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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AWARE

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Healing, 453:this identification ceases; the soul becomes aware of itself, and of its own path, or dharma, andHealing, 455:the integration and response of the existing, aware, living entity into the universal activity, andHealing, 467:as the onlooker might infer, but is fully aware within himself of what is occurring. If he isHealing, 467:is the dominating desire of which he is the most aware, he may then intensify the conflict; youHealing, 489:also because the soul is beginning to be slowly aware of its shadow. The inner man is thereforeHealing, 490:the man, in his kama-manasic body, is as much aware and alert to his environment as he was upon theHealing, 490:person who - constantly and distinctly aware of himself - is sentient to the theme of hisHealing, 491:some of these reactions: He becomes consciously aware of himself. This involves a clarity ofHealing, 493:on earth - he will remain in their neighborhood, aware of their activities, though (unless highlyHealing, 493:though (unless highly evolved) they will not be aware of his. I can give no detail as to reciprocalHealing, 496:eliminative process is undertaken, the man is aware of past and present; when elimination isHealing, 497:process of destruction, he becomes immediately aware of the future, for prediction is an asset ofHealing, 517:consciousness is now that of the soul itself, aware of no separation, instinctively active,Healing, 538:knowledge-giving powers. He is also spiritually aware that the healing of the physical body is notHealing, 540:is still gripping its personality. The healer is aware that because the patient is still alive, theHealing, 552:When this is the case, the healer may not be aware of the intention; he will, however, be aware ofHealing, 552:be aware of the intention; he will, however, be aware of opposition and will be forced to desistHealing, 567:manifest; of this his soul remains persistently aware. This inability to live up to the highestHealing, 567:of which the man - at his particular level - is aware and can conceive, in his clearest and bestHealing, 568:ever of the unattainable; he is constantly aware of an urge to betterment. These urges are notHealing, 585:to study them with the utmost care and so become aware of their significance and true meaning; thisHealing, 636:perfection of which a conscious human being is aware. Healing, 652:this greatly distresses the spiritual man who is aware of the process and the intent of his soul.Hercules, 5:but sincerely earnest human being, intelligently aware of the work to be accomplished, a WorldHercules, 18:that comes to every developed and self-aware human being. He finds himself conscious of two aspectsHercules, 93:into intellect. Through the one he becomes aware of the world of physical contacts and of emotionalHercules, 93:conditions; through the other he becomes aware of the world of thought and of ideas, and thus is aHercules, 93:is another world of which he can become equally aware, but which has its own method of contact andHercules, 94:into intuition, and through the intuition become aware of the things of spirit and of thoseHercules, 101:knows himself to be an individual and becomes aware of himself as the Self. It is in this sign thatHercules, 132:to earth are substantially weakened. He becomes aware that man lives in a swirling mist ofHercules, 208:but sincerely earnest human being, intelligently aware of the work to be done, a World Savior isInitiation, 51:Quite a number of people in the world today are aware of their existence independently of anyInitiation, 57:in Christian teachings, and no one is so well aware of the need of the present moment. CertainInitiation, 80:Wisdom, that Hall wherein he gradually becomes "aware" of forces and powers latent in his own EgoInitiation, 90:of the process and the purpose he may become aware of the great fundamental fact that the method ofInitiation, 91:might be expressed as follows: He has to become aware, through discrimination, of the energy orInitiation, 101:the higher connotation of the words. He will be aware of the process of conscious control, and ofInitiation, 101:Occult memory. The initiate finally becomes aware increasingly of the growth of that innerInitiation, 113:and through discrimination is becoming aware of reality and unreality, there is growing up in hisInitiation, 113:reality and not just theoretically; he becomes aware of the God within, not through the sense ofInitiation, 113:hearing, touch, and sight; the infant becomes aware of sound and turns his head; he feels andInitiation, 114:that which is higher than himself; he becomes aware of the "touch" of the Master, of the egoicInitiation, 114:At the first initiation the initiate becomes aware of the third, or lowest, aspect of the Ego, thatInitiation, 115:aspect shines forth before him. He becomes aware that this radiant Life, who is identified withInitiation, 117:and the fifth initiations that he becomes aware also of that "Presence" which enfolds even thatInitiation, 118:into a still vaster recognition, and becomes aware of that Star which encloses his planetary star,Initiation, 120:liberation. At the first initiation he becomes aware definitely of the part, relativelyInitiation, 120:general scheme is shown to him. He becomes more aware of the different group units with whom he isInitiation, 121:of Egos, and the initiate is therefore made aware not only of his egoic group and its intelligentInitiation, 122:might be said that for the first time he becomes aware of the extent of planetary purpose and karmaInitiation, 134:sees no one, save the Hierophant, and is aware of nothing but a fiery blaze of pure, blue-whiteInitiation, 135:highest subplane on each plane; he will become aware that all his energies can be consciously andInitiation, 150:seeing the end from the beginning and being aware of the detail of the consummated sphere. Then,Initiation, 155:and desired result; to utter words, and be fully aware of the consequence on all planes; and toInitiation, 158:sounds it forth, and the initiate becomes aware within himself, in practical experience, of the oneInitiation, 167:matter. b. In the Hall of Learning he becomes aware of, and uses the energy of the second aspect inInitiation, 167:This energy in its threefold aspect he became aware of, in the other two Halls. At the thirdInitiation, 183:within or a man's Master if he is consciously aware of him) and the reason is given. Then theInitiation, 195:understood, and to become, scientifically aware of the real nature of the Ego, or the Higher Self,Intellect, 25:into a state of self-consciousness; they become aware of themselves and of their groupIntellect, 31:hints at this in the following words: "We are aware of the limits of human reason; we understandIntellect, 56:that his ability to love and to feel makes him aware of the love that pulses at the heart of allIntellect, 58:through the vehicles, without the man being aware of their source or purpose. As a result of theirIntellect, 60:he can walk with God, dwell in Heaven, and be aware of a new world lying within the familiar outerIntellect, 74:modern civilized condition. Above all, we are aware of those who possess, or claim to possess, aIntellect, 82:we effect union with the soul, and become aware of inner states of consciousness. This is summed upIntellect, 102:information is conveyed, and the man becomes aware of the world of physical phenomena and ofIntellect, 104:and deeper responses; that it can become [104] aware of ideas and concepts which emanate from aIntellect, 104:that of which the man, as a soul, has become aware. This becomes possible when the old mentalIntellect, 129:mind reorientation which will enable a man to be aware of more fields of knowledge than he nowIntellect, 134:learns to be wide awake mentally, and potently aware of phenomena, vibration and states of being.Intellect, 137:God," able to ascertain truth at first hand, and aware in full waking consciousness of its ownIntellect, 142:the perceiver on his own plane has always been aware of that which is now recognized. TheIntellect, 144:directions... On the one hand he is intensely aware of, and knows himself to be at one with thatIntellect, 151:"The Lord of the mind, the perceiver, is ever aware of the constantly active mind stuff." "BecauseIntellect, 154:world, he hears, and sees, and knows; he becomes aware of Truth, unveiled and freed from the glamorIntellect, 157:of prime importance to the soul for making her aware of, for detecting, God... The soundestIntellect, 163:process of which we are from time to time dimly aware. He also gives us Professor H. Wildon Carr'sIntellect, 169:to teach people along these lines are well aware of this condition. The aspirant does enter theIntellect, 238:of all ideas. Through mind control, we become aware of the ideas which lie back of our [239] worldIntellect, 242:man, in physical waking consciousness becomes aware of the things of the Kingdom of God. Second: HeIntellect, 244:effort, has forced him to become awake or aware upon the psychic plane, the plane of vainMagic, 11:of man can be so expanded that he becomes aware of the greater issues. When, through contact withMagic, 14:This includes all knowledge of which man is aware but which is accepted by him on the statements ofMagic, 19:as a whole, and which serve also to make the man aware of, and sensitive to, his environment. ThisMagic, 21:of which the sensitive apparatus [21] becomes aware. This, as we shall see later, is a graduallyMagic, 26:These initiates of high degree then begin to be aware of a vibration, a revealing light, a note orMagic, 27:are likewise seen: First, the disciple becomes aware not only of his group and allied groups, butMagic, 37:life; it is that in man which makes him aware of his environment and his group, which enables himMagic, 57:in touch with his soul. He is receptive to and aware of the purpose and the plan of his soul. He isMagic, 59:would-be disciple, through this process, becomes aware of his lower nature and begins to realizeMagic, 61:sees the shadows cast by the light, and becomes aware of much impedimenta which must be discardedMagic, 97:register what the soul is visioning and becoming aware of in the Kingdom of the Soul. It involvesMagic, 107:the physical atomic light. Later they become aware of an intensely bright electric light; this isMagic, 107:When that is seen, they frequently become aware of a dark center within the radiant sun. This isMagic, 141:and controlled mental body, aspirants become aware of the ideas which the Masters bring throughMagic, 146:through the medium of the five senses, becomes aware of the vibratory aspect of all forms in theMagic, 146:that functioning form becomes increasingly aware of its own interior vibration, and by tracing backMagic, 146:that vibration to its originating source becomes aware of the Self, and later of the Kingdom of the
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