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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWAKENING

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Discipleship2, 394:of conscience at first, under the impulse of his awakening soul, and under the influences of theDiscipleship2, 407:or of Souls. Today, as a result of a spiritual awakening which date from 1625 A.D., and which laidDiscipleship2, 467:is only just beginning to be ready for this awakening. Hence the complete silence hitherto heldDiscipleship2, 468:unity of the lower centers by means of a great awakening of the solar plexus center. This next raceDiscipleship2, 482:the disciple's own effort and his self-initiated awakening; once awakened, never again willDiscipleship2, 494:through the third ray power of your directing, awakening brain, soul contact is fairly easy ofDiscipleship2, 572:need defying for their own sake and their own awakening. Learn to stand free and unafraid, and as aDiscipleship2, 575:develop an awakened conscience is a symbol. This awakening is brought about by: Integration - theDiscipleship2, 575:of energy from the soul in to the centers. Awakening - the response of the centers to this inflow.Discipleship2, 632:to Disciples - W.D.S. 1. The stage of the "awakening urge." Of this stage, the half-opened eye isDiscipleship2, 645:truths, points of view and interest, but the awakening into reality of that which your mind alreadyDiscipleship2, 647:five points of recollection for you each day: On awakening in the morning, before rising. At noon.Discipleship2, 647:will be established in your consciousness. On awakening, sound the OM inaudibly and say: "I am oneDiscipleship2, 661:which is the fruit of love and indicates the awakening of the love petals of the egoic lotus.Education, 25:in answering or evading questions posed by the awakening consciousness of the child, in time toEducation, 106:[106] The soul of humanity is also at this time awakening en masse, and hence the followingEducation, 107:so drastic as it was. The soul of humanity is awakening and the present situations may be regardedEducation, 118:trouble. In the long run, the result will be the awakening of the public consciousness, and that isExternalisation, 18:of time there is little risk of danger, and the awakening will take place normally and under theExternalisation, 18:of being itself. If, however, the tuning up and awakening is forced, or is brought about byExternalisation, 18:centers in the force body (with a view to their awakening) is ever to be avoided; it will causeExternalisation, 18:is paralleled by a life of loving service, the awakening of the centers and the raising of theExternalisation, 19:the arousing of the fires of the body, the awakening of a particular center and the moving of theExternalisation, 49:condition into that of human beings, with an awakening conscience, an urge to betterment, and anExternalisation, 57:science together; religion is concerned with the awakening to conscious purpose of the soul in manExternalisation, 74:and servers must learn to concentrate upon the awakening consciousness and not upon the superficialExternalisation, 74:and not upon the superficial movements. This awakening goes on apace and, my brothers,Externalisation, 80:This sense of responsibility, which is awakening in all of you, is - on its present large scale -Externalisation, 106:goodwill, philanthropic effort and the awakening of the masses of men to the issues of brotherhood.Externalisation, 144:slight stimulation of the aspiration and a small awakening of the creative imagination. This meansExternalisation, 148:[148] only through the medium of a conscious and awakening humanity. Such a humanity (and it isExternalisation, 220:thinking of the right kind is fortunately awakening. Externalisation, 230:the entire human family. Many there are who are awakening to the need so to do and who are finding,Externalisation, 258:philanthropy to veil it), but they are rapidly awakening to the true issues, and when there is realExternalisation, 289:at the founding of a new race, or in the awakening of a prepared humanity to a new and widerExternalisation, 342:has come to an end, a great spiritual awakening (of a quality and a nature quite unpredictable now)Externalisation, 387:followed today is one of self-education and the awakening of all whom we can reach. It will demandExternalisation, 433:Armies of the Lord. His is the responsibility of awakening the souls of men to their presentedExternalisation, 434:change the trend of human living and thinking, awakening the consciences of the intelligent,Externalisation, 479:and legislature. The common people are today awakening to the importance and [480] responsibilityExternalisation, 519:The Hierarchy works constantly at the task of awakening the consciousness aspect in all forms, soExternalisation, 520:will prove adequate and not limiting to the awakening consciousness and the emerging life. TheExternalisation, 562:become legitimate. It involved, finally, a great awakening in the human family and a majorExternalisation, 592:divinity. Slowly, there is dawning upon the awakening consciousness of humanity, the greatExternalisation, 594:- the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, and awakening Humanity - there is but one Purpose, oneExternalisation, 596:source of the disaster; secondly: a spiritual awakening which would have its impulse in the deepestExternalisation, 596:economically and socially. The spiritual awakening of men everywhere (within or without the worldExternalisation, 620:materialize on earth, or who is conscious of the awakening of the masses - slow though it may be -Externalisation, 630:intervention. Humanity is sound and rapidly awakening. We are passing through the stage whereExternalisation, 668:English Master Who works consistently with the awakening and the arising masses. Every October andExternalisation, 671:themselves? Is it not better for the rapidly awakening intelligence and activity of men (in everyFire, 162:and thus minimizes the danger that attends the awakening of the fire. [163] All that is intended toFire, 203:the process will be threefold: First. The awakening on the physical plane, and the graduallyFire, 203:of the self and its sheaths. Second. The awakening on the astral plane, and the graduallyFire, 204:the Self and the not-self. [204] Third. The awakening upon the mental plane, and the graduallyFire, 253:the fifth principle, or rather is in process of awakening it to life. His fourth vibration orFire, 289:thus into the spiritual kingdom. It concerns the awakening of consciousness on the three lowerFire, 290:seventh Initiation and covers the period of the awakening of consciousness on the seven planes ofFire, 304:objects: The development of consciousness or the awakening of the faculty of awareness, TheFire, 318:and its activity within certain bounds, or its awakening to activity within the [319]Fire, 348:on some plane, may be regarded as literally the awakening of the lives concerned to participate inFire, 350:are even dimly comprehensible. In each case this awakening of consciousness is preceded by a periodFire, 371:coming in the fourth round with the subsequent awakening of manas in the human units find theirFire, 371:in the human units find their analogy in the awakening of the life principle in the unborn infantFire, 430:still on that subplane, and will bring about an awakening of the desire for harmony in a newFire, 431:the day of its opportunity. Here can be seen the awakening of the higher consciousness, and theFire, 456:subrace will be intuitive. The intuition will be awakening, and will be more prominent than now,Fire, 510:idea can be worked out in connection with the awakening of the life forces within the permanentFire, 538:process, but when a man has succeeded in awakening or unfolding the nine petals, or in arousing theFire, 611:of the unfoldment of the egoic lotus, and the awakening of its petals, and in the final revelationFire, 650:of the immediate developments ahead will be his awakening to a realization of their existence, andFire, 650:this stage is seeking to do, is to retard this awakening of the mass of mankind to thisFire, 685:or universal soul) and is coincident with the awakening of the third spirilla in the permanentFire, 686:all the "Heart of the Body" has to thrill with awakening life before the response comes from theFire, 764:and its general conformation, with the intent of awakening the realization of the student to theFire, 774:of earth's humanity, and their fifth spirilla is awakening into organized activity in this round.Fire, 775:upon the vibration in the spirillae and their awakening. [776] The student should bear in mind theFire, 784:It is an analogous stage to that of the awakening of life in the fetus during the prenatal stage,Fire, 808:and unfoldment of the egoic lotus. Third, the awakening to activity of the central Life within theFire, 808:control, and in the second case we have the self-awakening of the egoic unit on its own plane; inFire, 839:yet they pass. The hour has come for the great awakening. They pass no longer down but mount. ThisFire, 861:fact that the fifth spirilla is in process of awakening. This has to be effected before theFire, 906:will result, before the end of the round, in the awakening to full activity of the fifth spirillaFire, 941:felt in the surrounding deva substance, thus awakening response. These may be considered as theFire, 946:him into situations necessary for the process of awakening him to his own innate possibilities.Fire, 954:and of force from the higher mental levels. The awakening within men of the power to think clearly,Fire, 963:is corrected, and the physical head centers are awakening, it becomes possible for man to become aFire, 970:the thought" of bringing through at the time of awakening as much as possible of any egoic impress.Fire, 1012:This downflow of egoic energy (the result of the awakening of the centers through meditation andFire, 1271:onward through the veiling clouds; only the awakening of His wheel may indicate His progressGlamour, 6:Preliminary Clarifications II. The Mode of Awakening the Intuition There are many ways in which theGlamour, 6:been gained, that very fact will indicate the awakening of the intuition. First ray people belongGlamour, 55:in his consciousness, through the partial awakening of his intuition, will be distorted in itsGlamour, 96:in the world at this time. The masses are awakening to the realization that they are the victimsGlamour, 108:A growing sense of self-identity which was the awakening soul or self, the Master who was to leadGlamour, 112:This means that the mind factor is awakening and thus constituting a difficulty and that theGlamour, 136:of people are subject to revelation through the awakening of the intuition: Those on the line ofGlamour, 261:the usual occult procedures. I teach no mode of awakening the centers because right impulse, steadyHealing, 37:up life where he had previously left it off. The awakening of the centers through life experience.Healing, 37:consciousness. There is, finally, the awakening of these centers through the process of initiation.
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