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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWAKENING

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Healing, 55:(as a result of a long evolutionary history) in awakening in some fashion, however slight, theHealing, 75:These can be regarded as dormant or unawakened, awakening but only as yet sluggishly alive, orHealing, 75:those centers below it in the body, are rapidly awakening. In the initiate, the head center isHealing, 77:condition of the centers, the order of their awakening, and their individual and basic note orHealing, 84:the failure to register, the life work of awakening and organizing the various centers and of thenHealing, 174:at this particular time, plus the gradual awakening of the heart center. The first members of theHealing, 183:the simultaneously uprising life) produces: The awakening in a gradual and orderly manner of theHealing, 187:is highly developed and the ajna center is awakening, then these webs slowly and gradually,Healing, 202:a too rapid vibratory activity, a premature awakening of the centers, leading to the over-activityHealing, 213:spinal area with its "beaded centers," and the awakening of the basic center and its consequentHealing, 215:Transformation. Once the head center is awakening and the disciple is consciously active in theHealing, 217:falls into four stages: The stage of its awakening, as the astral body becomes steadily moreHealing, 238:also to suffer from this disease, owing to the awakening into violent activity of the heart center.Healing, 344:brain consciousness. Through the spontaneous awakening of the centers and in their rightHealing, 382:coming knowledge will arise as a result of an awakening intuition, of the presence upon earth of aHealing, 501:the mind assumes increasing control - an [501] awakening and finally an awakened consciousness isHealing, 513:of the threefold lower man, stimulating them, awakening them, and conditioning the etheric body soHealing, 514:and mental - are carried out with a steadily awakening state of awareness, as the lower mindInitiation, 55:which is latent in the hearts of all men, and of awakening in the consciousness of the race theInitiation, 87:initiation. The aim of all development is the awakening of the spiritual intuition; when this hasInitiation, 101:rapidly, and he will become conscious of the awakening of the "siddhis," or powers of the soul, inInitiation, 127:groups. This application produced literally the awakening of the life to intelligent work on theInitiation, 176:process, as in all the later ones, the awakening of consciousness is preceded by a period ofInitiation, 176:preceded by a period of gradual development; the awakening is instantaneous at the moment ofMagic, 165:any case he admits theoretically that there is awakening into conscious activity, a sevenfoldMagic, 189:in a man's life, as the result of the awakening of the inner light and the adjustment of his karmicMagic, 189:center, and the center between the eyes. Their awakening and coordination. To what uses they willMagic, 191:into that of the higher, and secondly by the awakening of the head center by the demonstration ofMagic, 194:will arise from the depths of his being, an awakening which will be dynamic. He is told that thereMagic, 195:one energizing the blood stream and the other awakening the solar plexus center. This then becomesMagic, 197:and the motive of reward. Until there is this awakening in the heart, he cannot be trusted to wieldMagic, 197:the heart center into partial activity, and in awakening some of the more important aspects of theMagic, 198:living of the mystical life. When this creative awakening finds expression through any of the artsMagic, 200: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Awakening of the Centers The Awakening of the CentersMagic, 200:- Rule Five - The Awakening of the Centers The Awakening of the Centers The question now arises:Magic, 200:Centers The question now arises: How can this awakening and coordination be brought about? WhatMagic, 200: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Awakening of the Centers 1. Character building. TheseMagic, 203: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Awakening of the Centers 2. Right motive. The MasterMagic, 205: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - The Awakening of the Centers 5. Study of the centers. ThisMagic, 212:three "directions of contemplation" and the awakening in the three major centers. This cannot beMagic, 212:of the subject. So many factors govern this awakening, and each aspirant has to determine forMagic, 212:determine for himself the order and mode of his awakening. Magic, 219:and of desire. More and more however are awakening, and the significance of the six first Rules ofMagic, 310:When the brain is becoming sensitive to the awakening mind and is not so entirely occupied with theMagic, 320:understanding by the chela and blended with the awakening forces of his brother whom he seeks toMagic, 378:bodies and thus meet the need of the rapidly awakening humanity. [379] 6. The first outpost for theMagic, 382:of Teachers set before Themselves was the awakening in man of the love nature, as a step towardsMagic, 382:in man of the love nature, as a step towards the awakening of the heart center. To do this, theMagic, 394:and influence where there is a real and steadily awakening entity behind the "persona", and inMagic, 404:achieving continuity of consciousness and at awakening that inner light which, when seen andMagic, 422:purposes and recognitions. This involves: The awakening into conscious activity of the centerMagic, 456:reading for all in whom the intelligence is awakening to functioning activity. It is with the BookMagic, 461:[461] through the process of right thought, the awakening of desire, and the nurturing of rightMagic, 587: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Awakening of the Centers The Awakening of theMagic, 587:Rule Fourteen - The Awakening of the Centers The Awakening of the Centers Speaking more technicallyMagic, 587:an understanding of the centers and of their awakening. But understanding must come first, and theMagic, 587:But understanding must come first, and the awakening at a much later date in the sequence of time.Magic, 587:a much later date in the sequence of time. This awakening will fall into two stages: First, thereMagic, 588:direction by a teacher) of definite methods of awakening and of charging, - the methods differingMagic, 589: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Awakening of the Centers I would here like toMagic, 591: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Awakening of the Centers Each center in the spineMagic, 595: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Fourteen - The Awakening of the Centers It will be apparentMagic, 595:I cannot give specific instructions as to the awakening of the centers and the burning of theMagic, 638:themselves. Setting them free from authority by awakening interest and enquiry in their minds, andMeditation, 61:is very proficient and the centers rapidly awakening (perhaps even the inner fire pulsating at theMeditation, 75:the fire to the head centers and their complete awakening. Before initiation, all the centers willMeditation, 75:microcosm is as great as in the macrocosm. The awakening of the centers and their particular orderMeditation, 77:pointing to the effect upon the life through the awakening of these wheels. Meditation, 78:have their mental counterparts, and in their awakening as aforesaid, and in their growth andMeditation, 80:upon the ladder of evolution, by the uneven awakening of the different centers due to the type of aMeditation, 80:the teacher can train the pupil in the safe awakening of the inner fire, in its scientific cultureMeditation, 86:this stage is reached, the man is ready for the awakening of the inner fire. His bodies are refinedMeditation, 103:factor, acting as a [103] stimulating and awakening agent. When directed along certain preparedMeditation, 113:forms for the attainment of his ends, and the awakening of the heart center shows itself inMeditation, 182:somewhat, and the spiritual mind showed signs of awakening. In this way the two great evolutions,Meditation, 275:of the various centers and their correct awakening, and He later aids the pupil to work consciouslyMeditation, 280:the centers in the pupil's bodies and the awakening of the inner fire. He teaches the pupil theMeditation, 292:aware of this contact through remembrance on awakening. He will see the room of the Master, andMeditation, 330:of the intuition, and the definite spiritual awakening of the pupil. The study of the pupil'sPatanjali, 60:Word on the physical plane with the object of awakening the forces which are latent within him andPatanjali, 62:in his work through his body. The unfoldment and awakening of the centers in the etheric body, thePatanjali, 63:those who prematurely occupy themselves with the awakening of the centers and the arousing of thePatanjali, 64:sacred science. For the majority of people, the awakening of the mental body, the development of anPatanjali, 122:with the distribution of force currents and the awakening of the serpent fire. It might be pointedPatanjali, 122:might be stated that: Karma Yoga resulted in the awakening of the four centers below the diaphragm,Patanjali, 130:the three worlds, the period covered in this awakening is immense. The old commentary says in thisPatanjali, 150:equally cause pain and distress and parallel the awakening of the real man to a realization of hisPatanjali, 174:of responsibility is the first indication of the awakening of the ego or the Christ principle.Patanjali, 219:the etheric vehicle through breathing, and the awakening of the centers. The work done throughPatanjali, 221:airs and their radiation. The centers, and their awakening. The kundalini fire and its rightPatanjali, 222:is extreme danger attendant upon the premature awakening of the fire, and the consequentPatanjali, 255:than the results achieved through the premature awakening of the psychic nature. The injunction toPatanjali, 258:process provided it is the outcome of the awakening of the man on his own plane, and the turning ofPatanjali, 289:or intermediary between the soul and the brain. Awakening the light in the head so that thePatanjali, 294:the transmutation of his love nature, the awakening of his heart center and the transference of thePatanjali, 295:of the soul. It might be stated here that the awakening of the heart center leads a man toPatanjali, 296:on automatically the increased stimulation and awakening of the centers up the spine, five inPatanjali, 322:found in the subtler realms, and through their awakening and conscious use he becomes able toPatanjali, 361:the aspirants Those whose intuition is awakening and who demonstrate a corresponding development ofProblems, 40:deteriorated and the spiritual values will need awakening. There is direct evidence, however, that
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