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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVERAGE

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Glamour, 257:conditioned by some idea. It is here that the average aspirant fails so often. He is usually soGlamour, 264:my brother, the point of tension for the average disciple will be found on mental levels, involvingGlamour, 267:are, however, beyond the comprehension of the average disciple; their sole value is to depict theGlamour, 271:of glamor, illusion and maya from the angle of average man. The latter is necessarily immersed inHealing, 10:express, for the general mental equipment of the average aspirant and disciple is inadequate to theHealing, 22:world illusion and glamor, which prevents the average and ignorant man from seeing life as it trulyHealing, 25:out that the diseases for the masses, for the average citizen, for the intelligentsia, and for theHealing, 26:[26] This is a point most difficult for the average healer to recognize; it is not easy or possibleHealing, 26:instance, can place himself in the hands of the average magnetic healer or radiatory worker, orHealing, 39:note that that which at present goes out of the average house is the refuse that is undesirable -Healing, 40:measures which are usually lacking in the average metaphysical healer. But they are entirelyHealing, 42:and final cure is out of the question. This the average mental healer fails to realize. They make aHealing, 44:We shall, in this connection, only consider the average man. The problems of the disciple will beHealing, 44:affect those who are a little above the average and whose general level of intelligence is higherHealing, 45:Self-consciousness Knowledge petals Mental body Average humanity - Ordinary people 5. Solar plexusHealing, 52:nature, it will become apparent that for the average person two such tabulations would have to beHealing, 55:problem out of the usual comprehension of the average man. A human being is also predisposed toHealing, 56:degeneration are unwholesome reading for the average man or woman. A little knowledge along theseHealing, 65:perhaps most of the [65] complaints from which average man suffers are based upon astral causes orHealing, 69:in Atlantean times, it means but little to the average man today. He does not realize that largeHealing, 91:When they do, the result is inevitably a better average of health, because there is betterHealing, 110:human being than is the practical physician. The average metaphysician, no matter by what label heHealing, 113:understood. Diseases for the masses, for the average citizen, for the intelligentsia and forHealing, 118:lines, and might be expressed as follows: the average psychologist employs the method (when dealingHealing, 122:affecting seven major areas of the body. For the average disciple, before there is complete soulHealing, 139:many physical ills. The objective before the average man (unconsciously effective) is to respondHealing, 151:powerful and well developed center where average humanity is concerned. It is interesting to noteHealing, 152:The sacral center for the undeveloped and the average man. The throat center for the aspirant andHealing, 154:of supreme importance in the well-being of the average human being of today. Its purpose is toHealing, 168:- or to refrain from healing. The inertia of the average man or woman, which rebels against theHealing, 168:truly present, as are those emotions which the average healer calls love. Healing, 170:It is of supreme importance in the life of the average man, and its control is a vital goal for theHealing, 171:in the etheric vehicle through which humanity (average, unenlightened humanity) [172] lives andHealing, 172:is in a constant state of turmoil, where average man is concerned; this is due to individual andHealing, 172:so the solar plexus center (the synthesis of the average developed personality energies, prior toHealing, 180:over-developed animal nature and functions of average humanity. There is necessarily much more thatHealing, 180:It is not a description either of the everyday, average human being. This is indicated by the factHealing, 192:wishful thinking and on the innate desire of the average human being for comfort and physicalHealing, 213:is awakened in undeveloped man, or even in the average citizen. That there is a considerable wealthHealing, 213:fact that both these centers are awakened in the average man, and when the functioning is adequateHealing, 219:a greater development of mental power than the average man, and also to the fact that ray type isHealing, 242:even if the subject is too esoteric for the average intelligence to grasp, that has led me toHealing, 247:are three score years and ten" hints. When the average of a general cyclic period is normally run,Healing, 255:to penetrate into the consciousness of the average thinking (or again should I say, unthinking?)Healing, 272:and to keep clearly in the consciousness of the average man certain uncontrovertible, spiritualHealing, 276:its effect upon the entire physical vehicle. The average general practitioner cannot cope with theHealing, 284:the area of the disease. The safest plan for the average student of healing or for a healing groupHealing, 285:the karma of the patient is necessarily (for the average healer) not yet ascertainable. To this IHealing, 319:of certain methods of release which, from the average point of view, might be regarded as involvingHealing, 328:for him, the paramount energy of his life. The average unintelligent healer is usually simply aHealing, 333:be found a slight activity in the ajna center. Average humanity works partly through the solarHealing, 356:soul and personality healing energies, but the average intelligent aspirant as yet cannot. TheHealing, 388:of life on the other levels, unseen by the average man and regarded as problematical andHealing, 398:case. The mystery and the foolishness of the average seance room, and the work of the mediums, haveHealing, 401:[401] it is based on the non-sensitivity of the average human being to life, withdrawn from aHealing, 408:field of experience (in which is death, as the average person knows it) is the three worlds ofHealing, 415:Page 581. Its workings are more apparent to the average human mind in its manifestations at thisHealing, 428:(rhythmic and cyclic in nature) which govern the average man's life - rising and retiring, eatingHealing, 429:of glamor. With undeveloped people and with the average type of man, the solar plexus is the focusHealing, 429:via the solar plexus, which is the brain of the average animal. Highly developed and domesticatedHealing, 430:individualized human beings and with the average emotional type of person, the following triplicityHealing, 438:many of the old ideas will vanish. Death to the average thinking man is a point of catastrophicHealing, 443:Atlantean degenerates and earth bound souls, the average Indian chief and guide. There is nothingHealing, 446:of memory is as yet practically empty. For the average good citizen, death is a continuance of theHealing, 456:beyond the animal stage. What then of the average man? A third exit is now in temporary use; justHealing, 461:man, and still more in the case of the average man) at least two inches away from the physicalHealing, 464:a "Lemurian departure"; in the case of the average citizen, where the focus of the life is in theHealing, 486:emotional and sentient polarization of the average man, the idea has taken hold that man withdraws,Healing, 487:of the soul. These are the undeveloped and average persons who, after the elimination of the kamicHealing, 489:long time. Where, however, the man is above the average, and on the verge of becoming a manasicHealing, 491:to him in his kamic body. Therefore, taking the average man, what are his first reactions andHealing, 491:involves a clarity of perception unknown to the average man whilst in physical incarnation. TimeHealing, 492:Forget not, I am dealing here with the average man and not with the advanced human being, discipleHealing, 500:point where we are no longer dealing [500] with average man or with undeveloped man. We shall beHealing, 500:to its form aspect. With the undeveloped or the average man, the soul plays a very small part inHealing, 502:between disease and death as experienced by the average man, and certain corresponding processes ofHealing, 515:therefore, will have little meaning for the average reader. From the angle of the personal self,Healing, 528:forward of a large group out of the ranks of average humanity on to the Path of Discipleship isHealing, 530:for this is that the nervous apparatus of the average human being (and by that I mean his nervousHealing, 540:done. In this statement, I am dealing with the average person. In the case of initiates, it isHealing, 551:plexus center if the patient is an ordinary and average advanced person; if he is quite undevelopedHealing, 553:on the part of the personality of the average man; he is not as yet capable of intelligentHealing, 556:degree of development on the healer's part. The average spiritual healer will have to link up headHealing, 560:small infections which render the life of the average man or of the undeveloped man so trying andHealing, 563:trouble, to catarrh and head colds in the average person, whilst in the more advanced man it leadsHealing, 571:and to man as he finally will appear. In the average human being, and before reaching perfection,Healing, 572:- focusing point of these three energies. In the average man, the situation will be as follows: TheHealing, 575:here is that of the healer and not that of the average patient; this the healer uses in conjunctionHealing, 579:not the methods which should be employed by the average man or the practicing aspirant.Healing, 584:far more potent in conditioning the life of the average man than is the energy of the soul, whichHealing, 585:and not from the angle of vision of the average or unillumined man. We will, therefore, take eachHealing, 585:but assuredly conveys very little to the average thinker, to whom life means essentially and simplyHealing, 597:will usually prove adequate for all ordinary or average people. If, however, the patient is a veryHealing, 607:causes, primarily with causes over which the average person has no conscious control, and becauseHealing, 609:but it is also dependent, in the majority of average cases, upon the life and intentions of theHealing, 616:within the form lays its basic emphasis. For the average human being, this is usually the astralHealing, 623:and imperfectly directed in the case of the average or undeveloped human being; through this systemHealing, 642:have established a contact (non-existent in the average man) between the Monad, the Source of Life,Healing, 660:will die. It is therefore fortunate that the average healer is so futile that such a direHealing, 675:which causes bewilderment, at present, to the average modern healer belonging to some cult or
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