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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARE

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Discipleship1, 295:goal must be induced in you so that you are ever aware of contact in two directions: you are awareDiscipleship1, 295:ever aware of contact in two directions: you are aware of the inner subjective life and also awareDiscipleship1, 295:are aware of the inner subjective life and also aware of the outer objective world; this must beDiscipleship1, 301:of his brother on the Path, and if all are aware of an individual's frailty? Are you yet soDiscipleship1, 310:vehicles causes him gradually to become aware of the true world of subtler values. For what you areDiscipleship1, 329:to do this; I want you to know that I am aware of your effort and your growing success. Definitely,Discipleship1, 370:of love does control your work and service. I am aware of it. Am I commending you or stimulatingDiscipleship1, 373:or the shutter of your personality and become aware of the violence of your true feeling on theDiscipleship1, 390:You, a soul in incarnation, are consciously aware of the fact - subjectively and oftentimes dimlyDiscipleship1, 390:by that word Presence. The mystic is ever aware of duality; of the lower man and the indwellingDiscipleship1, 390:first of all, that you are at this time somewhat aware of the Angel and can now begin to respond,Discipleship1, 421:silence. When you have entered into it and are aware of it, then From that point send forthDiscipleship1, 428:contact with you and perhaps of this you are aware. The unit of disciples with which you areDiscipleship1, 492:difficulties and disillusionments; you are aware of what you would like to be, but what you are inDiscipleship1, 515:provided they do not continue, once you are aware of their existence. Now the sun is again movingDiscipleship1, 534:life. Of this I am confident you are yourself aware. The recognition, by an older disciple, ofDiscipleship1, 535:tops. As you see the light grow, you become aware of other boats that are all slowly making theirDiscipleship1, 555:of consciousness, and of this you are yourself aware. It is this state of awareness which is ofDiscipleship1, 567:past months and your group brothers should be aware of it. Continue with this integrating work.Discipleship1, 575:definitely to help you. I wonder if you were aware of my vibration and my thought when these pointsDiscipleship1, 577:a semi-tranced condition, but actively becoming aware of that inner center of stillness and ofDiscipleship1, 588:results of which you will become gradually aware. Discipleship1, 593:you. The danger is now, however, past. You are aware of this and will cautiously guard against it.Discipleship1, 598:is better lighted, and you are now more clearly aware of what you need to do for yourself and theDiscipleship1, 632:interior life. Of this interior life, few are aware. It is the sweetening, inclusive aspect in yourDiscipleship1, 641:doing I would also urge you not to become unduly aware of your efficient giving. There is at thisDiscipleship1, 653:scope that I ask myself if you are sufficiently aware of the world need to sacrifice your potentDiscipleship1, 654:are so preoccupied with your struggle and are so aware that you are struggling that the reality forDiscipleship1, 665:is the keynote of your life, with the soul ever aware of the basic harmony, but with theDiscipleship1, 665:the conflict more definitely and more aware of the strife and the difficulties. Ever the mind hasDiscipleship1, 688:with which you should be concerned is to become aware of what the soul knows and what the soulDiscipleship1, 694:In a group, the Master is in touch with and aware of the aspiring disciple and he has had aDiscipleship1, 700:is supposed to be in process of becoming aware of the forces and energies which condition him as anDiscipleship1, 714:same ray as that of the soul concerned) becomes aware of what is esoterically called "a downwardDiscipleship1, 714:the ego is all the time consciously aware of the striving personality and there comes a stage whenDiscipleship1, 719:subject to glamor, but is, at the same time, aware of the ephemeral nature of the astral plane.Discipleship1, 722:the pairs of opposites. The aspirant becomes aware of glamor as something from which he mustDiscipleship1, 723:for a higher. "The one upon the Way becomes aware of this and that. The poles appear. The twoDiscipleship1, 724:members of the Hierarchy by first becoming aware of disciples more advanced than himself and byDiscipleship1, 751:in full waking consciousness. The Master is aware of his presence upon the outer fringe of hisDiscipleship1, 751:his consciousness; his fellow disciples are also aware of another point of light within the Ashram,Discipleship1, 752:known the Master's vibratory call; he has become aware of the quality of the Ashram which is evokedDiscipleship1, 758:give you some of the vital implications. He is aware not only of the Master, but of what is in theDiscipleship1, 759:to the Master's mind. He is, therefore, mentally aware of the content of the Master's mind. ThisDiscipleship1, 759:physical plane. His brain becomes consciously aware of the simultaneity of the above four processesDiscipleship1, 760:occult hint of special use to workers. He is aware of the dangers incident to the untrainedDiscipleship1, 760:understood) and, therefore, consciously aware of his aura have the right - I had almost saidDiscipleship1, 762:the mind of the personality, becomes also aware of an opposing factor to true soul expression uponDiscipleship2, 14:it should be. Increasingly disciples should be aware of each other and tune in with ease on eachDiscipleship2, 52:into, or through, the disk of blue and become aware of the higher consciousness, or divinity. 5.Discipleship2, 66:of energy of which all disciples are necessarily aware, particularly those (and they are a largeDiscipleship2, 67:mental he may be, the more he is consciously aware of these revelations. If his orientation isDiscipleship2, 67:Such is not the case. The soul is very little aware of the personality nature, its disposition andDiscipleship2, 71:ways whereby the inception may come: Disciples aware of their charge, relinquish all personalDiscipleship2, 95:is a primary platitude of which you are well aware. In most of you this platitude remains a mentalDiscipleship2, 103:one of the known Masters. She has always been aware that each central Ashram has associated with itDiscipleship2, 127:you and the rising Sun. As you swim, you become aware of your group brothers, also swimming in theDiscipleship2, 128:been faithfully followed or not), I have become aware of a basic need and that is the need forDiscipleship2, 137:the world of souls, that it is consciously aware of the Plan, sensitive to the purpose, andDiscipleship2, 143:meditation is to train you to be intelligently aware of what Patanjali calls "the raincloud ofDiscipleship2, 153:What impact, my brother, are you individually aware of? Upon this reflection must succeed a plannedDiscipleship2, 154:the divine consciousness and awareness. Become aware of the "raincloud of knowable things" to whichDiscipleship2, 164:has been driven back; there are enough people aware of the possibility of divine enlightenment andDiscipleship2, 200:than the one of which they are normally aware; in that higher state they arrive at thoseDiscipleship2, 205:they will gradually find that they are becoming aware of an inner group - the Ashram of the MasterDiscipleship2, 205:Later again, the disciple in the Ashram becomes aware of the meditation proceeding all the timeDiscipleship2, 258:happening, however, is that he is becoming aware of soul knowledge, whereas for the initiate theDiscipleship2, 270:truth, and the human heart and mind are becoming aware of that fact; the goal for thousandsDiscipleship2, 272:only the higher ranks of initiates are aware, and towards it they strive. Discipleship2, 292:however, is to enable the disciple to become aware, whilst in the physical body, of a new range ofDiscipleship2, 301:encompass each of you individually, I am also aware that you have placed yourselves in my AshramDiscipleship2, 333:The advanced disciple may be - and is - well aware of the failings, failures and undesirableDiscipleship2, 335:a group of people or why I chose to make myself aware of their thinking, faults and failures. IDiscipleship2, 337:decision. Then and only then will they become aware of the vast attentive spiritual audience whichDiscipleship2, 339:time of which the initiate becomes increasingly aware. The great Law of Karma has received littleDiscipleship2, 359:of humanity's immediate purpose and becomes aware of the tiny part which he can play by cooperationDiscipleship2, 367:is, of course, a platitude of which you are well aware but it needs renewed recognition. Again,Discipleship2, 372:a platitude today, and humanity is increasingly aware of the subjective power of thought and of itsDiscipleship2, 379:those revelations the initiate-disciple becomes aware of the task which he must fulfil and the nextDiscipleship2, 407:tremendous spiritual event of which they were aware. But - from the standpoint of the worldDiscipleship2, 414:and the disciple is frequently not truly aware of what he IS. He has to become consciously aware ofDiscipleship2, 414:of what he IS. He has to become consciously aware of his exact point of attainment before he canDiscipleship2, 421:from a point of limitation, the initiate becomes aware of more than he ever before realized was inDiscipleship2, 421:of which the initiate has suddenly become aware indicates the borderline of a still furtherDiscipleship2, 431:of conscious vision. Once he can do this and is aware of the new energies with which he may nowDiscipleship2, 435:existence and which is for ever consciousness aware of itself. Revelation is a progress ofDiscipleship2, 436:the initiate process when the initiate becomes aware - in a manner which I cannot or may notDiscipleship2, 456:greater importance - the Master makes himself aware of the general progress, the growth of theDiscipleship2, 456:faults and silly little failures and are fully aware of all they think and do. We wonder sometimesDiscipleship2, 477:of power upon that Path. You are intelligently aware of these facts and they are the majorDiscipleship2, 489:astral and mental vehicles, to be consciously aware elsewhere. With determination you become aDiscipleship2, 506:vehicles of expression, and become increasingly aware of the changes which conscious, deliberateDiscipleship2, 508:and are coming into incarnation subjectively aware of their predestined task of worldDiscipleship2, 511:mysteries you, the teacher and leader, may be aware but the pupil remains unmoved when presentedDiscipleship2, 530:and broadened your nature. As a result you are aware today, as never before, how lack of loveDiscipleship2, 555:in full expression, "as if" the Master were ever aware of the doings of his disciple, "as if" heDiscipleship2, 557:standing before your Master and definitely aware of my presence, dedicate yourself to the serviceDiscipleship2, 558:I, your Master and your friend, will also be aware of it. My love surrounds you and the linkDiscipleship2, 560:School. Each disciple in my Ashram should be aware of the intent that this life and the next shouldDiscipleship2, 575:the soul. This order is wrong. Man should become aware of the centers as a final stage and this
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