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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWAKENING

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Rays, 671:sacral and the throat centers (via the slowly awakening head center) which brings the transmutationRays, 743:them: The crisis of the ideologies. The steady awakening of men everywhere to better understanding.Rays, 748:and the Initiations - Appendix 2. Man's steady Awakening to better Understanding The general effectRays, 749:in our time. Many factors contribute to this awakening. In most countries, through the radio,Reappearance, 10:at the founding of a new [10] race, or in the awakening of a prepared humanity to a new and widerReappearance, 18:and of legislation. The common people are today awakening to the importance and responsibility ofReappearance, 36:divinity. Slowly, there is dawning upon the awakening consciousness of humanity, the greatReappearance, 39:the Father's House, the Kingdom of God, and awakening Humanity, there is but one purpose, one ideaReappearance, 42:source of the disaster; secondly, a spiritual awakening which would have its impulse in the deepestReappearance, 42:economically or socially. The spiritual awakening of men everywhere (within or without the worldReappearance, 91:bad nor good results but simply brings about the awakening of men's minds so that they takeReappearance, 103:extent absolute truth can be presented to their awakening minds; They have to decide which aspectReappearance, 128:when the magnetic qualities of the heart are awakening and becoming sensitively responsive to bothReappearance, 167:materialize on earth, or who is conscious of the awakening - slow though it may be - of the massesReappearance, 179:intervention. Humanity is sound and rapidly awakening. We are passing through the stage whereReappearance, 184:of the New Group of World Servers, humanity is awakening to the possibilities ahead. The awakeningReappearance, 184:is awakening to the possibilities ahead. The awakening of the intelligentsia in all countries toSoul, 121:been discovered. The centers that are asleep or awakening in advanced members of the race, conformSoul, 121:adrenal gland. These conform to the sleeping or awakening heart center, throat center, center inSoul, 125:soul, which, the Hindus claim, follow upon the awakening of the centers, and which they list asSoul, 127:development of the soul and spirit, through the awakening of all the centers, man comes to hisSoul, 131:purely physical approach and also the danger of awakening the centers prematurely? May it not beSoul, 138:of the Eastern science of the soul that the awakening of the various centers reveals states ofTelepathy, 21:of the new ideas from the buddhic levels, thus awakening the intuitional aspect of the disciple,Telepathy, 23:a most interesting point should be noted. The awakening of the heart center indicatesTelepathy, 23:bad; and group activity, as a result of heart awakening, can include the bad groups [24] as well asTelepathy, 24:groups. Therefore you can see the necessity of awakening the head center and bringing in theTelepathy, 40:of the dynamic effect which you may succeed in awakening in the subject of your directed thought,Telepathy, 53:What we are concerned with is the constant awakening to that which eternally IS, and to what isTelepathy, 62:the result of contact and impact leads to the awakening and the unfoldment of consciousness and ofTelepathy, 68:This indicates soul contact and the consequent awakening of group consciousness, for sensitivity toTelepathy, 76:concerned); they are, therefore, that which an awakening personality has contributed to the soul ofTelepathy, 118:that I have taught you is [118] related to the awakening of this highest center, prior to theTelepathy, 193:energies, until such time as the heart center is awakening and beginning to control the
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