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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWAKE

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Astrology, 569:impulses, emanating from the astral plane; he is awake and active mentally and as a functioningAutobiography, 14:is always on and, in the case of a Gemini who is awake and serving, it becomes a very vital matterAutobiography, 39:plane occurrence. I found myself (whilst wide awake) in this valley and forming part of a vast,Autobiography, 56:myself, and I had better give it all up. I lay awake weeping all that night, refusing to open theAutobiography, 56:The process was painful, however. I would lie awake all the night preceding the talk, wonderingAutobiography, 56:what on earth to say and then I would lie awake all the night afterwards, in horror at the terribleAutobiography, 229:and instructing those who are spiritually awake. One of the reasons which has encouraged me toBethlehem, 160:that in a dazed condition, out of which they awake only at the end of the scene (St. Mark IX, 8.)Discipleship1, 361:the fount of wisdom. Your intuition is awake; your power to interpret symbols is unusual; yourDiscipleship2, 719:not then be unduly stimulated. The mind, when awake and active, is the great transmitter of theExternalisation, 9:the center between the eyebrows are becoming "awake" and active. But the higher psychic powers,Externalisation, 33:of appearances and, at the same time, be equally awake and active upon the inner plane of realityFire, 828:revolution. The two circles of petals are "awake," one being wide open and the other on the vergeFire, 964:the three physical head centers begin to awake from dormancy into activity, the effect being feltFire, 966:of what might be called nervous energy, is awake, it becomes possible for him to materialize andHealing, 107:The whole trend of medical science should now be awake to the concrete facts of the dense physicalHealing, 412:physical. He will be known to be still alive, awake and aware. This will be brought about by: a.Healing, 490:the physical plane. People are not all equally awake or equally conscious of circumstances orInitiation, 7:embody much of the truth. The student will then awake to the realization that after all the studyIntellect, 134:The true student of meditation learns to be wide awake mentally, and potently aware of phenomena,Intellect, 244:his strenuous effort, has forced him to become awake or aware upon the psychic plane, the plane ofMagic, 206:and guided by the Light in the head will be awake to the interests of the soul and as alert as isMagic, 277:- the occult Hierarchy. Some of the cells are awake. Let them intensify their endeavor and soMagic, 371:wall between himself and [371] others. He is awake and alive; he is sensitive and frequentlyMagic, 609:which will enable him to be interiorly awake as well as exteriorly active. This is accomplishedMeditation, 80:be quiescent; others may have the mental centers awake and the emotional not so vivified and beMeditation, 282:occasions and with ever-increasing frequency awake to some definite realizations. ThesePatanjali, 85:inability to recollect truly and accurately when awake. This condition is physical plane dreaming.Patanjali, 102:the medium, for in it the spiritual man is fully awake on those planes which transcend definition.Patanjali, 249:however, intensely alive and alert, positive and awake, for the brain and the mind are held by himPatanjali, 249:and subdued, and the real or spiritual man, awake on his own plane, is able to function with fullPatanjali, 280:excludes the tangible. All that he is "awake" to in his meditation is thought substance, his ownPatanjali, 406:in the body, is it just my instrument, and am I awake on another plane of awareness ? These, andPatanjali, 410:and responsiveness. The Lord of the mind is ever awake, ever aware of the tendency of the mind toProblems, 117:until the Christ in every man is more awake and alert than is at present the case; the Prince ofPsychology1, 60:the sum total of the universal mind; They are "awake and active." Their goal and Their purpose isPsychology1, 103:three forms of light, and those of you who are awake to these issues and happenings will find itPsychology1, 183:physical. He will be known to be still alive, awake and aware. This fact will be demonstrated inPsychology1, 364:Man is on the verge of becoming normally awake on the astral plane, and it will be throughPsychology2, 167:the real. The garden and the gardener must awake! The work proceeds." Psychology2, 204:alive. In them, of course, the animal nature is awake and the desire nature is becoming rampant.Psychology2, 293:advanced Man The true thinker, or mental type - awake and alert. The one who knows the Plan, thePsychology2, 306:life. Three of the petals in all centers are "awake" and demonstrate activity, quality and light.Psychology2, 306:All the petals in all the centers are awake, but the central focal point of each center isPsychology2, 316:individuals, lay the emphasis, and where we are awake and alive, and of what we are conscious. WhenPsychology2, 330:appearance) increasingly active and alive and awake, and the stage of activity grows in intensityPsychology2, 338:one vehicle into another, and so [338] becoming awake and more inclusive in its range of contactsPsychology2, 338:which is the heritage of those who are awake within the kingdom of God. Paralleling thisPsychology2, 411:focus of attention. Later, it becomes more awake and aware and the focus becomes centered in thePsychology2, 607:the eyebrows is beginning to be active and awake. The problem of power, sensed by the aspirant andPsychology2, 645:take place when the men and women of good will awake to the fact of the wealth of good will therePsychology2, 720:vision open, and with our intuition alert and awake, perhaps some apprehension of the problemsPsychology2, 747:to the same life of good will and who are awake - as we are - to the urgency of human need, and theSoul, 58:consequently functions on three planes, or is awake on three, the physical, the emotional and theSoul, 119:individual. In some people certain centers are "awake" and in others the same centers may beSoul, 120:the first, is that the force centers which are awake conform to the glands whose functions areSoul, 121:those centers which, in average humanity, are awake and functioning seem to be related to glands,Soul, 124:parts of the etheric structure become vitally awake. Gradually the higher centers come intoSoul, 134:times possible to those whose heart center is awake and functioning. Such Lovers of God haveTelepathy, 197:by those whose intuition is sufficiently awake; but its meaning should not be beyond the ability of
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