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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVERAGE

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Healing, 682:form aspect of the threefold lower man) of the average intelligent aspirant, looking at this lawHealing, 683:that does not concern normal form life or the average consciousness of man in the three worlds.Healing, 693:future. For another thing, the soul ray of the average aspirant is seldom in control to such anHealing, 694:The relatively low point in evolution of the average student and experimenter has served as aHealing, 706:has his place only upon the periphery. Where the average unthinking man is concerned, the danger ofHealing, 711:- sense of superiority with which the average healer and the esotericist views his problem ofHealing, 714:would have been entirely meaningless to the average man a hundred years ago. So it is with the newHercules, 73:types of seance room work. This intrigues the average man or woman [74] and puts them at the mercyHercules, 88:whole, and therein lies the problem; for the average Cancer person, as well as for the aspirant whoHercules, 108:and blended and, therefore, potent beyond the average, the aspirant often becomes a somewhat tryingHercules, 122:sign through the influence of Venus, while the average man will enter under the rulership ofHercules, 128:of assessment of the past. Again, strangely, the average man approaches Libra through the drasticHercules, 139:to the heart and without obscurity. To the average man, with no developed spiritual consciousness,Hercules, 183:animal nature and deified it, which is what the average human being who investigates the mysteriesHercules, 185:mean to be unkind, but my experience with the average group is that it is a hotbed of jealousies,Hercules, 200:while the fish on the horizon represents the average person. The second constellation is Andromeda,Hercules, 212:and Pisces). Quality: Mass sensitivity; for the average man, mass identification with form; for theHercules, 217:being on the ascendant every two hours on an average; so, as the result of the precession, the farHercules, 223:of Hercules and of all disciples, and of the average human being. They constitute the totality ofInitiation, viii:seeks to make it apparent that here and now the average man may begin to build that character andInitiation, viii:to engross their attention, and that if the average man adheres to the path of duty and high-mindedInitiation, 4:to realize. When we recognize the fact that the average man is as yet fully conscious only on theInitiation, 7:points of analogy are possible to the average student. The moment he attempts to reduce to chartInitiation, 20:of such a profoundly momentous interest to the average man, yet its real significance will never beInitiation, 25:of sound. This leads to their silence where the average man would speak, and their speaking whereInitiation, 25:man would speak, and their speaking where the average man is silent. When men have grasped the fourInitiation, 26:general public, much must be left unsaid. The average man is interested and his curiosity isInitiation, 39:intelligent love, and from the standpoint of the average human being they are perfect love andInitiation, 118:This is practically incomprehensible to the average man for whom this book is written. At the sixthInitiation, 126:for they are on so vast a scale that the average human mind cannot as yet envisage them. ManInitiation, 177:and experience into quality. The ordinary average man transmutes ignorance into knowledge, andIntellect, 8:seems as yet not to be within the grasp of the average man. The problem facing the human familyIntellect, 14:manifestation and satisfaction of which the average man knows nothing. As Dr. Bennett says "theIntellect, 22:education is really meeting the needs of the average citizen. It certainly seems to fail in itsIntellect, 103:whether of a high grade or a low, but with the average person that is all that happens. Very littleIntellect, 103:at present controlling in the case of the average man is from the outside world inwards, throughIntellect, 121:in the second, you will have the intelligent average citizen [122] whose mind is a theatre orIntellect, 124:is led by the intuition of minds of a more than average instinctive sensitiveness; analyticalIntellect, 138:- Chapter Six - Stages in Meditation In the average man, the soul is occupied (as the Perceiver)Intellect, 150:these men have shown fruits so far above the average as to make them spiritual leaders of mankind."Intellect, 150:239, 240. The trouble has been that with the average mystic, though not with the outstandingIntellect, 178:occult to, and practically unattainable by, the average grade school student, so the higherMagic, 14:from the untrained mind, and that is the average mind. Then, secondly, we have discriminativeMagic, 16:is purely speculative from the standpoint of the average man and the future is equally so, but heMagic, 22:truth differently may indeed be so, but for the average thinker of today the terms spirit, soul,Magic, 24:that, owing to the point in evolution of the average man, his reaction to truth and the reaction ofMagic, 24:a higher stage of the ladder of evolution. The average reader, however, objects to being forced toMagic, 25:meaningless and a mere jumble of words to the average grammar school child, but would carry a clearMagic, 25:clear and lucid as current literature is to the average reader, and the best sellers, as you callMagic, 26:is legitimate) and means of knowledge of which average man has no idea; they penetrate or includeMagic, 28:- Introductory Remarks The first reaction of the average student on reading the above is to thinkMagic, 58:his relation only the form side of the field of average human evolution. He has used it and hasMagic, 63:speed and forcefulness than in the life of the average man. They alternate with a distressingMagic, 64:this rule but enough has been here given for the average applicant to discipleship to consider andMagic, 64:and upon which to base action. Most of us are average, are we not? If we regard ourselvesMagic, 112:- Rule Three - Principles and Personalities With average advanced men, who are struggling toMagic, 112:the channel. Let me illustrate. The ego of the average [113] man has its home on the third subplaneMagic, 121:activity. [121] As a general rule for the average aspirant to discipleship, it may be safelyMagic, 132:of the human family and expect fair promise of average success. These both hear the sound, andMagic, 182:you to it. The group of Teachers with whom the average aspirants and probationary disciples may beMagic, 191:which are, at present, the most potent in average humanity and the most "alive", require to beMagic, 193:placing themselves upon a pedestal far above average humanity. They fall consciously into the sinMagic, 194:processes as well as the spiritual nature. The average student starts with the knowledge that heMagic, 200:to their importance from the standpoint of the average aspirant. Let us then enumerate them inMagic, 206:and as alert as is the 'I' consciousness of the average self-centered man. By the rhythm of hisMagic, 225:their part and are more easily recognized by the average man. Light and darkness interact, as doMagic, 235:important in the book from the standpoint of the average student. It cannot be understood whereMagic, 236:by step, so as to grasp their application to the average life of the probationary disciple, and toMagic, 237:stands and what his particular problem is. The average man is learning the control of the physicalMagic, 262:the present. That form proves adequate for the average man and serves him till death. The man whoMagic, 300:therefore to man and more [300] particularly to average man, and see whence come the waves of fearMagic, 300:of memory is as yet practically empty. For the average good citizen, death is a continuance of theMagic, 302:Atlantean degenerates and earth bound souls, the average Indian chief and guide. There is nothingMagic, 310:of these ways, and the sentient body of the average human being is scarcely ever free from someMagic, 319:is a hard teaching and conveys but little to the average aspirant? Such is ever the way in esotericMagic, 321:rules [321] sum up the few thoughts which the average aspirant needs to grasp about the rightMagic, 365:above downwards) is as yet inaccessible to the average man and is the goal for all his aspirationMagic, 369:as to the nature of bliss is profitless to the average man whose metaphors and terminologies mustMagic, 379:nature of Their work is most difficult for the average man of this time to comprehend, owing to theMagic, 435:which should be studied with care by the [435] average investigator in this field. I cannot hereMagic, 447:of thought-forms such as is the case with the average human being, many never produce the desiredMagic, 448:law governing the return to incarnation of the average human being. Lacking the one-pointedness ofMagic, 449:a chela or aspirant. The first reaction of the average student on reading the above is to thinkMagic, 453:the interpretations which is the easiest for the average aspirant. All these rules can be read fromMagic, 453:therefore solely from the angle of vision of the average aspirant, leaving other interpretations toMagic, 461:reality. The point I seek to make is that the average reader of these Instructions has nothing toMagic, 483:ideas and suggestions which will help the average aspirant to work as he should. Magic, 487:part. You who know so much more than the average man of the street, will realize that that soMagic, 493:identified with the form or with the soul. The average man works with facility andMagic, 494:Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death Death for the average man is the cataclysmic end, involving theMagic, 498:of those left behind and, in the case of the average human being, the other is the man's ownMagic, 499:or on the conclusions (oft unintelligent) of the average medium, who speaks under the control ofMagic, 502:beyond the animal stage. What then of the average man? A third exit is now in temporary use; justMagic, 523:wise to impart at the present stage in which the average aspirant finds himself. This has beenMagic, 528:Life what the light in the head is to the average awakened disciple, only on so much vaster aMagic, 575:it must be remembered that in the average man they are employed to "grasp and to hold" and toMagic, 602:recognized as lying ahead of that of the average citizen) will be demonstrated by a life of activeMagic, 615:fitted into a scheme which is stronger than the average worker, for the whole force of the worldMagic, 620:fifty years. This is far enough ahead for the average student to look and to plan, and in theirMeditationabstruse and some too superficial to satisfy the average educated man. The writer of these letters
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