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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVATARS

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Astrology, 656:Rays or planetary Logoi." (C.F. 553) "Cosmic Avatars 'represent embodied force from Sirius, andAstrology, 660:be intuitively ascertained." (C.F. 699) Cosmic Avatars "...represent embodied forces from theDiscipleship1, 357:center. This is the basis of the doctrine of Avatars or Divine Messengers. The gift of Being andExternalisation, 285:PROGRESS OF THE RACE The Doctrine of Avatars May 1941 As we enter the momentous month of May thisExternalisation, 286:and human need is to be found in the doctrine of Avatars, and in the continuity of divineExternalisation, 286:time and age; it appears in the doctrine of the Avatars of the Hindu faith, in the teaching of theExternalisation, 286:of the ancient myths, the World Saviors and the Avatars bear witness and are the guarantee. Externalisation, 289:of the divine nature is based the doctrine of Avatars, of divine Messengers, divine Appearances,Externalisation, 291:somewhat the Doctrine of Divine Messengers, of Avatars. From whence come They? What is TheirExternalisation, 291:to the facts established by other and earlier Avatars, enriches the spiritual content of the humanExternalisation, 292:to the world of causes. At the present time the Avatars most easily recognized and known are theExternalisation, 292:both hemispheres; because They are divine-human Avatars and represent something which humanity canExternalisation, 292:Intervention In considering the subject of Avatars I would like to point out that (from theExternalisation, 292:of mankind at his present point in evolution) Avatars are of two kinds, as might be expected whenExternalisation, 292:of the pairs of opposites. These two are: Those Avatars Who are the embodiment of the Angel of theExternalisation, 293:Being, or an Expression of Cosmic Good. Those Avatars who are embodiments of the Dweller on theExternalisation, 294:limitations and evil habits. So [294] do those Avatars Who from time to time appear as theExternalisation, 294:Again, a correspondence to the Doctrine of Avatars can be seen in the disciple's individual life.Externalisation, 296:will be done? Between the Source from which all Avatars come forth [297] and humanity, stands theExternalisation, 297:the Evolutionary Process The Appearance of Avatars Since the year 1400 (a date to which I referredExternalisation, 297:there have been constant appearances of lesser avatars, called forth in response to minor crises,Externalisation, 297:into four relatively minor groups: 1. Racial Avatars. These Appearances are evoked by the geniusExternalisation, 298:They are both types of the most powerful Avatars which humanity itself has as yet produced. TheyExternalisation, 298:and are very sensitive to Shamballa force. Such Avatars frequently emerge at the founding of aExternalisation, 298:true of both Bismarck and Lincoln. 2. Teaching Avatars. These Appearances sound a new note in theExternalisation, 298:upon the spiritual development of humanity. Such Avatars were Plato, the first Patanjali andExternalisation, 298:mention the Christ or the Buddha as among these Avatars because They are Avatars of another classExternalisation, 298:Buddha as among these Avatars because They are Avatars of another class and of infinitely greaterExternalisation, 298:class and of infinitely greater potency. 3. Ray Avatars. These great Beings come forth atExternalisation, 299:of a still greater Avatar. 4. Transmitting Avatars. These manifestations of divinity appear atExternalisation, 299:still higher on the evolutionary ladder. These Avatars issue forth in response to demand and areExternalisation, 299:the stimulation of humanity as a whole. Of these Avatars the Buddha and the Christ are outstandingExternalisation, 299:examples. They were not only human-divine Avatars, and hence able to link humanity with theExternalisation, 300:disciples. I have considered some of these Avatars in my earlier writings under different names andExternalisation, 300:public with the teaching on the doctrine of Avatars or of divine Appearances. The Bible is full ofExternalisation, 301:of Avatar, greater than the other four. These Avatars have not, in this world cycle, experiencedExternalisation, 301:human life. 5. Divine Embodiments. These Avatars appear rarely; and when They do, the effectivenessExternalisation, 301:plus of course, essential purity of form. These Avatars express the Will of God, the energy ofExternalisation, 306:for the appearance of the Greater and the Lesser Avatars Who can at this time save humanity ifExternalisation, 306:upon the physical plane. The methods whereby Avatars reach and influence Their agents or those whoExternalisation, 307:of the Hierarchy and, above all, the lesser Avatars, are inspired from "on high" by the cosmicExternalisation, 316:to read and reread the instruction I gave you on Avatars. (Pages 285-313.) You will constitute theExternalisation, 347:the attention of the public the fact of the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ, both upon theExternalisation, 347:of our humanity to come forth as human-divine Avatars and to embody in Themselves certain cosmicExternalisation, 354:exists and is centered in the two great Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. It is difficult toExternalisation, 359:If the lives and teachings of these two great Avatars can be comprehended and wrought out anew inExternalisation, 359:dissipation is definitely centered in the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. Within the worldExternalisation, 360:to the true understanding of the work of these Avatars - a thing hitherto quite unrealized. ItFire, 533:primarily on the first ray. Certain of the Avatars, Who are selected by the Logos to carry aFire, 627:It is the plane from whence all planetary avatars emanate. The Heavenly Men take the firstFire, 683:who - when in bodily form - are spoken of as Avatars, as Buddhas of Activity, or as directFire, 721:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals (d.) Avatars, Their Nature and Their Work We have, inFire, 722:subject might be touched upon here, - that of AVATARS, and though it will not be possible for us toFire, 722:would be wise to divide the differing types of avatars into five groups, bearing in mind that everyFire, 722:previous series of lives of achievement. Cosmic Avatars. Solar Avatars. Interplanetary Avatars.Fire, 722:of lives of achievement. Cosmic Avatars. Solar Avatars. Interplanetary Avatars. Planetary Avatars.Fire, 722:Cosmic Avatars. Solar Avatars. Interplanetary Avatars. Planetary Avatars. Human Avatars. As justFire, 722:Solar Avatars. Interplanetary Avatars. Planetary Avatars. Human Avatars. As just said, an avatar isFire, 722:Interplanetary Avatars. Planetary Avatars. Human Avatars. As just said, an avatar is a Ray ofFire, 722:itself in matter for the purpose of service. All avatars in the strict sense of the word areFire, 722:are liberated souls, but the cosmic and solar avatars are liberated from the two lower planes ofFire, 722:While the planetary and the interplanetary avatars are liberated from the cosmic physical plane,Fire, 723:as still further to clarify our ideas: 1. Cosmic Avatars: They represent embodied force from theFire, 724:Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals 2. Solar Avatars: These avatars are of three types thoughFire, 724:and Fire Elementals 2. Solar Avatars: These avatars are of three types though there are really manyFire, 725:the ring-pass-not"; these are, nevertheless, not avatars for They are Themselves evolving throughFire, 725:open of the door of initiation to man. Such avatars do not come in connection with any particularFire, 726:Elementals and Fire Elementals 3. Interplanetary Avatars. A very interesting group of avatars isFire, 726:Avatars. A very interesting group of avatars is here to be found. They are mainly concerned withFire, 727:at the end of the age. Secondly, certain avatars from the fourth Creative Hierarchy, for esotericFire, 727:round of the fourth chain. These interplanetary avatars come in, as the products of much earlierFire, 727:Elementals and Fire Elementals 4. Planetary Avatars. These emanate from the central [728] planetaryFire, 729:to the unpledged and the profane. 5. Human Avatars. These are fully dealt with by H. P. B. andFire, 729:is hidden in the appearance of these various avatars and in their effect. 42 S. D., I, 494; II,Fire, 745:(See S. D., III, 364, 365, 367.) Those of Avatars. Those of Adepts. Those of jivas seekingFire, 748:the Lodge.) We have touched upon the subject of Avatars and the various classes into which theyFire, 760:of the incarnating jivas, of adepts and of avatars may come if the student remembers that: AnFire, 761:as a means to an end. In the case [761] of all avatars it is the will aspect which is brought intoFire, 764:jivas, we have touched upon three subjects: Avatars, with the intent of disposing of the confusionFire, 851:and deals with the coming-in of high Egos, of Avatars, of Buddhas, [852] of masters, of initiates,Glamour, 166:If the lives and teachings of these two great Avatars can be comprehended and wrought out anew inGlamour, 166:dissipation is definitely centered in the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. Within the worldGlamour, 168:to the true understanding of the work of these Avatars - a thing hitherto quite unrealized. ItHealing, 362:in our particular planetary life, though the avatars of a previous solar system, expressing itselfHealing, 615:and it would include, finally, the doctrine of Avatars. An Avatar is one [616] who has a peculiarInitiation, 28:his etheric body. He is the greatest of all the Avatars, or Coming Ones, for he is a directMagic, 321:and finds expression through the medium of world avatars, through the mystical yearning found inMagic, 379:the first letters of the real names of the four Avatars on the four globes of our earth chain whoMagic, 379:of the planetary Logos is revealed and His four Avatars are definitely contacted through the directPsychology2, 277:and as history proceeds, two great classes of Avatars must inevitably emerge, or have emerged.Psychology2, 277:are called in the language of esotericism "the Avatars of logoic descent upon the radiant pathPsychology2, 277:descent upon the radiant path of..." and "the Avatars of divine descent upon the Claiming Way." IPsychology2, 278:divinity, dramatically engineered by the cosmic Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. It is becausePsychology2, 281:more difficult than that of the two preceding Avatars, for He carries in Himself not only thePsychology2, 399:the Buddha or Christ differ radically from other Avatars in that They are so constituted that TheyPsychology2, 399:upon the minds of the racial thinkers. These Avatars are possessed by the attribute; TheyPsychology2, 400:some [400] revealing Agent. Thus the problem of Avatars or of the Messengers from the Most High,Rays, 139:divinity on the physical plane. The doctrine of Avatars. This religious history reveals. The natureRays, 160:as you may realize it - with the doctrine of Avatars or of World Saviors. It is in this connectionRays, 257:the doctrine of the Messiah and the doctrine of Avatars have been and are today only the dim
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