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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVERAGE

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Psychology2, 418:Problems of Psychology As a rule, however, the average man today is a closely knit and functioningPsychology2, 452:do more in one hour of so-called time than the average person can do in two or three hours of time.Psychology2, 458:anxious for physical plane expression. In the average case, where the true owner of the body is notPsychology2, 458:present an unresented occupancy, whereas in the average case of possession or obsession there is aPsychology2, 496:expect to have these theories accepted by the average psychologist, but there may be somewherePsychology2, 496:leads in many cases, especially in the average person, to an over-emphasis of the fact of sex, toPsychology2, 496:perhaps be included under sex frustration by the average psychologist, but it is not so viewed byPsychology2, 498:- temporarily at least. This method is (for the average ordinary person who is pure Atlantean inPsychology2, 507:many of the so-called dreams, as related by the average intelligent citizen. They warrant no morePsychology2, 507:because of the egocentric tendency of the average human mind. [508] Instruction which is given toPsychology2, 521:of the three centers below the diaphragm. That average man is beginning to function primarilyPsychology2, 522:thousand-petalled lotus". The problem of the average man is, therefore, connected with the solarPsychology2, 524:and dynamic. At this stage, the man is the average intelligent citizen, predominantly controlled byPsychology2, 542:chaos. The forces flowing through the masses of average intelligent men today (and by that I meanPsychology2, 546:to increase the strain is the inability of the average mystic to divorce his mind from his physicalPsychology2, 551:characterizes the race. This tension, with the average man, controls the intestinal tract and itsPsychology2, 569:utterance and statement made at a seance. The average person who frequents a seance is not usuallyPsychology2, 569:cases are known and usually presuppose more than average intelligence on the part of the sitter,Psychology2, 570:performance found in the seance room or with the average audience. The medium is truly andPsychology2, 582:It [582] should be noted, however, that the average modern psychic or medium does not come underPsychology2, 582:or which proved interesting and exciting to the average psychic is eventually forced below thePsychology2, 583:hears that which cannot be seen and heard by the average man. His problem is to live consciouslyPsychology2, 583:definite drift into insanity. In the case of the average unintelligent person, there is usually aPsychology2, 587:to follow, particularly in the case of the average psychic, and this for two reasons; first, hePsychology2, 589:rule can be translated. The idea is that the average psychic regards the solar plexus and throatPsychology2, 594:revealed. The head center, looked at for the average or below average man, is the center, betweenPsychology2, 594:head center, looked at for the average or below average man, is the center, between the eyebrows.Psychology2, 598:body and by the [598] inability of the average mystic to live a concrete, and yet divine, life uponPsychology2, 614:effect upon the unevolved man or upon the average man who is preoccupied with physical plane lifePsychology2, 618:critical gossip which seems necessary to the average group member. It is like the very breath ofPsychology2, 621:result little grasped or realized by the average student and all these work out as physical effectsPsychology2, 622:inferred, through the solar plexus center of the average aspirant. This has led to much of thePsychology2, 623:the Hierarchy has to deal but with which the average aspirant need not attempt to cope as yet. As IPsychology2, 624:the ages is based on incontrovertible fact. The average mystic and occult student therefore lacksPsychology2, 653:that they will be oriented towards reality. Average men and women will then be led definitely toPsychology2, 665:perception which is latent but unused in the average man. They have to catch the new Words of PowerPsychology2, 704:changes in our civilization can be produced. The average man works from the organization angle andPsychology2, 723:their efforts. For this so-called evil work, the average individual in the group is notRays, 12:advanced states of consciousness that all the average disciple can know about them is their wordRays, 50:cultivation of goodwill, as understood by the average intelligent human being and put into actionRays, 52:affirmation, being usually regarded by the average churchgoer as setting the seal of divineRays, 70:of this, and embody all that it is possible for average materially-minded man to grasp of theRays, 101:many of the old ideas will vanish, Death, to the average thinking man, is a point of [102]Rays, 103:to the world of cause), the world of meaning. Average man lives and has his being in the world ofRays, 132:known or understood by any esotericist in the average esoteric group. The [133] reason for this isRays, 133:they must become equally well known to the average person; the objectives of the hierarchical workRays, 139:as are the ordinary emotional reactions of the average man. These are always recoverable (as modernRays, 149:Life would be simple indeed if the average man had only seven factors to consider, with which toRays, 156:into the Black Lodge. The major liability of the average initiate is sloth or lack of speed. PonderRays, 158:of this energy to the three worlds in which average humanity habitually dwells. Right wielding ofRays, 195:of that which lies beyond the room or area of average or mediocre experience, and they prevent theRays, 196:to light. The veils remain unperceived by the average aspirant until some light appears through theRays, 197:from the deep spiritual darkness in which the average man moves, through the blindness of whichRays, 199:paragraph is far beyond the comprehension of the average student, but will be comprehended by thoseRays, 203:and solemn thoughts, and of small use to the average reader. It is essential, however, that heRays, 208:Of these seven initiations only five concern average humanity. The remaining two initiationsRays, 223:as the fourth initiation lies far ahead of the average aspirant or disciple. But groups must haveRays, 240:Now the quality of determination, or of what the average person understands by the use of the wordRays, 249:truth is here covered and how abstruse to the average occult student is the theme. Again I wouldRays, 251:of timing. A.A.B. takes down to my dictation an average of seven to twelve pages of typingRays, 253:to use the esoteric planets in relation to the average man. Information about the New Group ofRays, 278:any of these teachings into words. To the average aspirant to accepted discipleship, the threeRays, 287:anything consciously, for the brain of the average disciple is as yet insensitive to monadicRays, 304:by spiritual perception. The attitude of the average man, and even of the average disciple, is thatRays, 304:The attitude of the average man, and even of the average disciple, is that of one who looks in fromRays, 305:is characteristic of the undeveloped man, of the average man and of the probationary disciple isRays, 309:the last analysis and from the standpoint of the average human being, is simply disappearance fromRays, 328:as A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is to the average reader and as the entire theme of initiation is toRays, 342:selfish." This spiritual selfishness has led the average esoteric student to appropriate initiationRays, 366:topics too high for the understanding of the average student or probationary disciple; dimRays, 373:no undesirable effects upon humanity. I refer to average and undeveloped human beings. StudentsRays, 374:the effect is stimulating and magnetic. On average human beings, capable of little response yetRays, 374:few pages back. It involves the inability of the average disciple to think in terms of the Ashram -Rays, 394:as difficult to achieve Their goal as does the average disciple as he looks ahead at the initiationRays, 415:all Ashrams, though unrecognized by the average disciple. 5. This Sirian influence was notRays, 431:in primitive man, occasionally related in average man, and closely related in the spiritual man.Rays, 436:rapidity and mental coordination than does the average intelligent man; in this way he learns theRays, 436:within a set time limit than is possible to the average man, no matter how ardently he may pursueRays, 437:anticipatory consciousness of the average aspirant. When a true perspective and a balanced point ofRays, 437:emphasis, at this stage in the training of the average aspirant, on the need for alignment, or forRays, 459:of experience. The goal towards which the average disciple has worked in the past has been soulRays, 463:of nirvanic awareness can mean but little to the average disciple. Monadic Plane The inclusiveRays, 474:I could say which would be of small use to the average aspirant, as it would be concerned withRays, 494:between soul and personality (the goal of the average aspirant), but a contact between the fusedRays, 523:Evocation. It is the method to be followed by average humanity at this time, because men areRays, 537:in the same sense as the consciousness of average humanity is today polarized on the plane of theRays, 540:response from that which is invoked. For the average aspirant and for the disciple, this is eitherRays, 545:the Master's presence. It is difficult for the average aspirant to realize the necessity for this,Rays, 567:therefore, that these initiations which confront average humanity are all of them conditioned by aRays, 589:remaining three major initiations confronting average humanity. Rays, 613:the real good of humanity is not the goal of the average politician in either group, for usuallyRays, 642:on the Path from the present point of the average disciple. I am dealing with them, however, asRays, 649:One of the most difficult things for the average thinking man to understand and to interpret is theRays, 665:horizon and vistas of contact unperceived by the average man; they realize a possible spiritualRays, 668:your attention. In the phenomenal world of the average human being who has not yet passed throughRays, 679:in the world today is that of the freedom of the average citizen to think for himself and to comeRays, 693:astral plane in particular. On this cross the average man is "crucified" until he achieves theRays, 728:of Being and of purpose. The future, for the average person and for the average disciple, isRays, 728:The future, for the average person and for the average disciple, is contained within his past andRays, 752:problem of evil is too difficult a one for the average man to grasp. The problem of the Hierarchy
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