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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVOIDANCE

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Astrology, 9:must rightly be only hypotheses to you) and the avoidance of detail and of detailed discussion. WeAstrology, 368:He must achieve harmony with a consequent avoidance of all extremes. The seven signs - inclusive ofDiscipleship1, 490:your attention at this time and that is the avoidance of the glamor of preoccupation. I know notDiscipleship1, 500:of proportion, a just sense of values and the avoidance of all fanaticism or tendency toDiscipleship2, 705:which in reality grows out of the above is the avoidance of the spirit of criticism, for criticismExternalisation, 17:and not sufficient emphasis laid upon the avoidance of all fanaticism and intolerance. These twoHealing, 29:density. I seek to point out, therefore, that my avoidance of medical technicalities will beHealing, 92:seems at present unavoidable. This leads to an avoidance of the waste of time in attempting theHealing, 326:the emphasis upon the proteins and vitamins. The avoidance of fatigue and worry. [327] Against allMagic, 115:and a joyful confidence that the Law works, an avoidance of all personality innuendo except wiseMagic, 268:lead to correct functioning and the sure avoidance of the left hand path. This is a lesson littleMeditation, 231:further facts are demonstrated, and also an avoidance of dogmatic assertion. These will be yourPsychology2, 424:but not so advanced as to be impossible. The avoidance of those steps and activities which arePsychology2, 746:personal contacts and above all the radio - the avoidance of all the old methods such as attack on
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