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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVERAGE

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Meditation, 2:then the perfected fivefold superman. For the average man, then, this alignment occurs only atMeditation, 3:body, the vehicle of the Higher Self, and the average causal body is on the third subplane of theMeditation, 5:and clear in outline are the forms built by the average advanced man of this generation. But whenMeditation, 21:environing [21] circumstances. But, though of average intelligence, he lacks the stabilizingMeditation, 30:and correlation of ideas that can be seen in the average domesticated animal, then the descendingMeditation, 61:man nowhere. The position most suitable for the average is cross-legged upon the ground, sittingMeditation, 73:of vital importance from the standpoint of the average man, polarized in his emotional body andMeditation, 85:heart. When the Sacred Word is intoned by the average aspirant, it carries force through all theMeditation, 98:a unit with the physical body, for the average man functions almost entirely at the instigation ofMeditation, 106:life of the devotee. This was the rule for the average. With advanced egos, pupils and disciples,Meditation, 120:arises in three ways: The ignorance of the average student as to the nature of those forces and asMeditation, 131:the fact that no danger need be feared by the average student from this source. It is only asMeditation, 142:it. At this particular stage in evolution the average man is simply conscious of differentiation,Meditation, 144:toward the higher, has passed the stage of the average man - the man who regards himself from theMeditation, 145:something that is little realized by the average student. He is building a form, a definiteMeditation, 178:art is still known and practiced. Secondly, the average man, even if he knows the mantram, willMeditation, 233:seen in the aura of a savage and in those of the average developed man are extraordinarilyMeditation, 264:comes the point where the aspirant (be he an average man, an initiate, a Master, a Chohan, or aMeditation, 265:has no interest for the man who is only of average development, but chiefly concerns the man whoMeditation, 298:or neared the portal of initiation. But even the average man of intelligence of today - theMeditation, 320:The pupil must be able to measure up to the average educational standards of his day and generationMeditation, 336:force adapted to the need of the great average majority in all the kingdoms of nature. As progressPatanjali, 24:The "picture making faculty" of the average man is based upon his desires (high or low desires,Patanjali, 35:This makes it somewhat difficult for the average student when studying the various commentaries.Patanjali, 48:evil results and no karma is thereby entailed. Average men deal with effects and blindly work theirPatanjali, 64:given in the order of their relative power over average man) is inability to think clearly aboutPatanjali, 86:the state of ignorant savagery to that of the average enlightened man. It leads on then to a muchPatanjali, 103:motion is so complete that to the eye of the average man a condition of quiescence is achievedPatanjali, 143:or other of them and there is no action of the average man in the three worlds which is not thePatanjali, 174:so sensitized that he suffers more than the average man. This serves to drive him forward withPatanjali, 199:the human family at this time in the low health average, in the full hospitals, and the diseased,Patanjali, 226:with in the next two sutras. The work of the average aspirant is most frequently given to preparingPatanjali, 274:of lower psychism such as are seen in the average mediumistic seance and the ordinary type ofPatanjali, 352:desired, Into touch with all forms. [352] To the average man there is only that which he can hear,Patanjali, 366:as it is experienced, is of small avail to the average student. To say that there is a time whenPatanjali, 391:It concerns the karmic activity of the average man, who is governed by the pairs of opposites, andPatanjali, xi:of development, leading a man from the stage of average good man, through those of aspirant,Patanjali, xii:reactions which characterize the life of the average man and has arrived at the point of peace. TheProblems, 6:of all time is today at the disposal of the average citizen. The above contrasts provide aProblems, 43:first historical date usually remembered by the average British child is "William, the Conqueror,Problems, 48:of motives. Many of the things which an average child does are not wrong in themselves; they areProblems, 80:men for supremacy has been the keynote of the average human being - man against man, householderProblems, 157:The grasping nature of the prayers of the average men (based as they are upon desire for something)Psychology1, xx:Human and Solar. This book was intended for the average aspirant, to lead him on from where he wasPsychology1, 16:be grasped by the illumined intelligence of the average man. It is necessary for all students whoPsychology1, 27:sex and desire - are the characteristics of the average man and the undeveloped sons of God. ThesePsychology1, 36:creation. This is the simplest definition for average humanity, being couched in the language ofPsychology1, 131:flickers at intervals during the life of the average man, and becomes a shining light as he entersPsychology1, 152:own planetary Being. It is impossible for the average thinker to grasp the significance of thisPsychology1, 160:failure, as yet, of the intuitive faculty - the average psychologist seldom enters into the realmsPsychology1, 213:well nigh impossible to the finite mind of the average reader. Though these three involutionaryPsychology1, 222:two highest kingdoms are too advanced for the average student to grasp, and constitute likewise twoPsychology1, 226:yet so inadequate as the mind and brain of the average aspirant?), the mineral kingdom marks thePsychology1, 231:matters of which it is as yet impossible for the average student to apprehend the truth? SuchPsychology1, 245:a way as to make it of constructive value to the average reader. What is not of immediate esotericPsychology1, 250:in the final stages. In the midway stage of the average man, he is torn violently between both, andPsychology1, 261:The relation of the rays to the centers in the average aspirant might be classified as follows:Psychology1, 270:other and to the reality than is that of the average man today. The one is controlled by the rhythmPsychology1, 274:statement of fact, and in order to awaken in the average reader a realization of a worldwidePsychology1, 274:I write not for the specialists, but for the average intelligent student who needs a worldwidePsychology1, 277:as it is found among the unthinking and the average, sex is a word which denotes the alluringPsychology1, 287:be the nature of the child. Thus is the general average determined. Today we have a world of menPsychology1, 318:family as a whole, are too abstruse for the average reader. He is mainly concerned with the racesPsychology1, 323:real damage to others, until we arrive at... The average really good man who is struggling to adaptPsychology1, 326:those words down to the intelligence of the average student by telling him that when a man reallyPsychology1, 339:of his life, may be compared with those of the average man two hundred years ago. The lastPsychology1, 347:rays which dominate the races of mankind. The average reader would be wise to take the positionPsychology1, 348:hypothetical for several life periods, where the average student is concerned. When, however, wePsychology1, 356:- a curious synthesis which characterizes average man today, and leads to his complicated problem.Psychology2, 4:of words conveying practically nothing to the average thinker. [5] As these three expressions ofPsychology2, 7:working out through the personality. Man, the average human being, is a sum total of separativePsychology2, 52:place in the following order in the life of the average intelligent aspirant, who responds to, andPsychology2, 53:its evidenced temporary abnormalities, by the average psychologist. They do not recognize the causePsychology2, 64:rapport with his nervous system, is beyond the average comprehension. 5. The sum total of thePsychology2, 82:it is meaningless, even more than it is to the average student, because as yet the mystery ofPsychology2, 120:qualities are not easy of attainment by the average aspirant, and yet today the tendency to servePsychology2, 137:body, there is nothing more to be done by the average disciple. The result, when it reaches thatPsychology2, 141:behind it all lies the impetus of love. With the average aspirant, however, who is on the firstPsychology2, 156:The progress of the undeveloped and the average man can be covered by the following statements,Psychology2, 159:break than the normal prison of the life of the average selfish man. This selfish spiritual desirePsychology2, 159:its possible effects as it would be for the average working man, with a mediocre education and aPsychology2, 160:relatively simple to grasp intellectually by the average occult student, but is utterly meaninglessPsychology2, 164:much spiritual insight, however, to enable the average disciple to see the correspondence or thePsychology2, 164:between the means to Yoga as understood by the average yogi or esotericist, and as they can bePsychology2, 199:words and meaningless symbolic phrases to the average reader and student. "The Sun, in all itsPsychology2, 205:of modern humanity at this time. They are the average citizens of our modern world, - good,Psychology2, 250:to evidence greater capacity than the average man. But there is not the ability to live as a soulPsychology2, 283:than is possible at this time to the average interested aspirant who studies these pages. ThreePsychology2, 301:control and determine the varying aspects of the average man's equipment, and condition hisPsychology2, 303:of glamor and illusion, it is not easy for the average aspirant to sort out his ideas on thesePsychology2, 304:Path and is the stage which distinguishes the average man and woman at this time in the world.Psychology2, 309:astral world where the more developed or the average man is concerned. It is this truth which liesPsychology2, 323:functioning souls. For these latter, the average psychologist has no adequate explanation. [324]Psychology2, 336:of primitive man as are the vehicles of the average modern man from those of the Christ and thePsychology2, 390:the lower or concrete mind - that in which the average intelligent man familiarly works - to thePsychology2, 391:comprehension and the limited evolution of the average disciple, but in any case in order to bringPsychology2, 394:every aspect of the inner structure. Just as the average, yet unthinking human being knows that hePsychology2, 396:phrase upon which to meditate and easier for the average aspirant to contemplate and understand.Psychology2, 397:interpretation nor can they be comprehended by average human beings, but which are attributes ofPsychology2, 406:and impulses which direct the undeveloped or average man, and which can be called desire-impulses
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