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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARE

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Fire, 919:out that men are only now beginning to be [919] aware of the springs of spiritual action, and ofFire, 929:alive to higher vibrations the man will become aware of the purpose and plan of the Intelligence ofFire, 943:or less degree upon his own plane the Ego is aware of his karma, and of what must be done toFire, 955:plan, and a faculty that enables him to become aware of the keynote of the race, and aware of theFire, 955:to become aware of the keynote of the race, and aware of the "cry of humanity." Next, to secureFire, 981:the occult language, those who yearn to become aware of the words which will penetrate to the earsFire, 1024:that is, he knows their note and key, and is aware of the particular type of energy they embody.Fire, 1064:As time progresses it becomes magnetically aware of the attractive nature of that which envelops itFire, 1064:other atoms. Later, the atom in a form becomes aware that it not only revolves upon its axis, butFire, 1078:spiral-cyclic activity. Thereby it becomes "aware" of form, and finally becomes radioactive. DuringFire, 1094:with certain predominant hues, he will become aware of conditions, and see before him a pictureFire, 1097:[1097] the race is further evolved, the eye is aware of, and responds to the heavier vibrationFire, 1103:through the three vehicles, the Ego becomes aware of delusion and eventually frees himself. WhenFire, 1131:of energy and so let him gradually become aware of the forces latent in himself. What is meant byFire, 1142:anent the heavenly bodies, being subconsciously aware of the existence of these cosmic formulasFire, 1164:has expanded his range of vision, he will become aware of these facts, for he will see. ManyFire, 1186:Friction. As time goes on, science will become aware of the basic nature and fundamental accuracyFire, 1211:to forces impinging upon it externally, and aware of its own internal economy and of the latentFire, 1213:the will. That followers of Hatha-Yoga are not aware of this purpose may be true, but theFire, 1213:exponents of the Hatha-Yoga mysteries were well aware of this objective, and in their zeal forFire, 1232:heart of his own being; then only does he become aware of that greater Jewel which lies hidden atFire, 1232:then at that advanced stage all that he can be aware of, can contact and visualize, is the lightGlamour, 9:recognition." Having studied the form and become aware of its emotional significance, you pass toGlamour, 12:activity the mental apparatus. You then become aware of the concept or idea which the sign orGlamour, 14:idea. As you work inwards, you are also becoming aware of the nature of the motivating idea throughGlamour, 26:Discipleship, when the aspirant becomes occultly aware of himself, of the conditions induced withinGlamour, 31:When he is a somewhat advanced aspirant, he is aware of the glamor and occasionally sees in a flashGlamour, 44:recognizing glamor when it arises, and of being aware of the glamors which beset his path and theGlamour, 52:to love, he achieves alignment. He becomes then aware of the results of his successful work. HisGlamour, 52:his vehicles. He is, temporarily at least, made aware of the Plan. The need of the world and theGlamour, 54:and the major reality in his existence) becomes aware of this new and undiscovered world of ideasGlamour, 73:it is most difficult for a human being to become aware of it or to understand it; it is the resultGlamour, 96:The stage wherein the man first of all becomes aware of the duality which can be expressed by theGlamour, 96:which drive men hither and thither. He becomes aware also of forces and energies within himselfGlamour, 100:fall normally into two classes: Those who are aware of the necessity for decision andGlamour, 100:and in choice, but who are not yet truly aware of the implications or of the indications. They areGlamour, 100:emerged out of this condition and are becoming aware of their problem. They see the pairs ofGlamour, 102:equipped with these powers. He becomes aware of those two great and apparently opposing entitiesGlamour, 104:comes when a very large number of persons become aware of the condition of world glamor (throughGlamour, 108:and use of the consciousness which is aware and capable of functioning upon a plane higher thanGlamour, 108:was on the verge of admission to the Path was aware of: The physical duality wherein hisGlamour, 109:As time went on, the entire human family became aware of the new emerging dualism existing betweenGlamour, 110:consciousness is dimly visioned and men become aware of themselves as mental beings. There is thenGlamour, 111:to the truth, to reality when he first becomes aware of that which lies beyond the astral Plane. HeGlamour, 115:nature, of which he is becoming increasingly aware, and which pass through the stages of emergenceGlamour, 115:have expressed myself for ages? How can I become aware of that mental illumination which willGlamour, 116:individual glamors of which the disciple becomes aware are consequently of five types of force.Glamour, 154:the threshold of divinity; he is not consciously aware of the Angel. His forces are inchoate; heGlamour, 161:disciples and initiates of the world. They are aware of the dualism, the essential dualism, of theGlamour, 174:factor of the method whereby humanity is made aware of that which is not immediately apparent. ThisGlamour, 191:consciousness, if you prefer) wherein he becomes aware of the light within all forms and atoms. TheGlamour, 200:through which mankind becomes progressively aware. Glamor is caused by the recognition of thatGlamour, 200:as has occultly been said, "Man only becomes aware of reality when he has destroyed that which heGlamour, 201:They are mastering the Technique of Light. Are aware of the nature of the glamors which they areGlamour, 202:- for realization. It is then that he becomes aware of the appalling nature of the glamors in whichGlamour, 207:comes when the probationary disciple becomes aware of these instinctual glamors and recognizes themGlamour, 208:meditation is instituted so that the man becomes aware of soul light as it blends with the inherentGlamour, 209:glamor ineffective. It can only make a man aware in his waking or brain consciousness that glamorGlamour, 213:the nature of thought and its uses, and must be aware of the light within. When these three stagesGlamour, 221:aspiration and good intention, they are seldom aware of the glamors which control them. It isGlamour, 222:glamor with relative ease once they become aware of it as a personality limitation. Third rayGlamour, 222:death. Second ray aspirants are usually fully aware of any glamor which may be seeking to hold themGlamour, 223:the formula until the time comes when they are aware of the glamor or glamors but are not touchedGlamour, 240:importance of this entire subject or if they are aware of the wide field of service which it opensGlamour, 240:to Reality. Through illusion, he becomes aware of the apparatus of thought, of its activity,Glamour, 244:of the World; therefore increasingly he becomes aware of the Plan as it exists in the UniversalGlamour, 246:Plane We will now assume that the aspirant is aware of the need for him to establish a new andGlamour, 246:as yet influenced by one or other of them; he is aware of a basic disagreement between his visionGlamour, 247:will and must finally coincide. He is also aware that the dense physical body (the outer tangibleGlamour, 248:are dominant in the etheric body and will become aware consciously of the times and experienceGlamour, 248:situation as it was. His next step is to become aware of the quality of the forces applied; inGlamour, 249:and careful observation, if he is not already aware of them. When I tell you that to thisGlamour, 250:can identify himself with that, and is also aware of the nature and the vibration of his soulGlamour, 253:seem to swing him into action. [253] He becomes aware of the strength and frequency of this forceGlamour, 253:the centers in the etheric body and becomes aware of their individual existence as force agents.Glamour, 257:misuse. Their first responsibility is to become aware of the impulses within themselves which couldGlamour, 266:gifts of omnipresence and omniscience. He is aware of the underlying unity, brought about by theGlamour, 266:those capacities, He now becomes faintly aware of that which conditions the One Being, and sensesHealing, 26:body. How many healers are really consciously aware of the focus of the consciousness or the lifeHealing, 84:temporarily, of the astral body, can man become aware of all worlds, all phenomena, and all statesHealing, 99:from an understanding of yourself. You should be aware of some of these difficulties in your ownHealing, 104:consciousness and close to you. When you are aware what the physical difficulty is, then simplyHealing, 127:who is unselfish (centered in the Self or soul), aware of his relationships and responsibility toHealing, 212:fellowmen and as channels for love, and becoming aware only of the consciousness of the whole, theyHealing, 237:out in secret. Some one or some group will be aware of the tendencies in the life of a man, andHealing, 237:opinion - informed as to man's constitution and aware of the great Law of Cause and Effect - willHealing, 262:may not call it by that name, but they are well aware that in all today's events the nations areHealing, 307:mind, of synthesizing knowledge, and of becoming aware of the field of inquiry, and of possibleHealing, 309:body the same difficulty of which the patient is aware. This is called "occult transference" andHealing, 318:of the physician. At the same time, they are aware that there is involved also the humane factor,Healing, 320:which has become susceptible to its activity or aware of its presence. Germs are the first effectHealing, 346:life. During unconsciousness, the animal soul is aware of pain and suffering, and those who nurseHealing, 362:no danger involved for the server if he becomes aware of these deva forces and their activities,Healing, 367:knowledge there to be found, we may become aware of areas of light (as we understand it) shiningHealing, 371:the not-Self, between awareness, that which is aware, and that of which it is aware, I am coveringHealing, 371:that which is aware, and that of which it is aware, I am covering ground which a careful study ofHealing, 384:functioning in the world of the Hierarchy are aware, or are steadily becoming aware, of the causesHealing, 384:Hierarchy are aware, or are steadily becoming aware, of the causes which produce the effects whichHealing, 412:world. More and more people are becoming aware of this subjective realm: they see people walkingHealing, 412:He will be known to be still alive, awake and aware. This will be brought about by: a. The
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