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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVERAGE

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Statement:a little longer upon the Path than has the average student, and has therefore incurred greaterAstrology, 5:to bring about. At present, the position of the average believer in astrology is that he is anAstrology, 12:has been given in the occult books of which the average astrologer remains profoundly unaware. ItAstrology, 13:with Vulcan when dealing with the undeveloped or average man and with Uranus when considering, theAstrology, 16:When correctly interpreted for the average man and for the unevolved man, they can and do indicateAstrology, 21:the Path. The casting of the horoscope of the average man or the undeveloped man presents no suchAstrology, 23:lives below the diaphragm. This is the ordinary average man. These signs thus condition four of theAstrology, 27:kingdom, the human, and with individual man - average man, the disciple and the initiate. We shallAstrology, 30:position of the planets in the twelve houses. Average intelligent humanity and those nearing theAstrology, 65:one effect upon the mass and another upon the average individual man, and still a third effect uponAstrology, 75:of planetary rulers for the undeveloped and average man. A new combination of rulers andAstrology, 76:but necessarily inadequate, generalization: [76] Average and undeveloped man, living below theAstrology, 78:the five non-sacred planets, but in unevolved or average man, are focused almost entirely upon theAstrology, 89:to influence the spiritual man and the disciple. Average man is primarily conditioned in the eventsAstrology, 98:also that through the ruling planet, Mars, the average man born in this sign is related to Scorpio,Astrology, 119:Gemini - In the undeveloped man or the average man, the experiences undergone on three arms of theAstrology, 133:rotates in the normal manner for the ordinary average or undeveloped person, the Word is "And theAstrology, 136:rocky material nature of the Capricornian. The average man in Aquarius puts all his wares into theAstrology, 142:service and to the welfare of humanity. The average Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross will be, forAstrology, 162:Constellations It will interest you to note that average humanity is, therefore, subjected to theAstrology, 170:and in the life history of the undeveloped and average man. Materialism, the fight for theAstrology, 188:the difference between the disciple and the average man. Astrology, 209:Their influence is potent in the lives of the average or undeveloped man who responds more easilyAstrology, 222:the horoscope of the personality and with the average non-aspiring man, the astrologer shouldAstrology, 228:Self-consciousness. Undeveloped and average man. Human experience. Virgo - Meditation - Soul life,Astrology, 233:Sex is usually connected in the mind of the average astrological student with the signs Taurus andAstrology, 251:to the heart and without obscurity. To the average man with no developed spiritual consciousness,Astrology, 257:are simply bewildering galaxies of light to the average citizen. I feel the need to remind you ofAstrology, 257:of life and potency but not as science and the average man understand them. From the standpoint ofAstrology, 267:is more sensitive than is the case with the average person, and can respond to a higher range ofAstrology, 271:are to be found three meanings: one for average intelligent man, another for disciples, and a thirdAstrology, 303:when clairvoyance is a normal attribute of average man. Then the focus of the substance in any formAstrology, 307:which color the reactions and life of the average man. He is then governed by the physical Sun,Astrology, 311:the Crab This sign is not an easy one for the average student to understand for it is the polarAstrology, 313:synthesis of the final relation is beyond the average grasp and its 'linking' or essential unityAstrology, 321:the feeling-sensitive nature which dominates the average man; it is with this stable tendency thatAstrology, 322:the impacts to which the true man is sensitive. Average humanity is not yet fully equipped to bearAstrology, 322:it. It is also as difficult and hard for the average student of modern times to grasp theAstrology, 322:related by the Moon, veiling Neptune. The average human being is just beginning to grasp the stageAstrology, 334:It is consequently of small use to the average reader at this time, though it opens up,Astrology, 352:body. These are the two allied brothers. In the average person, the etheric vehicle is theAstrology, 375:initiate. It manifests as stubbornness in the average man (and this is literally wilful adherenceAstrology, 379:of the ordinary round of the zodiac, followed by average and undeveloped humanity, or from theAstrology, 382:stream of energy upon this Fixed Cross where average man is concerned. The energy let loose throughAstrology, 387:This is a most difficult situation for the average man to comprehend but the entire problem of theAstrology, 389:distinctions also merit consideration. [389] The average human being may consider desire asAstrology, 396:this will eventually determine statistically the average of the signs governing the various typesAstrology, 408:obscurity and quite incomprehensible to the average astrologer and certainly to the averageAstrology, 408:to the average astrologer and certainly to the average student. I would remind you, however, thatAstrology, 440:discipleship" is basically true because ordinary average man, except in group formation, does notAstrology, 457:and it is one which is little realized by the average occult student. I refer to the outlets ofAstrology, 497:at least remain hypotheses and theories to the average astrologer and probably unwelcome ones atAstrology, 497:horoscope as at present done in the case of the average man who is proceeding clockwise around theAstrology, 498:still persist and prove its usefulness where the average man is in question, focused in hisAstrology, 512:ruled only by the seven sacred planets; among average men, some of the sacred planets dominate andAstrology, 516:these sciences will remain obscure to the average intellect. Once, however, the intuition can comeAstrology, 517:the centers are governed by the following rays: Average Man - Exoteric Planets Head Center - firstAstrology, 596:and immortality. This is something which the average astrologer will be unable to prove because theAstrology, 680:have already been grasped and realized by the average occult student who has been pondering thisAstrology, 682:with a complexity that is enough to stagger the average student. The planetary wheel of life turnsAtom, 13:much that is known and realized as truth by the average man, even though he may be unable toAtom, 20:They are constantly being used, and the average man well knows that the word "evolution" suggestsAtom, 99:gives, and which I have quoted earlier. The average thinker who takes up the majority of theAtom, 113:are beginning more or less to do. Little as the average man may realize it, great thinkers, such asAtom, 135:is usually meant by the term of "medium." The average medium is a man of a negative or receptiveAtom, 136:occasionally, but it is not very often that the average man comes in contact with his higher self.Autobiography, 42:mankind and Who was not as truly kind as the average parent to his offspring. These were theAutobiography, 75:as portrayed by Rudyard Kipling. In fact, the average Tommy Atkins resents his portrayal of them.Autobiography, 77:be given to Bible study for I was taking an average of fifteen meetings a week, to currentAutobiography, 110:British. No, it was not that but simply that average human beings are kindly inside and like toAutobiography, 130:was the show packer in the factory. I handled an average of ten thousand sardines a day and packedAutobiography, 147:to step but off." I find the attitude of the average head of a group or occult teacher and many ofAutobiography, 162:which can result in writings far above the average and which convey teaching needed by comingAutobiography, 179:life. The trouble with prayer has been that the average human being makes it entirely a selfishAutobiography, 184:of occult truth than are the members of the average occult group. Autobiography, 184:care which engrosses the attention of the average mother was changing into emotional demands. ThisAutobiography, 184:by and large - I am somewhat disgusted with the average parents in this country and in GreatAutobiography, 192:As a trained disciple I may know more than the average reader but I have no knowledge such as thatAutobiography, 202:that they can be trusted when they know. The average boy and girl are not naturally degenerate andAutobiography, 215:earlier and keep their mouths shut, and the average mother knows nothing about her son's affairs.Autobiography, 219:I think they have a wider point of view than the average person they meet and this they owe to theAutobiography, 222:churches or do the everyday things which the average tourist does. We drifted about the streets. WeAutobiography, 247:ideas which it is my Dharma to make public. The average psychic and medium is not usually of a highAutobiography, 248:personality is little evolved or is only of an average development, it can be and often isAutobiography, 263:ever gives a command or expects obedience. The average esoteric group is today a closedAutobiography, 280:separateness which is distinctive of the average human being. As you face this new life of trainingBethlehemwhich in former ages could be obtained from the average layman by the expounding of theologicalBethlehem, 76:and wider in its all-embracing love than the average orthodox Church seems willing to admit. TheBethlehem, 80:for the dominant inferiority complex of the average Christian - an inferiority which Christ in noBethlehem, 99:our consciousness is predominantly focused. The average man or woman is predominantly a blend ofBethlehem, 121:here, and far more complicated than the average healer or healing group realizes. Two things onlyBethlehem, 127:so. Such persons wield much more power than the average. Just what is a fine character, and how isBethlehem, 138:of divinity. Such is not the case with the average man. With him divinity may be present, but it isBethlehem, 143:p. 128. This realization is far from the average man, and still further from the undeveloped. TheBethlehem, 167:of truth, He couched divinity in forms which the average man could grasp. He bridged the old andBethlehem, 170:life and the selfishness generally shown by the average man. But to the man who seeks to followBethlehem, 179:and what is the significance of His death to the average human being today? Are the facts of HisBethlehem, 196:man, and the faults and failings of the average "nice" citizen of modern times involve differentBethlehem, 203:them now. There are boundaries across which the average right-minded citizen does not step. When heBethlehem, 259:is probably due to the fact that the general average of human development is so high that the power
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