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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWAKES

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Astrology, 333:life in Leo The blind unit is lost The unit awakes to that which is around The Whole is seen as oneBethlehem, 283:and resultant death. Compassion unto these still awakes within me when I contemplate theirDiscipleship2, 662:detached. And with that understanding there awakes the will to dissipate the pain of those whoFire, 828:two of the will petals are coordinated, and one "awakes" vitality and unfolds. The fire or energyFire, 1139:of the planetary entity. He sleeps and awakes; he is the embodiment of tamas, and as he progressesPatanjali, 11:the periphery, Achieves spiritual consciousness, Awakes to recognition of the God within. In thesePatanjali, 87:the peace is but temporary, a new desire awakes and that which has been held so joyously isPatanjali, 386:great realization of illusion. The consciousness awakes to the fact that in form and sensePatanjali, 395:and within him. When this becomes possible he awakes to the realization that those desires whichPsychology2, 530:centers. The specific period wherein "kundalini awakes" refers to that period wherein the "point atRays, 746:which will be put to a crucial test when Africa awakes. This attitude of the United States and
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