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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVERAGE

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Destiny, 11:world upheaval, that it is difficult for the average student to conceive of its nature. These fiveDestiny, 20:affectionate personal interest of the average worker. They are occupied mainly with the interestsDestiny, 113:has been expressing itself, the reaction of the average human being is one of an intense devotionDestiny, 131:above may sound fanciful and fantastic to the average student. Discipleship1, X:to contacts and to individuals of which the average human being knows nothing. A second reason forDiscipleship1, 21:for that state. It is not easy for the average beginner on the Path of Discipleship to grasp thisDiscipleship1, 45:of the group also had its effect, for the average vibration and polarization established the noteDiscipleship1, 48:activity (which is so [48] dominant in the average person) , turning it into heart activity and theDiscipleship1, 106:of my group of disciples from the point of the average of the group effect and not so much from theDiscipleship1, 109:at the close of six months, note the general average of the results, any phenomenal effects and anyDiscipleship1, 118:to you upon the Path, those who are the average people or the probationers who are treading theDiscipleship1, 134:but seldom employed with understanding by the average man or woman. [135] They are usually theDiscipleship1, 138:somewhat deeper than that of [138] the average citizen. Yet the very depth of your vision andDiscipleship1, 202:The group is not really working (as does the average healer), with the etheric prana... [203] ThisDiscipleship1, 336:This matters not at all in the case of the average person for in due time and inevitably a properDiscipleship1, 340:of reality and of truth is far ahead of the average. Your sensitive response to glamor is equallyDiscipleship1, 360:inner occult realities far outstrips that of the average student. But it is all introverted; itDiscipleship1, 371:wise, trustworthy and with far more than the average capacity to serve and to prove useful. TheirDiscipleship1, 371:soul, that you have far more to give than the average disciple. You have wisdom and muchDiscipleship1, 377:its faint outlines are found in the minds of the average intelligent God-accepting men of the worldDiscipleship1, 427:produce in you quicker reactions than in the average person. Recognize these evoked reactions andDiscipleship1, 469:is moving ahead with such rapidity that the average aspirant and intelligent man has no soonerDiscipleship1, 509:can evoke is far more potent than that of the average person. Your mind, as a result of the glamor,Discipleship1, 511:unconscious manifestation. There are (for the average disciple) three main attitudes of mind and ofDiscipleship1, 511:difficult and they are more sensitive than the average. They are also being constantly tried andDiscipleship1, 534:work accomplished or to feed the vanity of the average aspirant. However, I would like today toDiscipleship1, 594:of a Master is something little realized by the average disciple. Whilst this type of experience isDiscipleship1, 652:of those around you is far above the average. The need of the world today has never been so great,Discipleship1, 654:gifts of mind, and brain and heart above the average - bound up in your personality, to be sure,Discipleship1, 681:aid in materializing. It is not easy for the average person to be fluid and to change details andDiscipleship1, 699:as it pours through the etheric or vital body. Average man is impulsed by desire which is anDiscipleship1, 706:of the Masters; there is little that the average disciple can do for them in molding their thoughtDiscipleship1, 706:of approach. But they are far stronger than the average disciple and the task would, therefore, beDiscipleship1, 719:the kama-manasic type of mind - the mind of the average aspirant. The chela is, therefore, at thisDiscipleship1, 719:come within the range of comprehension of the average aspirant. [720] As far as these aspirants areDiscipleship1, 725:or is it to be stepped down to a generally lower average to suit the least advanced? Let us put itDiscipleship1, 741:then, to enforce the warnings and awaken the average psychic to the undesirability of his astralDiscipleship1, 745:focus - a step forward indeed from that of the average unthinking person but one to which theyDiscipleship1, 748:relationship must ever be borne in mind. To the average aspirant, the implications of this stage ofDiscipleship1, 765:phenomena which are totally unimaginable to the average disciple? He is, therefore, whenDiscipleship1, 779:ideas which it is my dharma to make public. The average psychic and medium is not usually of aDiscipleship1, 780:personality is little evolved or is only of an average development, it can be and often isDiscipleship2, 24:time equation is one of great difficulty to the average disciple. He is either working constantlyDiscipleship2, 38:energy of the will-to-good into the world; the average man and woman, responding unconsciously,Discipleship2, 75:and the distribution of the Invocation than the average School student, and it is you to whom IDiscipleship2, 102:the hierarchical quality of energy so that the average man (with his average vibration and quality)Discipleship2, 102:of energy so that the average man (with his average vibration and quality) can find in himself aDiscipleship2, 109:which is so frequently circulated by the average aspirant. This whole business of occult gossip andDiscipleship2, 114:All this is a somewhat new concept for the average esotericist and theosophist, and is one of theDiscipleship2, 121:by the soul. These are as yet in the case of the average aspirant, practically entirely quiescentDiscipleship2, 152:By this means, the selfish individuality of the average man could be transmuted into the groupDiscipleship2, 155:or deeper, as the case may be, and that for average disciples, such as you, the impressions to beDiscipleship2, 156:which are understandable, in a measure, to the average person because of its familiar wording,Discipleship2, 160:and space of the will-to-good - the Will of God. Average instinctual humanity, the men and women ofDiscipleship2, 166:among them those who stand out from the general average as possessing a [167] deeper insight andDiscipleship2, 188:have a special and peculiar advantage over the average man who is accustomed to pray, because theDiscipleship2, 225:divinely inclusive than are the hearts of the average followers of any religious doctrine,Discipleship2, 255:world happenings are totally unlike that of the average man because he is living increasingly inDiscipleship2, 298:development. As I oft have told you, the average aspirant confounds will with determination, withDiscipleship2, 312:devoid of all evil intent, is an enigma to the average disciple. It appears to contravene otherDiscipleship2, 313:is free, as compared with that of the [313] average man, and the most urgent and the most difficultDiscipleship2, 327:been undergone by you. It is not easy for the average aspirant to realize that progressive stagesDiscipleship2, 378:comes to the initiate than are those which the average aspirant and disciple regard as astoundingDiscipleship2, 378:This does not demonstrate as it does with average advanced humanity, as applied goodwill, but itDiscipleship2, 391:between the recognition of the stage reached by average humanity and the immediate aspects of theDiscipleship2, 423:that they are necessarily meaningless to the average esoteric student. We say the words glibly andDiscipleship2, 446:in the world of occult life as far as the average man is concerned, but from the angle of an AshramDiscipleship2, 447:and desires; they differ from those made by the average man because they are ever accompanied byDiscipleship2, 537:affected by you steadily increases. With the average person who is kind, well-meaning and endowedDiscipleship2, 538:which is, absent from the life of the average man. For the remainder of this life, therefore, IDiscipleship2, 572:of service. Such is not the duty or dharma of average man. It is sufficient for him to make goodDiscipleship2, 573:personality. The same process in the case of the average citizen produces an integration of theDiscipleship2, 580:organized enterprise) is something that the average man can understand. The work has hitherto beenDiscipleship2, 625:reveals emotion. In the present time when the average human being and the average aspirant cannotDiscipleship2, 625:time when the average human being and the average aspirant cannot distinguish accurately betweenDiscipleship2, 661:to the disciple though almost unknown to the average man. Endeavor to find these. I would ask you,Discipleship2, 669:and aspirants in the next race, where the [669] average aspirant to discipleship will be expectedDiscipleship2, 692:effect which karma produced in the life of the average citizen. You thought in terms of one group.Education, 30:sutratma as it passes through the etheric body. Average men utilize almost entirely that part ofEducation, 45:first historical date usually remembered by the average British child is "William, the Conqueror,Education, 57:is also emerging in all civilized countries. The average citizen is in possession of a vast amountEducation, 58:and better education: Make available to the average citizen what has "come to light" in the past.Education, 59:to define esotericism in terms of the general average intelligence of esoteric students and theirEducation, 74:hitherto been so, but it need not be. Today the average child is, for the first five or six yearsEducation, 77:of his activities. Many of the things which the average child does are not in themselves naughty orEducation, 93:be apt to recognize more quickly than will the average adult, trained in the ways and attitudes ofExternalisation, 19:stimulation is so great at this time and the average aspirant is so sensitive and finely organizedExternalisation, 43:effect of a real cause from the standpoint of average humanity. When healers can work mentally,Externalisation, 117:which find their sole arguments (as far as the average thinker is concerned) in deduction from theExternalisation, 147:I well know, too high and too impossible for the average aspirant, and most people are average. ButExternalisation, 147:for the average aspirant, and most people are average. But the world need is such that they mustExternalisation, 157:in which you use it. There is for you and the average aspirant no direct contact, and that isExternalisation, 158:these great Individualities mean to you and to average humanity? Nothing at all and this isExternalisation, 195:problem. This they have not yet done because the average Jew is lonely and unsettled, able to doExternalisation, 242:essential, and these qualities are rare in the average student and the small town man. PastExternalisation, 313:feverish outer occupation with things which the average man who is not spiritually oriented can doExternalisation, 378:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The average man looks on at all of this and isExternalisation, 379:in his office, the woman in her home, and the average citizen everywhere contribute at this timeExternalisation, 379:but has been little used. The gullibility of the average citizen, his willingness to accept what isExternalisation, 380:second point which needs to be grasped by the average citizen is that the mass is made up of
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