the physical plane in the appearance of an avatar. An avatar is, but an adept is made, butFire, 751:plane in the appearance of an avatar. An avatar is, but an adept is made, but frequently the force,Fire, 754:towards the end of the greater cycle, the coming Avatar will again employ the vestures [755] withFire, 757:ideals and intentions which (emanating from the Avatar) will yet be unrecognized by him as beingFire, 760:into conscious activity on the buddhic plane. An avatar demonstrates one of two things, accordingFire, 761:Buddha Himself, or (as in the case of the true Avatar, Who is, and Who has not achieved) the willFire, 813:the third, or animal, kingdom. The work of an Avatar of a lesser order Who will come in theFire, 1194:the Ego and the Personality. This type of triple Avatar only makes its appearance under a peculiarHealing, 615:include, finally, the doctrine of Avatars. An Avatar is one [616] who has a peculiar facility orHercules, 184:fish, the symbol of the second person, the fish Avatar, and the fish swimming in matter, the symbolHercules, 190:the culmination of Pisces, we have one fish, the avatar, not the two fishes banded together. TheMagic, 313:be found in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire to an avatar from Sirius who comes to bring about certainMagic, 313:certain planetary effects. This Life is not that avatar but is in the nature of a forerunner - of aMagic, 329:past have been founded by a great soul, by an Avatar, by an outstanding spiritual personality, andMagic, 329:will be the effect of the message of a group Avatar? What will be the potency of the work of aPatanjali, 28:I, 27.) If the student will also study the fish Avatar of Vishnu he will learn still more. The fishPsychology2, 278:principle as found in form, and was the Avatar Who carried in Himself the fully ripened seeds ofPsychology2, 278:of three systems. Then came the next great Avatar, the Christ, Who, enfolding in Himself all thatPsychology2, 279:in the Secret Place of the Most High. Later, the Avatar will emerge Who will embody in Himself allPsychology2, 280:cause of much of the present turmoil, for the Avatar is on His way. Psychology2, 280:there is knowledge and faith. The coming of the Avatar Who will fuse in Himself three principles ofPsychology2, 281:embody two divine principles. Later will come an Avatar Who will achieve neither the fullPsychology2, 282:the Christ, and it is "occultly guarded" by the Avatar of the physical plane. In all the abovePsychology2, 282:and steadily awakening. The rapid coming of the Avatar Who will found the station of light andPsychology2, 282:to work was essential if the work of this third Avatar from cosmic sources, was to be madePsychology2, 398:such a presented attribute, and it took a great Avatar, such as the Christ, to grasp for humanityRays, 13:involve the following groups: The emanating Avatar and His relationship to the Lord of the World,Rays, 15:- evoked by the impelling impact of the coming Avatar Whose "note is heard ahead of Him, and HisRays, 93:tasks that of hastening the coming of the Avatar Who waits for the perfected work of the Hierarchy,Rays, 93:which will be extra-planetary, and then the Avatar will come. Ask me not for the date or the hour,Rays, 94:the Council Chamber of Shamballa." That the Avatar will come is a predictable certainty. That HisRays, 94:not straight recognition. In connection with the Avatar, it will be a process of hierarchicalRays, 94:I only indicate possibility. When the Avatar has made His appearance, then will the "Sons of menRays, 95:time men must prepare. You will know when the Avatar links up with the planetary Logos because IRays, 95:and enable Him to draw upon the resources of the Avatar in the task of world reorganization andRays, 95:will be fortified and buttressed by the "silent Avatar" Who (occultly speaking) will "keep His eyeRays, 257:and of the Christ, and the work of the coming Avatar, will be superseded by One for Whom bothRays, 655:officers between Their great Leader and the Avatar of Synthesis. Christ Himself took thisRays, 734:are under the direction of the Solar Logos. The Avatar of Synthesis, Who is working in cooperationRays, 734:particular time; the constructive work of the Avatar of Synthesis will be apparent to you in theRays, 736:stage of receptive efficiency, a certain cosmic Avatar will "become conscious of the vibratoryRays, 752:Synthesis, working through the great first ray Avatar (the Avatar of Synthesis) is closer to theRays, 752:working through the great first ray Avatar (the Avatar of Synthesis) is closer to the Earth thanReappearance, 5:or to solve their problems. The coming of the Avatar, the advent of a Coming One and, in terms ofReappearance, 5:For decades, the reappearance of the Christ, the Avatar, has been anticipated by the faithful inReappearance, 6:Christ - Chapter I - The Doctrine of Avatars An Avatar is one Who has a peculiar capacity (besidesReappearance, 7:this we know relatively few details. The word "Avatar" is a Sanskrit word, meaning literallyReappearance, 8:look and all men can be affected. Therefore, an Avatar or a Christ comes forth for two reasons:Reappearance, 8:demand or the invocation of humanity itself. An Avatar is consequently a spiritual event, coming toReappearance, 8:is rampant. For this reason, if for no other, an Avatar may be looked for today. The necessaryReappearance, 9:Such an one was the Christ; He was twice an Avatar because He not only struck the keynote of theReappearance, 9:which is akin to the divine nature of the Avatar. We are all Gods, all the children of the OneReappearance, 9:precipitate the descent (as it is called) of an Avatar. To sum up, therefore: the doctrine ofReappearance, 10:a Teacher, a world Savior, an Illuminator, an Avatar, a transmitting Intermediary, a Christ. HeReappearance, 10:center where the will of God is known" that the Avatar should come again; it is the knowledge ofReappearance, 11:spiritually positive, is the constant task of an Avatar; He focuses or anchors a dynamic truth, aReappearance, 11:energy, to some inspired leader, or to some Avatar. An Avatar is at present usually aReappearance, 11:to some inspired leader, or to some Avatar. An Avatar is at present usually a Representative of theReappearance, 11:of the Spirit to bear easily the impact of an Avatar Who would express the dynamic will of God. ForReappearance, 11:For us as yet (and this is our limitation) an Avatar is one Who preserves, develops, builds,Reappearance, 11:which brought the Christ to us before as the Avatar of Love. The Christ, that great human-divineReappearance, 12:to God, prior to the advent of the Buddha, the Avatar of Illumination. Then the Buddha came andReappearance, 12:the world Scriptures. After He had come as the Avatar of Love, then God became known as loveReappearance, 13:the Will of God is known." When the Christ, the Avatar of Love, makes His reappearance then willReappearance, 76:His "spiritual fusion" with the Will of God, the Avatar of Synthesis has become, for the timeReappearance, 77:to the stupendous task confronting Christ, the Avatar of Synthesis will fortify Him, and He will beReappearance, 77:Him, and He will be buttressed by this "Silent Avatar" Who (to speak symbolically) will "keep HisReappearance, 78:[78] this group is uniquely related to this Avatar of Synthesis. The bringing together of all theReappearance, 78:intensified through the of the Avatar of Synthesis with the Christ. Their task is toReappearance, 78:the sons of men are one. These objectives the Avatar of Synthesis will foster and aid and for thisReappearance, 82:by the energies of the Spirit of Peace, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Buddha) were refocused andReappearance, 82:right human relations; the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis: Power, implementing both light andReappearance, 93:meaning. It is with this type of energy that the Avatar of Synthesis is peculiarly allied. He willReappearance, 97:Buddha; later, through the cooperation of the Avatar of Synthesis, Christ will be able to blendReappearance, 99:known only to Christ, to the Buddha and to the Avatar of Synthesis. All esoteric or spiritualReappearance, 101:energies of love and wisdom, with the aid of the Avatar of Synthesis and of the Buddha and underReappearance, 111:of the Buddha, of the Spirit of Peace and of the Avatar of Synthesis - the consequent outpouringReappearance, 148:approach of God to man. Always the Savior, the Avatar or the World Teacher issued forth from theReappearance, 182:past have been founded by a great soul, by an Avatar, and by an outstanding spiritual personality.
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