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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWAKENS

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Astrology, 92:in the system which is the mental plane. Aries "awakens the will to reach the lowest and thereAstrology, 145:the servant of the soul. In Leo, the individual awakens to his own identity, concentrates hisAstrology, 145:futility of self-interest. In Aquarius, the man awakens to the beauty of group life, group interestAstrology, 298:have that note of esoteric stimulation which awakens, in the disciple, the power of abstractAstrology, 342:ever laid upon meditation when the aspirant awakens to spiritual opportunity. The strength whichAstrology, 362:via Venus, onto our Earth; Gemini, via Venus, awakens in humanity (the focal point of our planetaryAstrology, 433:center is the directing center. A.A.B.) He too awakens to the need and from the chosen place (theAstrology, 574:approach. I touch here on grave mysteries. There awakens in him, therefore, a vague determinationAtom, 14:there remains much which is inexplicable; he awakens to the realization that he himself is notAtom, 110:of discrimination. The stage at which a man awakens to group realization, and becomes a consciousBethlehem, 74:every birth chamber. The realization of this awakens the deepest and most constructive kind ofBethlehem, 88:equipment whereby his consciousness unfolds and awakens. In their totality they constitute hisBethlehem, 201:for which Christ stood. When man, before he awakens to his dual nature, does that which is wrongDiscipleship1, 92:door and renews activity. The disciple either awakens suddenly to a wider grasp of reality and aDiscipleship1, 440:you enter into that light wherein consciousness awakens, free from the bonds of flesh. But thatDiscipleship1, 462:forms. Within those forms, the life of God awakens, and the power of God streams forth as Will, asDiscipleship1, 753:Ashram. It is at this point that the disciple awakens to the realization that his three bodies orDiscipleship2, 142:from two sources: His own soul, as his intuition awakens. The Ashram, as he grasps more of itsDiscipleship2, 249:wheel begins to turn upon itself." Formula Five awakens the Will, but any interpretation of thisExternalisation, 18:for it brings quiescent cells into activity and awakens the brain consciousness to the light of theExternalisation, 169:[169] in the human body and the phrase which awakens it (both individually and in the group) isExternalisation, 225:Is it quite impossible that when humanity awakens to the fact of this mediatorship and can thenExternalisation, 243:will come when the mystic and the man of vision awakens to the need of the hour and comes down fromExternalisation, 295:light pours in, making the way clear. New hope awakens and fresh determinations are made. StrengthFire, 202:source. The consideration of this subject awakens the realization of the vastness of the region ofFire, 399:progresses towards the heart of the mystery he awakens to a realization that the aim of evolutionFire, 464:of the animals, and producing response. This awakens to a more effective apprehension all the unitsFire, 508:three permanent atoms. It gradually vivifies and awakens them until, on the three planes, theFire, 685:becomes a possibility; the "Heart" occultly awakens, and the "Son of God," the expression of theFire, 726:its egoic expression in one direction, and awakens to planetary realization in another. This typeFire, 806:karma works through a man's mental nature, and awakens in him recognition of the law, and anFire, 825:such that the consciousness of the man occultly "awakens" in the Hall of Learning. For advanced manFire, 839:and again approach the altar. The fifth line awakens and becomes a glowing point, and then a dullFire, 938:stage is reached, a vibration is produced which awakens response in etheric matter on the physicalFire, 954:runs counter to that of the masses of men, awakens opposition, and produces temporary chaos. TheFire, 964:being felt as follows: As the major head center awakens, the pineal gland begins to function. AsFire, 1010:correspondence to the physical sense of touch awakens. Finally, the third eye opens and the pinealFire, 1012:by the sounding of the word, the student awakens response in the major head center, causesGlamour, 103:the disciple faces certain initiations that he awakens to the fact of these distinctions.Healing, 571:the personality; related to this third eye as it awakens and comes into functioning activity isHealing, 706:Sun of spiritual livingness. The highest then awakens within the one who knows and within the oneHercules, 12:the words have sounded forth: "I am he . . . who awakens the silent beholder". It has becomeHercules, 13:has been achieved, the "silent Beholder" awakens into activity. Hercules starts upon his labors.Magic, 25:to recognize one's temporary limitations that awakens in readers a dislike for phrases which aptlyMagic, 105:the golden light of the cosmic intermediary, it awakens from darkness the rush light of anu, theMagic, 107:centers begin to vibrate, and their vibration awakens the atoms of the material body untilMagic, 147:impact of this vibratory [147] effect, slowly awakens to consciousness or awareness. TheMagic, 196:of his emotional desire nature. Then the heart awakens into activity and the life of the solarMagic, 202:life. The day comes, however, when the soul awakens to the need of dominating the situation and ofMagic, 216:lights are no more seen. "The eye through light awakens into life the needed modes of Being. To theMagic, 244:an understanding of what is going on and he awakens to the desire to control consciously this ebbMagic, 275:expressions of the same seven forces, and as man awakens to a recognition of the seven rays orMagic, 295:man's life destiny, until such a time as the man awakens to his immortal heritage and so becomesMagic, 426:as a man in this place and another in that place awakens to the new vision or comes intoMagic, 526:(when brought into relation with spirit), which awakens responsiveness to an outer and far-reachingMeditation, 261:and the inner concentration there brought about awakens the consciousness to the value and true usePatanjali, 23:from a man's first human incarnation until he "awakens" to a knowledge of the plan, and endeavorsPatanjali, 75:he must use in any particular sphere, as he awakens to a knowledge of the specific divine qualityPatanjali, 174:in his environment), what he seeks may lie. He awakens to a sense of responsibility to others andPatanjali, 293:lotus on its own plane and the head center) awakens. The pineal gland is gradually brought from aPsychology1, 326:impulse, down the ages. This inner demand in man awakens the centers, and the awakening of thePsychology1, 401:any measure of racial integrity. When humanity awakens to the fact of its common origin, and whenPsychology2, 56:It might be said that the pattern evokes and awakens response, but that the conditioning of thePsychology2, 66:The spinal tract with its five centers then awakens into activity, and finally all the forces arePsychology2, 573:reactions of the solar plexus center. His vision awakens the heart center and evokes the responsePsychology2, 575:be also greatly lessened as the heart center awakens. Humanity will then be wrestling withRays, 469:with the creative thread and the life thread, awakens to a fully aware process of participation inSoul, 124:centers above the diaphragm. The throat center awakens and becomes the organ of creative work; theSoul, 136:about the energizing of the entire man and awakens the centers in proper rhythm and progression.Telepathy, 189:demonstrates first of all when the abstract mind awakens and begins to impress the concrete mind;
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