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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AVOIDING

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Astrology, 223:of Relations and there is consequently no use in avoiding the term, especially when there is noDiscipleship1, 12:you to learn to strengthen and aid each other, avoiding always any intrusion of the personality.Discipleship1, 12:finer purity of motive and to deeper love, yet avoiding the vitalization of his personalityDiscipleship1, 447:you over all obstacles. You have succeeded in avoiding the usual difficulties of personalityDiscipleship1, 500:always destructive. This you have succeeded in avoiding and I felt it would be of value to you if IDiscipleship1, 621:all beings. You have succeeded most soundly in avoiding the major destructive qualities of theDiscipleship1, 706:to be faced. This must be done uncritically, avoiding constant recognition of their limitations,Healing, 508:producing a conscious personality focus, whilst avoiding that cycle of incarnations wherein theHealing, 544:law of karma which, as you know, there is no avoiding, and which the modern healer in the presentPsychology2, 100:other people, first from a selfish motive (the avoiding of personal distress at the sight ofPsychology2, 144:tendency of humanity to recognize ideas, and - avoiding the rocks of fanaticism, and the dangerousPsychology2, 401:I intend to write with great simplicity, avoiding the technical terms of academic psychology, andRays, 25:we live and move and have our being. There is no avoiding these laws in the last analysis, andRays, 670:souls. Thus by force of example, by the avoiding of all extremes, by the dedication of the bodilyTelepathy, 105:direct descent from mental levels to the brain, avoiding all contact with the astral body; only in
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