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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVOID

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Atom, 23:and repulsion." I would like, if possible, to avoid technical terms, because they are used by oneAtom, 112:I would like here to sound a word of warning. Avoid those schools and methods which combine formsAutobiography, 11:the emphasis is ever upon evil karma and how to avoid it. Yet I would guarantee that, taking it byAutobiography, 91:have any wisdom today and if any of us manage to avoid the grosser mistakes of life, it is becauseAutobiography, 232:of horoscope is one that the best of astrologers avoid. The finest men in this field are primarilyDiscipleship1, 13:you link up after alignment is that you can then avoid the glamors and the illusions of the astralDiscipleship1, 33:group of my disciples can do. You must avoid the idea that you are working in a unique way andDiscipleship1, 47:eye that senses danger from afar and seeks to avoid it. The sensitivity which I want to seeDiscipleship1, 82:expression of sympathy but at the same time to avoid too great an expenditure of energy in serviceDiscipleship1, 107:remembering that, for you, I seek to avoid all emphasis on the form side. The subject of yourDiscipleship1, 130:is necessary for you to learn that when you can avoid identifying yourself so closely with people,Discipleship1, 222:in this life if you hold on to love and avoid the outer forms and techniques of authority andDiscipleship1, 233:with the eyes of the mind wide open, so as to avoid the pitfalls of aloneness, and of separation.Discipleship1, 322:Strengthen the physical body and learn to avoid the taking on of those obligations which others canDiscipleship1, 322:because you have less academic knowledge. Avoid the glamor which comes from realization of pureDiscipleship1, 337:on all planes (as they do and must) is to avoid becoming the prisoners of their own constructionsDiscipleship1, 578:something which all conscious disciples seek to avoid; something which they never expect and whichDiscipleship1, 584:travels not alone. Three things the Pilgrim must avoid. The wearing of a hood, a veil which hidesDiscipleship1, 618:concentrate upon that which has been undertaken. Avoid that which lies outside the periphery of theDiscipleship1, 618:in your ability to stand steady and to avoid glamor is always present. Discipleship1, 621:of service is commendable. Your aim must be to avoid all static conditions. Many first ray peopleDiscipleship1, 669:with all spiritual and meditational work is to avoid becoming too abstract; spiritual achievementDiscipleship1, 734:in their consciousness have to learn to avoid differentiating between aspects of the Ashram, innerDiscipleship1, 744:pride which beginners find it difficult to avoid. Never for a minute do they forget the fact ofDiscipleship2, 35:inevitably you have to take and which you cannot avoid if you are true disciples, gives opportunityDiscipleship2, 80:crisis within the Hierarchy, and you cannot avoid it. One of the effects of the reorientation isDiscipleship2, 85:and Goodwill work. Make their work possible and avoid interference; they will make mistakes, andDiscipleship2, 235:the Brothers of Darkness - there was no way to avoid this dangerous sidetracking of human intentDiscipleship2, 478:that midway point the heart center in the head. Avoid concentrating upon location. Just imagine theDiscipleship2, 483:to learn discrimination in contact if he is to avoid a useless, if well intentioned, promiscuity.Discipleship2, 493:simply to hold these possibilities in mind, to avoid fanatical conclusions, and to be prepared toDiscipleship2, 643:steady, therefore, and be not unduly distressed. Avoid at least one glamor and that is the glamorDiscipleship2, 653:- as many have and [653] do - become conscious. Avoid vagueness as you think of the Ashram withDiscipleship2, 653:service and upon their outer contacts, and thus avoid concentration upon the Ashram and upon me,Discipleship2, 739:too rapidly on world distress and you should avoid it. The duties of the home, the bringing of joyEducation, 34:bridging and synthesis, it is essential that we avoid that mental laziness and mystical inertiaEducation, 49:whole as integral and effective parts, and thus avoid the separate attitudes which have broughtExternalisation, 13:to which they subject themselves they must avoid the present negative methods, and instead ofExternalisation, 176:in a futile effort to keep out of trouble and avoid war; dominant groups are swinging many nationsExternalisation, 370:These dangers will be the most difficult to avoid. A deep seated hatred of the Nazi regime (and ofFire, 740:in terms of energy and of radioactivity and thus avoid the dangers of materialistic interpretation,Glamour, 4:is to withdraw in the esoteric sense, but to avoid at the same time the sense of separateness, ofGlamour, 51:travels not alone. Three things the Pilgrim must avoid. The wearing of a hood, the veil which hidesGlamour, 207:the midst of the very glamor he would seek to avoid. Later comes the stage (a result of thisGlamour, 260:and is a mistake. Aspirants would do well to avoid any concentration at all [261] upon the physicalHealing, 24:proceeding further, is that I shall seek to avoid, as far as possible, all technicalities. OurHealing, 101:for the trouble. For this reason beginners must avoid any concentration upon the disease itself orHealing, 482:public. This they needs must do in order to avoid the disasters which fanatics and untried methodsHealing, 502:negated, not because the initiate endeavors to avoid pain, but because the sensitivity of the formHealing, 669:Great White Lodge, it is the part of wisdom to avoid consideration of forces potent enoughHealing, 700:an imaginary patient; note then what happens. Avoid the use [701] of a secondary technique, for youHercules, 3:those problems have been surmounted, and must avoid the tiresome reiteration of that basic rule ofHercules, 130:his opportunity. It is curiously Libran to avoid a direct encounter, and not to expend more forceIntellect, 11:Someone has said that the danger which we must avoid is that of a "disintegrating personality." IfIntellect, 254:[254] in its recollection. We must also avoid personalities and pride, for they have no place inMagic, 76:be faced with credulity - a thing aspirants must avoid in their search for the essential and Real.Magic, 109:and others through the heart; some do things or avoid doing them because they know, rather thanMagic, 134:of another part of the plan or vision. They must avoid unequal concentration of thought [135] uponMagic, 357:memory and visualization, man has learnt what to avoid and what to cultivate. This works in theMagic, 425:activities are handled from within outwards. Avoid a purely mystical introspection or its oppositeMagic, 472:plan. He will, if he follows the rules I give, avoid the intricate problem which he has himselfMagic, 488:the aspirant must learn to save himself, and to avoid those activities; eventually this will makeMagic, 555:similarity of idea. It is hopeless to attempt to avoid the use of personal pronouns when talkingMagic, 616:on the astral plane and he cannot possibly avoid so doing for much time. The mark of growth for himMeditation, 134:stray... but come back, and then in the future avoid like errors in the same way as a child oncePatanjali, 326:a yogin whose mind-stuff is concentrated must avoid these perfections, even when brought near toPatanjali, 389:still remaining to be worked off, and learns to avoid the creation of new ones, initiating noProblems, 72:agencies as a salve to their consciences or to avoid income taxes; they provide work for countlessProblems, 72:inherited business position and they cannot avoid the responsibility of the disposal of theProblems, 109:of the Negro races to move slowly and wisely, to avoid bloodshed and rancor, to see through thePsychology1, xxii:as yet a mystery. It will be necessary for me to avoid the cosmic note, if I may so call it, for IPsychology1, xxiii:Psychology I - Foreword We shall seek to avoid as far as possible those loose generalities whichPsychology1, 190:dimensional vision) it will not be easy to avoid what may look like contradictions. At one time aPsychology1, 275:sound common sense, and the injunction to avoid excesses and those conditions which would impairPsychology2, 137:the Group of World Servers. If however they can avoid glamor, and can discriminate between the RealPsychology2, 181:finer purity of motive, and deeper love, and yet avoid the danger of vitalizing his personalityPsychology2, 316:Besant in her Study in Consciousness sought to avoid the error of materialism and to voice a realPsychology2, 325:of God can express himself, it is impossible to avoid the use of some form of symbolic rendering ofPsychology2, 482:nothing to improve or truly better (and perhaps avoid) the circumstances. Their destiny andPsychology2, 572:could here properly be asked: How can the mystic avoid this error and confusion? How can hePsychology2, 588:the man drop all such exercises and postures and avoid all contact with the teacher. This is aPsychology2, 644:down of barriers, and for world peace. They will avoid all attack of existing regimes andPsychology2, 659:and to this they consecrate every effort. They avoid all points of dissension, regarding them asPsychology2, 665:the New Group of World Servers should seek to avoid. It must not be forgotten, first of all, thatPsychology2, 683:tact, and wisdom must be cultivated in order to avoid all antagonism, all criticism and all hatred.Rays, 72:right but which at this stage he seems unable to avoid, whilst those he criticizes endeavor to tearRays, 190:maya as a protection. Students would do well to avoid naming and differentiating the four veils.Rays, 198:beginners are subjected and which they cannot avoid for it is inherent in their natures. OccultRays, 200:grasped knowledge, if it is assumed in order to avoid responsibility, then sin enters in andRays, 203:reader. It is essential, however, that he avoid the concept that the attainment of the highestRays, 556:supernal Energy Itself." I shall not be able to avoid a measure of symbolic approach and I amRays, 610:be remembered, and students would do well to avoid discouragement and train themselves to wait withReappearance, 15:be realistic in our approach to this theme and avoid mystical and vague thinking. If it is trueReappearance, 23:presented Him with a decision which He could not avoid. [24] Reappearance, 141:world to preserve the truth in its purity and to avoid the fanatical idea that anyone's individualSoul, 17:until more is known, will the investigator avoid the dangers [18] of one whose vision is limited,Soul, 32:acid!" As far as possible, I shall avoid such playful expressions. Before considering the glandsSoul, 97:modern writer, Ramacharaka, says: "In order to avoid misconceptions arising from the variousSoul, 131:? Is there a third way by means of which we can avoid the purely physical approach and also theTelepathy, 58:Let us, as we discuss these matters, avoid that much overworked word "vibration" and use instead
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